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Bring the note to the attendance office at door 3. You will be issued a pass to leave the building.

Please see your student agenda for York's official attendance policy.

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YHS News

  1. Powerschool will show you what courses your child has requested. The Master Schedule for next year was built upon these requests. Keep in mind that this is not the actual schedule (Period by Period), but gives you a really good idea about the courses that will be in your child’s schedule for next year. Actual 2016-17 schedules are given out during Registration (see below). Freshmen receive their schedules on Freshman Night.
  2. In early July, you will receive an email explaining the Prepack option for booksales this August. In that email, you will be given a prepack code that you can use to lookup your students courses, books and fees. This code will not be your student’s ID number. The search function on the bookstore site will not be available till early July.
  3. Save the Date for Freshman Night: August 9th at 7pm. We would like all freshman families to come to York this evening. Not only do you get your schedule, but there is a lot of great information about York for students and parents. More information about this night will come out at the end of July.
  4. Freshman Day is August 12th from 7:40am-11:30amThis is a structured orientation for all freshman. Students will get a chance to walk through their schedule, meet their teachers, and much, much more. The morning culminates with a freshman BBQ. Sorry parents, this one is just for students. More information about this day will come out at the end of July.
  5. Reminder: Registration Dates
    1. August 3rd, 10am-2pm; Seniors
    2. August 4th, 10am-2pm; Juniors
    3. August 5th, 10am-2pm; Sophomores
    4. August 8th, 10am-3pm; Freshman
    5. August 9th, 2pm-5pm; All Students

**Lower level classmen can attend booksales with upperclassmen siblings.



In this final newsletter of the 2015-16 school year, I want to provide you with a profile of the Class of 2016 and a year-end summary from IAC, York’s Leadership Council. Thank you for taking the time to read through this information. Please email me with questions or feedback prior to July 1.

At the end of June I will be retiring from York High School. While I am excited about what lies ahead, I am grateful for the incredible opportunity to serve as the Principal of York and to raise my children in District 205. I extend my deep appreciation to you for allowing me the privilege to work with your sons and daughters.


My best to you and your families,

Diana Smith, Principal


Class of 2016 Profile

94.5% of this year’s seniors are headed to college, 1% of the Class of 2016 is entering the military, 1% will take a gap year, 1% will attend the Transition Center, .01% is entering the workforce, and 2% are undecided. Within the college-bound group, students are attending 134 schools in 32 different states! 75% (our highest percentage to date) are going to a four year college or university and 25% to community college or specialty school. Students have chosen public colleges nearly 2 to 1 over private and, interestingly, out-of-state by the same margin over in-state schools.

Out of 134 schools, the universities/colleges most often selected by York students were, in order, University of Illinois (46), Illinois State (22), University of Illinois-Chicago (21) and Purdue (17) followed by DePaul, Indiana University, Marquette and Northern Illinois University (15 each). We extend our appreciation to our CCRC counselor Amy Thompson, assistant Mary Armstrong, and Registrar June Thude for compiling this important information.


5Essentials Survey Results

As you may be aware, the 5Essentials Survey is developed by The University of Chicago and completed by York faculty, parents and students. It is designed to measure five essential components of effective schools. While complete results will be available for all stakeholders later this summer, we wanted to share a few key indicators of success:

  • Our overall rating moved us into the highest performance level - one full level above last school year.
  • There was significant improvement in the area of Ambitious Instruction, specifically in the subjects of English and Mathematics.
  • We received high marks pertaining to Parent-Teacher Trust and Respect, reinforcing the importance of building strong relationships between school and home.
  • We earned excellent ratings in areas related to parent opportunities for involvement in school programs and decision-making.
  • We saw significant improvement in the areas of Academic Engagement, Classroom Rigor, and Grit.
  • In the area of Collaborative Practices, our results indicate marked improvement as reported by York teachers, showing that they are working together to improve instructional practices, to develop common assessments and to communicate with each other across grade levels.

Report from the York Instructional Advisory Council

The areas of focus this year for the York Administrative Team, the Instructional Advisory Council, the York Advisory Team, and the Student Advisory Council included:

  • Grading – Defining content and skill standards + academic responsibility
  • Implementation of the Mobile Learning Initiative
  • Curriculum work – vertical and horizontal articulation, common assessments, literacy and technology integration
  • Academic Integrity policy
  • Homework practices
  • Respect and Diversity awareness, resulting in 60 faculty and staff members teaming together for respect presentations to every York student in their English class.

Curriculum and Instruction – Dr. Chris Covino, Assistant Principal

  • We completed a successful implementation of MLI with a digital presence in every classroom. 33% of courses use a digital resource as a primary text.
  • In the initial year of implementation of the Indiana University College Project, over 150 students earned college credit and ten York teachers were approved as adjunct faculty at IU.
  • A new four-year Computer Science curriculum sequence was introduced.
  • Five students earned perfect ACT scores.
  • All teachers developed student growth assessments to be implemented next year.
  • Common grading scales are now evident in each multi-section course. Academic Responsibility is included in every teacher’s gradebook, distinguishing homework and academic behavior from content and skill standards.
  • Critical research skills were defined and will be incorporated in course curriculum throughout the building.
  • Course and unit curriculum overviews were completed and digitized for nearly every course at York in order to maximize collaboration around curriculum and assessment.
  • Course teams received instructional coaching support in Technology, Research, Literacy, and Differentiation/Intervention.

English -- Ryan Doherty, Department Chair

  • We analyzed our students' test data to target specific grammar skills; and that focus translated into a large increase in our English ACT scores.
  • Our collaborative teams have worked to diversify the writing instruction and assessments in all of our classes, including various external writing structures and genres.
  • We have an ongoing focus to incorporate more nonfiction texts into our classes, assuring that our courses address current, socially relevant topics with our students.

