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Pre-Arranged Absences: Medical, Court, College Visits, etc. Bring a note from your parent/guardian. Include: student name, ID number, year in school, date/time of absence, reason for absence and signature of parent/guardian.

Bring the note to the campus supervisor at door 1. You will be issued a pass to leave the building.

Please see your student agenda for York's official attendance policy.

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YHS News


The final calendar of the 2017-18 school year was approved at the April 24 Board of Education meeting. Below is a list of last days and dismissal times. Both the calendar and last days are posted on the District website's calendar page. They are:

          May 24th:  Last day of school for Early Childhood students
          May 24th:  Last day of school for AM/PM kindergarten students
          May 24th:  Last day of school for high school students
          May 25th:  Last day of school for elementary school students (11:15 AM dismissal)
          May 25th:  Last day of school for middle school students (11:35 AM dismissal)


Please fill out this form and let us know how many people will be attending Academic/Awards Night on Tuesday, May 1 at 7:00 pm.


Prom Sign-up Form:  bit.ly/yorkprom18

Prom Application Form


Juniors and Seniors -

York Prom will take place on Saturday, April 28, 2018, at the Crystal Gardens of Navy Pier in Chicago. Below is important information for students and parents.


This all-inclusive evening includes transportation to and from the Prom, a strolling dinner and dessert reception, soft drinks, and dancing at the Crystal Gardens. The cost of the Prom is $110. The Post Prom cruise aboard the Odyssey has been arranged by the PTSA. The optional cruise continues to be a very popular option and, once again, promises to complete a memorable night. Tickets for Post Prom are $35 per person for a total of $145.


Check-in will begin at 6 p.m. at the school. York High School does not permit the use of limousines to drop students off at school and students will be unable to attend if they use one. Bus service on a luxury coach will be provided and required to and from Navy Pier. The luxury coaches will leave York High School at 6:30 p.m. Prom will begin at 7:45 p.m. and end at 11:45 p.m. The Post Prom cruise boards at 12 a.m. and ends at 2:30 a.m. The Post Prom buses will return to York around 3:15 a.m. Buses for students not attending Post Prom will return around 12:30 a.m.


To purchase a Prom ticket, students must follow this procedure:

1. Fill out the Prom Ticket Request form (using their Elmhurst205 account) at bit.ly/yorkprom18 and obtain a confirmation number. Every student who plans to attend Prom must complete his/her own information form. (If you are bringing a non-York guest, you must complete the guest information).

2. Have the attached letter filled out and signed, and then present it at the time the ticket is purchased.


Seniors may purchase Tickets for the Prom & Post Prom from April 3rd through April 19th. At this time, seniors have the option to buy a ticket for one guest (who does not need to be a senior), but both tickets must be purchased at the same time. Juniors may purchase tickets from April 6th through April 19th. Payment is by cash,checks (payable to Beck’s Bookstore) or credit card.  No tickets will be sold after Thursday, April 19th. Due to the capacity aboard the Odyssey Cruise ship, only the first 712 students will be able to attend. We have a capacity of 920 students at Prom.

Bus assignments are made at the time of ticket purchase. If you are wanting to be on a bus with your group, you must plan to purchase tickets at the same time. There will be no bus assignment switches made and students are not allowed to change bus assignments on their own.


If a junior or senior student is purchasing a ticket for a guest from another school, the guest and parent/guardian must complete and sign a separate Guest Request Form available in the Dean’s Office. York students must accompany their non-York guests at all times throughout the evening, including Post Prom.


The PTSA has generously agreed to help pay for the luxury buses to help keep the combined cost of Prom and Post Prom at $145 per person. If you need assistance with the cost of Prom, please have your senior student contact his/her counselor or social worker.


All school rules and conduct regarding alcohol, tobacco, vape pens, etc. will be enforced at this function and apply to the student and their guest (see Student Handbook for rules). Noncompliance with these rules will result in removal from the dance, and parents will be contacted to pick up their student. Any other disciplinary action will be applied and will be subject to additional consequences as deemed appropriate by the administration.  The dress code is formal. Any student whose attire is deemed inappropriate by the administration will not be given a refund. Students are not permitted to bring large purses or bags on the bus, and all carry-on items will be subject to inspection.