Math -- Dr. Susan Brown, Department Chair

  • The York Math Team surpassed previous levels of performance, advancing to State competition with the Senior Team placing 3rd in the State. This competition included schools like IMSA and CPS selective enrollment schools.
  • The teacher teams for our algebra courses (Algebra A, Algebra B, Algebra AB, Algebra 2, Advanced Algebra/Trig and Advanced Algebra/Trig H) have done extensive work on curriculum, creating new activities and approaches that ask students to learn more and understand more deeply.
  • As part of the Mobile Learning Initiative, teachers incorporated an online graphing program called Desmos, which students access on their Chromebook, as a major tool through all of our courses. One of its best features builds on students' video game skills by using a slider bar to change the value of a variable and see the results in changes in the graph.
  • We are in the midst of a multi-year redesign of the structure of our courses for accelerated/honors/Enriched/AP courses that gives our program more flexibility and provides students more opportunities to be challenged.

Performing and Visual Arts – Bill Riddle, Division Chair

In addition to dozens of music students being recognized through the ILMEA at the District and All-State levels,

  • The Roosevelt University Symphony Orchestra performed side by side with the York Cadet, Concert, and Symphony Orchestras. York also hosted visits by the University of Iowa and Hoffman Estates High School Orchestras.
  • The York Orchestras travelled to St. Louis where they visited two colleges and a high school, performed in two venues and heard the St. Louis Symphony and the Kingsbury Baroque Ensemble.
  • The second York Album Project was completed and released through a live album event on a Chicago stage.
  • In the spirit of service, York Band students completed over 100 gigs in the community.
  • We experienced a sold out weekend for the magnificent production of Les Mis. Soon after, Broadway in Chicago named the production one of the top three high school musicals in the State of Illinois and three York students were named in the top twenty actors/actresses in the State. 
  • The York Art Department participated in a multi school art show at Elmhurst College.

Physical Education, Health and Driver Education -- Lauren DeAngelis, Department Chair

  • We have updated and implemented a new, comprehensive health curriculum built upon healthy decision-making skills and current health trends. Within Physical Education, the department’s focus was to offer ample fitness opportunities appealing to all students with a focus on individual abilities and fitness levels.
  • Looking ahead to the 2016 – 2017 school year, the department is excited once again to promote the Young Hearts for Life ECG heart screening program in October.

Research and the Learning Commons - Jessica Weldon, Division Chair

  • In collaboration with 25 teachers across all departments, a set of college-ready research standards were written and a plan developed to implement them across the curriculum for all students.
  • The York Tutoring Center was established to be implemented at the start of the 2016-17 school year. Over 75 student tutors will be trained this summer.
  • The Testing Center had a very busy year with over 16,000 assessments administered.

Science – Dr. Kirsten Mahoney, Department Chair

  • We are integrating significantly more technology into our curricula in the form of common craft videos, GIFs, memes, infographics, digital logs, and public service announcement videos.
  • We focused our professional time to learn more about the Next Generation Science Standards, and to evaluate how the science and engineering practices, disciplinary core ideas, and crosscutting concepts can be seamlessly integrated into our courses.

Social Studies – Mike DiNovo, Department Chair

  • Course teams continued our work to develop and deliver a depth-filled, skills-based curricula in all of our classes. Along with meaningful daily instruction in reading, writing and discussion, our students experienced a mock primary election, simulations, field trips and guest speakers.
  • The Elmhurst League of Women Voters organized a voter registration and Get Out the Vote campaign with our students and faculty.
  • We replaced six paper texts with dynamic digital versions in alignment with MLI implementation.
  • Our Economic teams experienced unprecedented success in State and National competitions.

Special Education – Jill Mueller, Department Chair and Yesenia Gamache, Supervisor

  • This year saw the arrival of two new administrators in the department as well as multiple maternity and medical leaves. Throughout it all, the staff worked together to assist new staff so that there would not be an interruption of services to our students - true teamwork!
  • We have put the finishing touches on nearly all of our course overviews, many of which are singleton classes. Work continues this summer with unit overviews. We are focusing on aligning resources and instructional practices with the general education curriculum.
  • Students with IEPS participated in clubs, sports, and school-wide activities at a higher rate than in years past.

Student Services - Karla Goldman, Assistant Principal & Heather Saylor, Counseling Department Chair

  • We continued to articulate our college and career pathways for students and parents: Counselors held individual and group meetings with students, and on a parallel strategy, the Administration and Student Services held grade level informational parent nights.
  • We held a senior parent night, “Letting Go.” focusing on the transition between high school and college/work.
  • College and Career Counselor Amy Thompson held individual and group meetings with hundreds of students and parents. College parent meetings offered by the CCRC included Senior Parent Saturday, FAFSA workshops, and Conquering College Costs.
  • Social workers met individually and in group sessions with students with social emotional needs, and also met with freshman classes in Freshman Orientation and with all students in large groups for Erin's law presentations.
  • We held a number of combined student and parent meetings, including a drug and addiction forum, senior family summer sessions and the COD information night.
  • In an effort to clarify expectations for behavior and attendance, the deans spoke with all students in group sessions at the beginning of the year.

Technology and Applied Arts – Wendy Albert, Division Chair


  • Two York DECA Students qualified for nationals in the financial analysis competition.
  • York teams took 1st and 2nd place in the Junior Achievement Chicago Titan Competition in April. 
  • York placed 9th in the nation in the Capitol Hill Challenge Stock Market Challenge game.
  • In year one of the implementation of 1:1 MLI, the Tech Services Internship students processed 1412 trouble tickets and TSI provided over 5700 loaner Chromebooks to students.