Due to our binding contracts with Crystal Gardens, Coach USA, and the Odyssey cruise company, we will be unable to provide refunds for students who choose not to attend Prom or Post-Prom after April 19, 2018. Students may not sell their tickets to another student. Tickets must be purchased from the bookstore ONLY.




Drew McGuire
Assistant Principal for Finance and Student Activities                


Matt Moran
​​​​​​​Prom Sponsor




los Grados 11º y 12º, Junior y Seniors.

La fiesta de graduación llamada Prom se llevará a cabo el día 28 de abril en el Salón de Fiestas Crystal Gardens de Navy Pier en Chicago. Esta carta contiene información importante para todos los Padres de Familia y estudiantes.


Este será un evento que incluye desde la transportación de ida y regreso, la cena, la recepción y el baile en el Salón Crystal Gardens. El costo del boleto para este evento es de $110.00 dólares. También habrá un crucero después de la recepción llamado Post Prom en el barco Odyssey. El mismo ha sido organizado por la Organización de Padres, Estudiantes y Maestros, PTSA. El crucero es opcional, pero continúa siendo una opción muy popular entre los jóvenes, y una vez más, hace de esta noche algo memorable. Los boletos para el crucero Post Prom son de $35.00 dólares adicionales por boleto, haciendo la cantidad total de $145.00 dólares por persona si incluye el crucero.


La llegada a la escuela y el registro al evento será a las 6:00 de la tarde del día 28 de abril. La Preparatoria York no permite el uso de limosinas para dejar a los estudiantes en la escuela, si hubiera algún estudiante que la use, no tendrá la oportunidad de ir al evento. El autobús que los llevará a Chicago es un autobús de lujo y partirá de York en punto de las 6:30 de la tarde el día del evento. La cena y recepción empezará a las 7:45 PM en Chicago y terminará a las 11:45 PM. El crucero para después de la fiesta de graduación Post Prom se abordará a las 12:00 AM y terminará a las 2:30 AM. El autobús de regreso Post Prom regresará a la preparatoria a las 3:15 AM. Los estudiantes que optaron por no tomar el crucero, regresarán a las 12:30 AM.


Para que los estudiantes ordenen sus boletos para la fiesta de graduación Prom, deberán de seguir el siguiente procedimiento.

1.- Llenar la forma para ordenar los boletos (Prom Ticket Request Form) usando su cuenta de correo de Elmhurst 205 en bit/ly/yorkprom18, y obtener una confirmación de la misma. Cada estudiante que planee asistir a la fiesta de graduación Prom tiene que completar la forma con toda su información personal. Si algún estudiante desea traer a un invitado que no sea estudiante de York, también deberá llenar el formato de invitado.

2.- Llene la forma anexa, fírmela y preséntela al momento que comprar y recoger sus boletos.


Los estudiantes del Grado 12º o Seniors pueden comprar sus boletos para la fiesta de graduación Prom y el Crucero Post Prom del 3 al 19 de abril. En ese momento, los estudiantes Seniors también tienen la opción de comprar un boleto más para un invitado (el invitado no tiene que ser Senior), pero ambos boletos deben de ser comprados al mismo tiempo. Los estudiantes del 11º Grado o Juniors, pueden comprar sus boletos del 6 al 19 de abril. Los pagos puedes llevarse a cabo en efectivo o por cheque (si es en cheque, por favor diríjalo a Beck’s Bookstore). No se venderán boletos después del jueves 19 de abril Debido a que la capacidad del Crucero Odyssey Cruise es sólo de 712 personas, sólo esta cantidad de boletos será vendida específicamente para el crucero Post Prom. La capacidad para Fiesta de Graduación Prom es de 920 estudiantes.