Family and Consumer Science

  • La Brigade hosted 18 events, serving approximately 1200 meals over the course of the year. Additionally, they provided catering for community events including the Elmhurst Exemplary Youth Awards and donated favors for the D205 Foundation Gala. 
  • Pre-service educators in the Invite to Teach and Child Development classes at York served approximately 450 Elmhurst children in D205 classrooms and the Little Dukes Preschool. 
  • 24 students competed in the state FCCLA competitions in April bringing back 11 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 4 bronze medals. Additionally, one student qualified for the Nationals training team in Culinary Arts, two students received scholarships and two students won "most outstanding,” the top project distinction in their category. 

 Industrial Tech

  • SkillsUSA increased their membership and participation this year. A record 84 students took the state qualification tests in February and York students qualified in every event that included an exam. 
  • 27 students qualified for and participated in state competitions in April. Seven students received 1st, 2nd or 3rd place medals at the state meet. Three first place winners competed at the National level this month, earning 6th place in Collision Repair and 8th place in Principles of Engineering Tech. 

World Language and ELL – Jessica Nall, Department Chair

  • Students earned 19 Commendations and 40 State Seals of Biliteracy in Arabic, Chinese, French, Polish, Russian, Greek, Italian and Spanish.
  • We will offer five ACP courses next year: two in French, two in Spanish and the first ACP course ever offered in Italian. The success of the ACP program is in part due to the tireless efforts of District Curriculum Coordinator Connie Chester and because so many of our faculty are recognized as being highly qualified by IU.

Activities – Drew McGuire, Assistant Principal

  • We enjoyed a wonderful prom and post-prom weekend, and highly successful Homecoming and Fine Arts Weeks.
  • Thanks to the support of the PTSA, York students, faculty, and parents experienced the return of Challenge Day with over 300 students participating in this important event to raise awareness about respect and diversity.
  • Under the leadership of Student Council Advisor Matt Moran and Justin Riskus and the Military History Club, students, faculty, and community veterans took part in a powerful Veteran’s Day Assembly with speakers from WWII and the Vietnam War.
  • Led by Student Council leader Kelly Polte, York enjoyed the successful return of the Mr. Duke Contest which raised money for YSET and entertained a large crowd of students and parents!
  • Sponsor Lorenzo Rubio and our Chicano Club hosted its first Pachenga, welcoming several area high schools for team building activities and a dinner/dance.
  • The York Garden Club partnered with members of the community and the Building and Grounds staff to implement their vision of a living classroom in the Senior Courtyard.

Athletics – Rob Wagner, Athletic Director

  • 29 of our student-athletes signed national letters of intent to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level. Many others will participate at the club level in college.  
  • The York Cheerleaders finished 4th place at State, the highest of any York team this year.
  • Tommy Helton earned 5th in State in the IHSA Wrestling finals.
  • Boys’ Water Polo won the IHSA Sectional over Fenwick, qualifying for State.
  • Both Girls and Boys Lacrosse teams made it to the third playoff game, each finishing as a top eight team in the State.
  • Girls Softball won its 5th consecutive IHSA Regional Championship.
  • Boys Volleyball won its 2nd consecutive IHSA Regional Championship and was honored for the 5th consecutive year by the American Volleyball Coaches. Association, as an Academic All-American team.
  • Girls Volleyball won the WSC Conference title and the IHSA Regional Championship.
  • Boys Basketball won their 4th straight IHSA Regional Championship and was the champion of the York Jack Tosh Tournament.

This is York!



Familias de York:


En este último boletín informativo del año escolar 2015-16, quisiera ofrecerles un perfil de la Clase de 2016 y un resumen de fin de año de IAC, el Consejo de Liderazgo de York. Gracias por tomarse un momento para leer esta información. Envíenme un correo electrónico antes del 1 de julio si tienen preguntas.

A fin de junio, me jubilaré de la Escuela Secundaria York. A pesar de que estoy emocionada por lo que me espera en el futuro, estoy agradecida por haber tenido la increíble oportunidad de trabajar como Directora de York y de criar mis hijos en el Distrito 205. Les hago llegar mi enorme gratitud por permitirme el privilegio de trabajar con sus hijos.

Mis mejores deseos para ustedes y sus familias,

Diana Smith, Directora

Perfil de la Clase de 2016

Alrededor de 94.5% de los estudiantes del último año de este año comenzará la universidad; 1% de la Clase de 2016 ingresará al servicio militar; 1% se tomará un año sabático; 1% asistirá a Transition Center; 0.01% ingresará a la fuerza laboral; y 2% está indeciso. Dentro del grupo de estudiantes que asistirán a la universidad, los estudiantes asistirán a 134 facultades en 32 estados diferentes. Nuestro porcentaje más alto hasta la fecha, 75%, asistirán a una universidad de cuatro años, y 25%, a un instituto terciario o escuela de especialidad. Los estudiantes han elegido universidades públicas por sobre las privadas, en una relación 2 sobre 1, y llamativamente, en igual relación las de fuera del estado sobre las de dentro del estado.

De 134 facultades, las universidades más seleccionadas por los estudiantes de York fueron, en orden: Universidad de Illinois (46), Estado de Illinois (22), Universidad de Illinois-Chicago (21) y Purdue (17) seguidas por DePaul, Universidad de Indiana, Universidad de Marquette y del Norte de Illinois (15 cada una). También agradecemos a nuestra asesora de CCRC, Amy Thompson, Asistente Mary Armstrong, y Secretario June Thude por compilar esta información importante.