La asignación de los autobuses será hecha al momento de comprar los boletos. Si su estudiante quiere ir con un grupo específico de amigos, deben de comprar sus boletos al mismo tiempo. No podrán cambiar de autobús una vez hecha la asignación del mismo.


Si algún estudiante Junior o Senior está comprando un boleto para algún otro estudiante de otra escuela, el padre de familia o guardián de dicho invitado, deberá de completar la forma para invitado o Guest Request Form que está disponible en la oficina del Decano Escolar o Dean’s Office. Los estudiantes de York deberán de estar en todo momento con sus invitados, tanto en la fiesta como en el crucero.


La Organización PTSA ha decidido generosamente donar el dinero para el costo de la transportación en los autobuses de lujo, haciendo así que el boleto por cada persona para este evento se mantenga en $145.00 dólares por persona. Si necesita ayuda con el costo de los boletos para la fiesta de graduación Prom, por favor indique a su estudiante Senior que contacte a la brevedad posible a su Consejero(a) o Trabajadora Social.


Todas las reglas escolares y el código de conducta en relación al uso de tabaco, alcohol, plumas de vapor con nicotina etc., serán reforzadas en este evento y aplicadas a todos los estudiantes junto con sus invitadoras (Usted puede ver el libro de Reglas Escolares o Handbook para su referencia). Él que no siga las reglas de conducta, se removerá del baile y se contactará directamente a sus padres para que recojan a su estudiante. Cualquier otra acción disciplinaria decidida por esta Administración será aplicada y resultará en consecuencias apropiadas y adicionales. El código de vestimenta es formal. Cualquier estudiante cuya vestimenta sea inapropiada por la Administración no podrá ir, ni tampoco recibirá un reembolso por la compra de sus boletos. No se permite traer bolsas, o bolsas de mano grandes en el autobús. Todos los artículos que lleven serán sujetos a una inspección.


Debido a nuestros acuerdos y contratos con el Salón de Baile, Crystal Garden, con la compañía de autobuses, Coach USA y con la compañía de cruceros, Odyssey Cruise Co. No tenemos la oportunidad de ofrecer ningún rembolso para aquellos estudiantes que no puedan ir, ni a la Fiesta de Graduación Prom ni al crucero Post Prom, si no nos lo hacen saben antes del 19 de abril. Los estudiantes no pueden re-vender sus boletos a otros estudiantes. Los boletos UNICAMENTE podrán ser comprados y recogidos en la Librería Escolar de Bookstore.




Sr. Drew McGuire
Asistente de la Dirección Escolar
Finanzas y Actividades Estudiantiles
Preparatoria York


Sr. Matt Moran
Patrocinador del Evento Prom


When prom is the talk of the town, you know the end of the year is near, and that means final exams will be here before you know it.


This year, we will NOT be running an alternate final exam schedule for senior finals on Tuesday, May 15th, and Wednesday, May 16th: we will run a typical bell schedule, and teachers will provide a final exam for seniors that can be completed within a regular 50-minute class period.


In order to be sure that seniors aren't overwhelmed on either the first or second day, seniors will take finals during their 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th period courses on Tuesday, May 15th. They will then take their 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th period final exams on Wednesday, May 16th.


If your student is scheduled to take an AP exam on May 15th or 16th (Calculus AB, Calculus BC, French Language and Culture, Computer Science A, Italian Language and Culture, or Macroeconomics), please have your student use this form to make arrangements to take their final exams directly with their teachers.



Cuando la gente alrededor de la ciudad empieza a hablar de la Fiesta de Graduación Prom, entonces nos damos cuenta que el final del año escolar ya se acerca, lo que significa que los exámenes finales estarán aquí antes de que se lo imagine.


Este año escolar no tendremos un horario alterno de exámenes finales para los estudiantes de 12º Grado como en años anteriores. Los exámenes finales se llevarán a cabo el miércoles 15 y el jueves 16 de mayo. Vamos a tener un horario de campana regular, en él mismo, todos los maestros proveerán el examen final para los estudiantes de 12º Grado o Seniors que puedan ser completados durante los 50 minutos de clase de cada período.