Resultados de la Encuesta de 5 Escenciales

Queremos compartir algunos resultados importantes de la Encuesta de 5 Esenciales de 20015-16. Como ustedes saben, esta es una encuesta donde participan los maestros(as) de York, los padres y los estudiantes, que mide las cinco partes escenciales de escuelas eficaces, como desarrollado por la Universidad de Chicago. Mientras los resultados completos estarán disponible a finales de este verano, estamos orgullosos de presentar algunos puntos importantes:

  • Nuestra clasificación total nos ha puesto en el más alto nivel de realización – un nivel más alto que el año pasado.
  • Hubo gran mejoramiento en la área de Instrucción Ambiciosa, específicamente en las áreas de Ingles y Matemáticas.
  • Recibimos altas calificaciones en la area de Confianza y Respeto entre Padres y Maestros(as).
  • También recibimos altas calificaciones en las áreas relacionadas a las oportunidades para los padres de envolverse en los programas y decisiones escolares.
  • Hubo mejoramiento significante en las áreas de Compromiso Académico, Rigor Escolar, y Valor.
  • En la área de Prácticas de Colaboración, nuestros resultados indican gran mejoramiento por los maestros(as) de York, mostrando que están trabajando juntos para mejorar las prácticas instruccionales, para desarrollar pruebas comunes y para comunicarse con cada uno sobre los diferentes grados.

Informe del Consejo Asesor Educativo de York

Las áreas de atención de este año del Equipo Administrativo de York, del Consejo Asesor Educativo, del Equipo Asesor de York y del Consejo Asesor de Estudiantes incluyeron:

  • Calificación: Definición de estándares de habilidades y de contenido + Responsabilidad académica
  • Implementación de la Iniciativa de Aprendizaje Móvil
  • Trabajo del plan de estudio: articulación vertical y horizontal, evaluaciones comunes, alfabetización e integración con tecnología.
  • Política de Integridad Académica
  • Prácticas de tarea para el hogar
  • Conciencia sobre el respeto y la diversidad

Plan de estudio e instrucción: Dr. Chris Covino, Vicedirector

  • Completamos una exitosa implementación de MLI con presencia digital en cada aula y 33% de los cursos utilizan un recurso digital como texto principal.
  • En el año inicial de implementación del Proyecto Universitario Avanzado de la Universidad de Indiana (UI), más de 150 estudiantes obtuvieron créditos universitarios y diez maestros de York fueron aprobados como personal adjunto en la UI.
  • Se presentó una nueva secuencia del plan de estudios de Ciencias de la Computación de cuatro años.
  • Cinco estudiantes obtuvieron puntajes de ACT perfectos.
  • Todos los maestros desarrollaron evaluaciones de crecimiento de los estudiantes que se implementarán el año próximo.
  • Las escalas de calificación comunes ahora son evidentes en cada curso de multisección. La Responsabilidad Académica está incluida en todos los libros de calificaciones de los maestros, en los que se distingue el desempeño académico y de tareas, de los estándares de habilidades y contenidos.
  • Las habilidades críticas de investigación se definieron y se incorporarán en el plan de estudios del curso en todo el edificio.
  • Se completaron y digitalizaron los resúmenes de los planes de estudios de unidades y cursos para prácticamente todos los cursos de York con el fin de maximizar la colaboración sobre el plan de estudios y la evaluación.
  • Los equipos de cursos recibieron soporte de formación en Tecnología, Investigación, Alfabetización y Diferenciación/Intervención.

Inglés: Ryan Doherty, Jefe del departamento

  • Analizamos los datos de evaluaciones de nuestros estudiantes para apuntar a habilidades de gramática específicas; que se ven traducidas en un aumento de nuestros puntajes ACT en inglés.
  • Nuestros equipos colaborativos han trabajado para diversificar la instrucción de escritura y las evaluaciones en todas nuestras clases, y han incluido diversos géneros y estructuras de escritura externa.
  • Tenemos un enfoque constante en incorporar más textos no ficcionales en nuestras clases, lo que garantiza que nuestros cursos aborden temas actuales y socialmente relevantes con nuestros alumnos.

Matemática: Dra. Susan Brown, Jefa del departamento

  • El Equipo de Matemática de York superó niveles previos de desempeño, avanzó en la competencia del estado y el equipo de alumnos del último año quedó 3.o en el estado. Esta competencia incluyó escuelas como las escuelas de matrícula selectiva IMSA y CPS.
  • Los equipos de maestros de nuestros equipos de algebra (Algebra A, Algebra B, Algebra AB, Algebra 2 y Algebra Avanzada/Trigonometría) han realizado un amplio trabajo en el plan de estudios, y han creado nuevas actividades y enfoques para lograr que los alumnos aprendan más y entiendan en mayor profundidad.
  • Como parte de la Iniciativa de Aprendizaje Móvil, los maestros incorporaron un programa de gráficos en línea llamado Desmos, al que los estudiantes acceden desde su Chromebook, como una herramienta principal en todos nuestros cursos. Una de sus mejores características construye sobre la habilidad en videojuegos de los estudiantes utilizando una barra deslizante para cambiar el valor de una variable y ver los resultados en cambios en el gráfico.
  • Estamos en medio de un rediseño de muchos años de la estructura de nuestros cursos para cursos acelerados/con honores/enriquecidos/AP que brinda a nuestro programa más flexibilidad y da a los estudiantes más oportunidades de ser desafiados.

Teatro y Artes Visuales: Bill Riddle, Jefe de la división

Además de decenas de estudiantes de música reconocidos a través de IMEA,

  • la Universidad Roosevelt realizó un concierto simultáneo con nuestra orquesta sinfónica.
  • Se completó el segundo Proyecto de Álbum de York y se presentó durante un evento en vivo en un escenario de Chicago.
  • Con espíritu de servicio, los estudiantes de la Banda de York completaron más de 100 trabajos en la comunidad.
  • Tuvimos un fin de semana con entradas agotadas para la magnífica producción de Les Mis. Broadway en Chicago nombró a la producción como uno de los tres mejores musicales de escuela secundaria del Estado de Illinois, y tres estudiantes aparecieron dentro de los veinte mejores actores/actrices del estado.  
  • El Departamento de Arte de York participó en una exposición de arte de diversas escuelas en la Universidad de Elmhurst.