Para poder asegurarnos que los estudiantes de 12º Grado, Seniors no estarán saturados mentalmente ni el primer ni el Segundo día, van a tomar sus exámenes durante el 1er, 3er, 5to y 7mo período el día martes 15 de mayo, y el día 16 los tomarán durante el 2do, 4to, 6to y 8th períodos.


Si su estudiante tiene programado también tomar su examen de Colocación Avanzada AP durante el 15 o 16 de mayo (en las materias de Cálculo AB, Cálculo BC, Lengua y Cultura Francesa, Ciencias de la Computación, Lengua y Cultura Italiana y Macroeconomía) por favor haga que su estudiante use este formulario para hacer otros arreglos para tomar sus exámenes finales.


Juniors, the 2018-19 parking application is available here.  Any senior who is wanting a parking spot for next year will need to fill out the form. This includes seniors who are in invite to teach, med careers and career internship.  The parking application form will close on May 4th at 3pm.


The City of Elmhurst’s Commission on Youth honored young volunteers at its annual Exemplary Youth Service Awards program held Wednesday, April 18, at Sandburg Middle School in front of a packed house. Ken Bartels served as Master of Ceremonies. District 205 Superintendent Dr. David Moyer and Elmhurst Mayor Steve Morley welcomed the honorees and their families.

The Exemplary Youth Service Awards program recognizes individuals who have demonstrated at least one of the following criteria through volunteer service: the level of involvement should demonstrate an exemplary commitment; the service must contribute to the health and well–being of a worthy individual or group or the community at large; the service should help promote the spirit of volunteerism.

The 83 honorees ranged in age from elementary through high school. Nine groups and 18 individuals were nominated for this year’s awards. Serving as distinguished judges were Elmhurst Police Deputy Chief Michael McLean, Deputy Fire Chief Bill Anaszewiczand Alderman Marti Deuter.Speakers for the evening included Exemplary Youth Service Award recipients from Kartwheels for Kids, a group of five York High School students who have been volunteering and fundraising together since they were fifth graders.

Other Exemplary Youth Service Award recipients included an elementary group known as the Sweet Treats and the following individuals: from Churchville Middle School – Jackie Cimino and Cayliann Gillie and from York High School – Sean Hayes, Dani Kolosiekeand Samantha Uditsky.

The program will air on Uverse Channel 99 and Comcast Channel 6 next month and will also be available for viewing at www.ElmhurstTV.com. The program is linked below.

Youth Commissioners include: Jackie Tamer (Chair), Kim Brigman, Jan DeCoursey, Sharon Karpiel, Marisa Mancini, Patricia McKernan, Bob Rasho, Derek Schlager, Mark Soehn, Ann Zimmer, Dan Corrigan, Nick Waldenmeyer, Melea Smith and Alderman Dannee Polomsky.

Exemplary Youth Service Award winners Kartwheels for Kids

Exemplary Youth Service Award winners Sweet Treats


On Tuesday, April 24, at the D205 Board of Education meeting, there will be a presentation by architects Wight & Company, which will highlight various facility options, overlaid with findings from Focus 205. The meeting begins at 7:30 PM at the District 205 Administrative Center, 162 S. York. All community members are welcomed to attend. As a reminder, the new boundary report was presented by Cropper GIS at the April 10 meeting. To view other related presentations delivered to the Board over the last few months, please visit www.elmhurst205.org/masterfacilityplan.

There will be multiple opportunities to participate in Future Focused community meetings during the Master Facility Plan process. Please make an effort to attend one of these meetings so you are informed about proposed changes that may affect you.

  • Saturday, May 12, 9:30 – 11:30 am, York High School
  • Monday, May 14, 7 – 9 pm, Churchville Middle School
  • Wednesday, May 23, 7 – 9 pm, Bryan Middle School
  • Wednesday, May 30, 7 – 9 pm, Sandburg Middle School 

Your feedback and participation throughout this entire process is important. Come join the conversation!