Educación física, Salud y Educación del Conductor: Lauren DeAngelis, Jefa del departamento

  • Hemos actualizado e implementado el nuevo plan de estudios de salud integral creado a partir de habilidades de toma de decisiones saludables y de tendencias de salud actuales. Dentro de Educación Física, el enfoque del departamento fue ofrecer amplias oportunidades de desarrollar el estado físico atractivas para todos los estudiantes con atención en las habilidades individuales y en los niveles de aptitud física.
  • Con vista en el año escolar 2016–2017, el departamento se complace de promover una vez más el programa de control del corazón de ECG Young Hearts for Life en octubre.

Ciencias: Dra. Kirsten Mahoney, Jefa del departamento

  • Integramos más tecnología en nuestro plan de estudios en forma de videos de Common Craft, GIF, Memes, infografías, recolección de datos y creación de gráficos, registros digitales y videos de anuncios de servicios públicos.
  • Concentramos nuestro tiempo profesional aprendiendo más acerca de Next Generation Science Standards y evaluando cómo las prácticas de ingeniería y de ciencia, las ideas centrales disciplinarias y los conceptos transversales pueden integrarse en nuestros cursos.

Estudios Sociales: Mike DiNovo, Jefe de departamento

  • Los equipos de cursos continuaron trabajando para desarrollar y entregar planes de estudios completos y basados en habilidades en todas nuestras clases. Junto con la instrucción diaria y significativa en lectura, escritura y debate, nuestros alumnos viven una práctica de las elecciones primarias, simulacros, excursiones y reciben disertantes invitados.
  • La League of Women Voters de Elmhurst organizó un registro de votantes y una campaña para fomentar el voto con nuestros estudiantes y personal.
  • Reemplazamos seis textos en papel con versiones digitales dinámicas alineadas con la implementación de MLI.
  • Nuestros equipos de economía tuvieron un éxito sin precedentes en las competencias estatales y nacionales.

Educación Especial: Jill Mueller, Jefe del departamento

  • Este año vio la llegada de dos nuevos administradores en el departamento, y también muchas licencias médicas y por maternidad. Durante todo eso, el personal trabajó en conjunto para asistir al personal nuevo para que no hubiera interrupción de los servicios para nuestros estudiantes: ¡un verdadero trabajo en equipo!
  • Hemos dado los toques finales en casi todos nuestros resúmenes de cursos, muchos de los cuales son clases únicas. El trabajo continúa este verano con los resúmenes de unidades. Nos estamos concentrando en alinear recursos y prácticas educativas con el plan de estudio de educación general.
  • Los estudiantes con IEPS participaron en clubes, deportes y actividades de toda la escuela en mayor porcentaje que en años anteriores.

Servicios de Estudiantes: Karla Goldman, Vicedirectora y Heather Saylor, Jefa del Departamento de Asesoría

  • Continuamos articulando nuestros trayectos universitarios y profesionales para estudiantes y padres: Los asesores tuvieron reuniones individuales y grupales con estudiantes, y la Administración y Servicios de Estudiantes realizaron noches de información para padres de nivel de grado. También realizamos una noche para padres de estudiantes del último año, “Dejar ir”, en la que se trató la transición entre la escuela secundaria y la universidad/el trabajo.
  • La Asesora Universitaria y Profesional Amy Thompson tuvo reuniones individuales y grupales con alumnos y padres. CCRC ofreció reuniones de padres universitarias, que incluyeron sábados para padres de estudiantes del último año, talleres de FAFSA, y costos de asistir a la universidad.
  • Los trabajadores sociales se reunieron en sesiones individuales y grupales con los estudiantes con necesidades emocionales sociales, pero también se reunieron con estudiantes del primer año en la Orientación para Estudiantes del Primer Año, y con todos los estudiantes en grupos grandes para las presentaciones de Erin's Law.
  • Tuvimos algunas reuniones combinadas de estudiantes y padres, incluidos un foro de drogas y adicción, sesiones de verano de familias de estudiantes del último año y noche de información COD.
  • Los decanos hablaron con todos los estudiantes al comienzo del año para poner en claro las expectativas de comportamiento y de asistencia.

Tecnología y Artes Aplicadas: Wendy Albert, Jefa de la división


  • Dos estudiantes de DECA de York calificaron para la competencia nacional de análisis financiero.
  • Los equipos de York obtuvieron el 1.o y el 2.o lugar en la Competencia Junior Achievement Chicago Titan de abril.
  • York quedó 9.o en el país en Capitol Hill Challenge de Stock Market Game.
  • En el primer año de la implementación de 1:1 MLI, los estudiantes de la Pasantía de Servicios Técnicos procesaron 1,412 informes de fallas y TSI otorgó más de 5,700 Chromebooks en préstamo a los estudiantes.

Familia y Ciencia del Consumo

  • La Brigade realizó 18 eventos y sirvió aproximadamente 1,200 comidas durante el curso del año. Además, brindaron servicio de comida para eventos de la comunidad como los Premios al Servicio Juvenil Ejemplar de Elmhurst y donaron servicios para la Gala de la Fundación de D205.
  • Los maestros practicantes de las clases Invitación a Enseñar y Desarrollo de los Niños en York brindaron servicios a aproximadamente 450 niños de Elmhurst en aulas de D205 y el Jardín de Infantes Little Dukes.
  • En abril, 24 estudiantes participaron en las competencias FCCLA del estado, y obtuvieron 11 medallas de oro, 9 de plata y 4 de bronce. Además, un alumno calificó para el equipo de capacitación nacional de Artes Culinarias, 2 estudiantes recibieron becas y 2 estudiantes obtuvieron la mayor distinción de proyecto "más sobresaliente" en su categoría.

 Tecnología industrial

  • SkillsUSA incrementó su membresía y participación este año. Un récord de 84 estudiantes tomaron las pruebas de calificación del estado en febrero, y York tuvo estudiantes que calificaron en todos los eventos para los que se tomaron exámenes.
  • 27 estudiantes calificaron y participaron en las competencias estatales en abril. 7 estudiantes recibieron medallas por el 1.o, 2.o y 3.o puesto en la reunión del estado. Los 3 ganadores del primer puesto participarán en las competencias de nivel nacional en junio.

Idioma mundial y ELL: Jessica Nall, Jefa del departamento

  • Los estudiantes obtuvieron 19 recomendaciones y 40 sellos del estado de alfabetización bilingüe en árabe, chino, francés, polaco, ruso, griego, italiano y español.
  • Ofreceremos cinco cursos ACP el próximo año, dos en francés, dos en español y el primer curso ACP en italiano ofrecido en alguna parte. Esto es parte del esfuerzo incansable de la Coordinadora de Planes de Estudio del Distrito Connie Chester y, en parte, porque UI reconoce a nuestro personal como altamente calificado.

Actividades: Drew McGuire, Vicedirectora

  • Disfrutamos un baile de graduación y post baile de graduación maravillosos, y semanas muy exitosas de Bellas Artes y de Regreso a casa.
  • Gracias al apoyo de PTSA, los estudiantes, el personal y los padres de York vivieron el retorno del Día de Desafío con más de 300 estudiantes participando de este importante evento para crear conciencia sobre el respeto y la diversidad.
  • Bajo el liderazgo de Matt Moran y Justin Riskus, y el Club de Historia Militar, estudiantes, personal y veteranos de la comunidad participaron en una enérgica Reunión del Día de los Veteranos con disertantes de la Segunda Guerra Mundial y de la Guerra de Vietnam.
  • Liderado por la Asesora de Estudiantes Kelly Polte, York disfrutó del exitoso regreso del Concurso Sr. Duque que recaudó dinero para YSET y entretuvo a una gran audiencia de estudiantes y de padres.
  • El Sr. Lorenzo Rubio y nuestro Club Chicano realizaron su primera Pachenga, en la que se recibió a diversas escuelas secundarias del área para realizar actividades de consolidación de grupos y una cena/baile.

Atletismo: Rob Wagner, Director de atletismo

  • Las Animadoras de York terminaron en el 4.o lugar en el estado, el lugar más alto de cualquier equipo de York este año.
  • Tommy Helton quedó 5.o en las finales estatales de Lucha Libre de IHSA.
  • Water Polo masculino ganó la seccional de IHSA sobre Fenwick, y calificó para la estatal.
  • Los equipos femenino y masculino de Lacrosse llegaron al tercer juego eliminatorio, y quedaron octavos en el estado.
  • El equipo de softball femenino ganó su 5.o Campeonato Regional de IHSA consecutivo.
  • Baloncesto masculino ganó su 4.o Campeonato Regional de IHSA y fueron campeones del Torneo York Jack Tosh.​​​​​​​

¡Esto es York!


The City of Elmhurst and Elmhurst Park District are sponsoring an Elmhurst Indoor Sports Facility Study. The Park District and City hired Convention Sports and Leisure International (CSL), a planning and advisory firm, to conduct a market demand and financial feasibility study for an indoor sports facility with aquatics, gymnasiums, turf, and ice in Elmhurst. The feedback from community members is vital for determining if there is enough interest and demand to support this type of facility both operationally and financially.

To gather additional feedback for the Study, the Park District and City of Elmhurst have a survey available on their websites, which may be accessed at the following link: www.epd.org/indoor-sports-facility-survey. The survey includes questions on the respondent’s use of these types of facilities in and outside of Elmhurst, his/her level of interest in new indoor sports facilities in Elmhurst, and the types of funding that he/she would support to fund this type of facility. Please share your thoughts with CSL. The survey will be open until Friday, July 15.


Stuart Rodger Photography has sent information regarding Senior Yearbook Photos. This information included a password to login and schedule a portrait appointment. There are several dates through July 29 that Stuart-Rodgers Photography will be at York High School. 

Senior sittings can be scheduled between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm depending on the day and location. Stuart-Rodgers Photography does have a Mount Prospect Studio, 66 E. Northwest Highway, Mount Prospect, if you are unable to make the dates at York High School . A yearbook photo sitting is free to all seniors.  A sitting fee does apply if any additional portrait pictures are taken for purchase. If you have not received any information, please contact Stuart Rodgers directly for more information at 877-929-0006 or www.srphoto.com. The website will provide options for you to register without a password. 


In continued support of District 205 teachers, the Mobile Learning Implementation (MLI), improving student achievement and the overall learning experience, the Board of Education approved the addition of up to 12 Instructional Coaches for 2016-17 at its June 14 meeting. As Board member John McDonough stated, there will always be problems to solved, but this is an opportunity to be grasped - one that impacts every school every teacher and ultimately, every student.

This is not something new to District 205. Instructional Technology Coaches have been part of the multi-year Technology Plan for about three years*. And certainly, the Learning & Teaching Department has long recognized the value of cognitive coaching.

"Instructional coaching is all about asking the right questions, as well as providing the theory, demonstration, practice and feedback - which creates transfer of learning. It’s also about relationship building with staff and students, and our coaches must have the opportunity to build those relationships by being single building-based," said Dr. Michelle Fitzgerald, District 205 Assistant Superintendent of Learning and Teaching.

"We have been successfully employing coaches; this year’s ITCs have been fully embraced and tremendously successful. We just recently held focus groups to assess their effectiveness. We have talked about adding more coaches for some time. This concept emerged through the initial stages of the Middle School Study, and we talked with our community about it, through the Focus 205 community engagement process, and heard from them that this was important – among the top five educational priorities in Elmhurst."

As District 205 approached the close of fiscal year 2016, it received a final payment from the State which was neither expected, nor budgeted. In a recent conversation with the Board, Superintendent Dr. David Moyer was asked what he felt would provide the most "bang for the buck," were the District to invest $1 million. His answer was instructional coaches. Research shows that this is the single best way to support a dynamic curriculum, 21st century teachers and future ready learners.

Interested? Apply Today

When considering applications, District 205 will be looking for a strong technology background, but the emphasis will be instructional and include the ability to lead adult learning. "We know many of our teachers would make excellent instructional coaches, and we hope they will apply," said Dr. Fitzgerald.

The application is available on the District website under Job Opportunities. The category for the instructional coaches will be Instructional Support. Interviews will occur the week of July 5. If you are not available to interview that week and you are interested in the position, please contact Dr. Fitzgerald at mfitzgerald@elmhurst205.org to work out an alternative process.

If you have additional questions about the role, you may view the job description on the application page or contact Dr. Fitzgerald.

All Instructional Technology Coaches will now become Instructional Coaches. The District will hire up to 12 additional coaches who will perform as a whole team. While they will be assigned to one building, they will be not be applying or interviewing for a particular building. Chosen candidates will be placed in one school building.




*In February of 2014, as part of a Board discussion about the Mobile Learning Initiative, Dr. Terri Bresnahan, Director of Technology for District 64, Park Ridge-Niles (and a District 205 parent) was invited to present on Instructional Technology Coaching. According to Dr. Bresnahan (who is now a superintendent), high-quality professional development must be: job-embedded, sustained over time, individualized, include follow-up at the time of implementation and opportunity for feedback (both provided by the coach and given by the participant). Peer coaching provides a 95% return rate in the areas of knowledge, skill and transference.


York Community High School has named a total of 1,813 students to the second semester honor roll for the 2015-16 school year, based on their exemplary academic performance.


Students achieving a 3.5 or higher are recognized with High Honors and students achieving 3.0 – 3.4999 grade point average are recognized with Honors.


This is an updated list which includes a number of names that were previously omitted due to a technical glitch. We apologize for the error.


On May 24, 2016, the Board of Education voted to approve a Memorandum of Agreement with the Elmhurst Teachers' Council. The basis of this proposed agreement will clarify contract language regarding the Student Late Arrival days at all grade levels. The purpose of the change is to enhance the collaborative and educational instructional practice of our teachers in order to have a deeper impact on student learning and growth.

The agreement returns Student Late Arrival days at York High School to a nearly weekly occurrence on Wednesdays (with October 19 being the exception, as it is the national PSAT testing day). The agreement maintains monthly Student Late Arrival days on most Wednesdays at the early childhood, elementary and middle school levels. However, the duration of the collaboration meetings held on Student Late Arrival days will be extended from 70 minutes to 90 minutes at all levels.

Start times for 2016-17 Student Late Arrival days are as follows:

  • Elementary School: Student instruction begins at 9:45 AM
  • Middle School: Student instruction begins at 10:00 AM
  • High School: Student instruction begins at 9:25 AM

Due to the fact that District 205 uses the same bus company to transport students at all three levels – elementary, middle school and high school, there is some extra time built in to the Student Late Arrival days to allow for busing needs. Regular start times will remain the same as they were in 2015-16.

As always, supervised student arrival will begin 15 minutes prior to start time. However, for families who need to maintain the same schedule for Student Late Arrival days this coming school year as last, supervision will be made available at 9:10 AM (which was the elementary Student Late Arrival schedule for 2015-16). Please understand that transportation will not be provided at this earlier time.


Below is a link to the updated 2016-17 (printable) calendar.


When the York High School Bookstore manager retired, taking with her more than 25 years of institutional knowledge, Elmhurst District 205 decided to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for bookstore management services, due to the following factors:

  1. Current system for processing transactions is antiquated.
    1. No computerized point of sale system
    2. No automated textbook inventory system
  2. Textbook industry is in transition from print to digital.
  3. Experience and knowledge in procurement process of digital resources.
  4. Experience and knowledge in moving from in-person to online transactions.

On May 10, 2016, based on its RFP, Beck’s Book Store – a family owned and operated Chicago-area company – was awarded the opportunity to operate the York Community High School bookstore beginning now through September 2019. Beck’s has served a wide spectrum of educational institutions in the Chicago area for over 60 years. Parents and students can expect:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable employees with bookstore management experience
  • An inventory and Point of Sale system that uses technology to create transaction efficiencies
  • Timely provision of course materials
  • Quick response time for all communications
  • A hassle-free return and exchange policy

Beck’s will begin its contract with Elmhurst District 205 by providing course materials to York Summer School students starting Wednesday, June 1st at York High School.

“Beck’s prides itself on customer service. Our plan is to provide excellent and prompt service throughout the school year, especially during critical campus events, i.e. book sale week, buyback, first week of classes, etc. We intend to do so while maintaining institutional procedures and protocols,” said Patrick Olson, Beck’s Vice President.

“Furthermore, we will be in constant contact with York’s leadership in order to ensure the best service possible. In the institutions we currently serve, we have cut down wait time and increased customer satisfaction during buyback and book week dramatically by increasing staff, as well as implementing Beck’s technology. We will invest appropriately on staff and technology to ensure a successful bookstore operation for York High School.”

While maintaining the traditional look and feel of the York Bookstore, Beck’s plans to offer:

  • Extended hours during critical times, i.e., book buyback, ticket sales for prom, homecoming, AP testing, etc.
  • An online fee payment option (under development during 2016-17)
  • York memorabilia sold online and in-store
  • Accurate reporting
    • Obligations tracked and reported 
  • Student support for all digital textbook platform
    • Help with accessing digital content
    • Maintenance & student roster upload for all digital platforms
  • Department and faculty support for digital content

Beck’s immediate goals are to increase digital content and decrease the cost of printed textbooks. Beck’s plans to lower the cost of course materials by using dynamic procurement methods. Their textbook management staff evaluates the average cost of textbooks (purchased from student buyback, online retailers, publishers and wholesalers). A given book is then priced according to both the contractual agreement and online competition, with the savings passed on to York families.

Textbooks, including books purchased for this year’s Summer School, Beck’s will buy back York adopted textbooks at the industry standard of 50% of the purchase price. With more used textbooks available, along with the move toward online and dynamic resources, families should experience an overall savings over time.



District 205 Food Services will continue to accept payments with MySchoolBucks®! This online payment service provides a quick and easy way to add money to your student’s meal account using a credit/debit card or electronic check. You can also view recent purchases, check balances and set up low balance alerts for free.

MySchoolBucks provides:

  • Convenience - Available 24/7 on the web or through the mobile app for your smartphone
  • Efficiency - Make payments for all your students, even if they attend different schools within the District. Eliminate the need for your students to take money to school.
  • Control - Set low balance alerts, view account activity, recurring/automatic payments & more!
  • Flexibility - Make payments using credit/debit cards and electronic checks.
  • Security – MySchoolBucks adheres to the highest security standards, including PCI and CISP.

Enrollment is easy!


1. Go to www.MySchoolBucks.com and register for a free account.

2. Add your students, using their school name and student ID.

3. Make a payment to your students’ accounts with your credit/debit card or electronic check. A program fee may apply. You will have the opportunity to review any fees and cancel if you choose, before you are charged.

If you have any questions, please contact MySchoolBucks directly:


Is there a new family in your neighborhood? Please let them know that families should enroll new students beginning Tuesday, July 12 at the District 205 Center. Information about documentation needed for enrolling students can be found on the New Student Enrollment page.

July 12, 8 a.m. - noon

July 14, noon - 4 p.m.

July 18, 8 a.m. - noon

July 20, noon - 4 p.m.

July 22, 8 a.m. - noon

July 26, noon - 4 p.m.

July 27, 8 a.m. - noon

July 28, noon - 4 p.m.

Grades 9-12:
York High School (by appointment, call 630-617-2487)


Madison Early Childhood Center (by appointment, call 630-617-2385)

Evening enrollment hours will be held on August 2 and August 8 from 4 to 8 PM at the District 205 Center and at Conrad Fischer Elementary, 888 N. Wilson, during those same dates and times (for students attending Fischer only).


Chromebook credits along with books returned for credit for York graduates will be processed in June. As is procedure each year, the total credit will be added to the next oldest current York student in the family for use in fall 2016.


If the graduate is the final child or has no younger siblings at York,expect a refund check from the district after July 1st.


As the York Health Services Office prepares to welcome your freshman next fall, we want to take this opportunity to explain the requirements for the 9th grade physical.


Illinois State Law requires that all freshmen submit a completed State-approved physical examination form to the school no later than October 15, 2016.  The state-approved form can be provided by your physician’s office or can be found on the District website at www.elmhurst205.org.  Please be aware that the IHSA sports 

physical form is NOT acceptable for entry into the 9th grade, but the 9th grade physical can be used as a sport physical.


In order to meet the State requirement, ALL sections of the form must be completed.  Please pay specific attention to the following:


   The immunization chart must be filled in with correct dates.  This must be signed and dated by a physician, RN, or Medical Assistant.  It is important to note that the chart must show that your child received the Tdap vaccine.

   The section titled Health History (upper half of reverse side) must be completed, signed and dated by the parent/guardian.

   The section titled Physical Examination must be completed, signed and dated by the physician.  Please make sure the physician has checked the boxes at the bottom of this page indicating whether or not your child can participate in physical education and interscholastic sports.


You may mail, fax or bring the completed form to the York High School Health Services Office.  

Our direct fax number is:  630-782-6594 and our mailing address is 

355 W. St Charles Road.  Over the summer, the form can be turned into the York High School Main Office.  Do not turn in the form to summer school staff, counselors, campus supervisors, coaches or the Athletic Office.


Please note:  If any portion of the physical examination form is incomplete, it will be returned to you.  Your child will be considered out of compliance with Illinois State Laws until all sections of the form have been completed and received in our office.


In accordance with State Law, students who do not have a physical examination form on file by October 15, 2016 will be excluded from school on that day.  Until the completed form is received in the Health Services Office, the student will not be allowed to attend school, participate in school activities, or attend school functions.


To ensure that your child’s physical is completed in a timely manner, we suggest that you make an appointment with your physician prior to the start of school.  Students who do not have access to a health care provider may contact the DuPage County All Kids Program at 630-682-7400 for information on available health clinics.


Freshman Sports:  The freshman physical, if completed after June 1, 2016, will cover all interscholastic sports participation for the

2016-17 school year.  Freshmen trying out for a fall interscholastic activity must have a current physical examination prior to August

pre-season practices.


If you have any questions, please call the Health Services Office at 630-617-2435 or 630-617-2438.  The Health Services Office is closed over the summer.  During this time, please direct all questions to the York main office at 630-617-2400.  We look forward to working with you and your child.


Health Services Office


Pat Hatz, RN, MSN, IL/NCSN

Pam Lerud RN, BSN

Mary Ann Patti, Secretary


Important Dates

June 27 Summer School Session 2 Begins
  period 1 at 7:40, period 2 at 10:20
August 3 Senior Book Sales 10:00 - 2:00
August 4 Junior Book Sales 10:00 - 2:00
August 5 Sophomore Book Sales 10:00 - 2:00
August 8 Freshman Book Sales 10:00 - 3:00
August 9 Book Sales - All Grade Levels 2:00 - 5:00
  Freshman Family Night 7:00
August 12 Freshman Day - Student Attendance Day 7:40 - Noon
August 15 First Day of School

For Athletic Events, Click Here

Enrollment: 2,607


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