The Illinois Athletic Directors Association has named York High School's Assistant Principal for Athletics, Rob Wagner, as the Class 3A & 4A Division 3 Athletic Director of the Year. He will be honored at an awards banquet that will be a part of the IADA State Conference in East Peoria on Saturday, May 5th at 7:00 pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel in East Peoria. Rob has been at York for 15 years. Eight years as the Athletic Director/Assistant Principal for Athletics. This is his second term in the athletic office.

  • He was a dean from 2002-2005
  • Athletic Director from 2005-2009
  • Assistant Principal for Student Services from 2009-2011
  • Assistant Principal for Finance and Student Activities from 2011-2014
  • Assistant Principal for Athletics from 2014- present

Rob Wagner




Dear Graduating Seniors and Parents:

Commencement for the Class of 2018 is scheduled for Sunday, May 20 at 1:00 p.m. in the Joe Newton Field House at York High School. The graduation ceremony is our last opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments at York and we want to make this a memorable event for you and your family. Please take a few moments to review the following important information.

On May 20th, graduates must report to York by 12:00 noon. At the same time, doors will open for the public. Parking will be very limited, so we encourage you to carpool, if possible. Beginning at 11:50 a.m., we will provide continuous shuttle service from the commercial parking lot located on Rt. 83 near Whole Foods.

Graduation Tickets
Each graduate will receive six tickets. Please note that no one will be admitted to the ceremony without a ticket. Tickets will be distributed after graduation practice on May 18th. Handicapped seating will be available. Please note if you request 2 handicapped seats, that will be counted as part of your six tickets. Please fill out this form to request handicapped seating.

We recognize that graduation is a special time for families and that sometimes families need more than 6 tickets for the ceremony. For those families who will need additional tickets, please fill out the extra ticket request form. We will process extra ticket requests after Monday, May 7th. We will do our best to accommodate as many of the request within reason. Graduation will also be available to be viewed on line for those families who are unable to attend in person.

Senior Checkout and Cap and Gown Pickup
Senior checkout and cap and gown distribution will be held in the South Gym on Friday, May 18th, from 8:00 a.m. until 11:30am. All senior obligations must be paid by this day in order to receive their cap and gown. If you have an outstanding obligation, you have recently received a letter from Assistant Principal McGuire.


Mandatory Graduation Rehearsal
There will be a mandatory graduation rehearsal on Friday, May 18th at 12:45 p.m. Students must be in attendance at the rehearsal in order to participate in the graduation ceremony.

It is important to note that participation in the graduation ceremony is voluntary. If you choose not to participate in the ceremony, your parent must notify the school in writing. Please submit this correspondence to Kelly Corry in the Principal’s Office no later than 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 17th.


Scholarship Information for Graduation Program
As part of the graduation program, we want to recognize all seniors who have been awarded scholarships by the college they plan to attend and by other agencies. To ensure that we recognize all awards, please provide us with your scholarship information by completing the Awards/Scholarship form by Monday, May 7th. We have the information on scholarships presented at York High School during our awards nights. Therefore, you do not need to provide this information again. 

If you have any questions about Commencement, please reply to this email or contact the main office at 630-617-2400.


Erin DeLuga

Drew McGuire
Assistant Principal



Queridos Padres de Familia y Estudiantes del 12º Grado o Seniors:

La Ceremonia de Graduación para los estudiantes de la Clase 2018 (Año de Graduación) está programada para el próximo domingo 20 de mayo a la 1:00 PM en el Gimnasio Joe Newton en York. La Ceremonia de Graduación es nuestra última oportunidad de celebrar sus logros en la Preparatoria York y queremos hacer de este evento algo memorable, para ustedes y su familia. Por favor, tomen unos momentos para leer la siguiente información.

En el día de la Ceremonia, el día 20 de mayo, todos los estudiantes que van a graduarse deben de reportarse a la preparatoria York a las 12:00 del día. En ese momento se abrirán todas las puertas al público. En punto de las 11:50 p.m. empezaremos a ofrecer un servicio de transporte gratuito de ida y de regreso a un estacionamiento cerca de la ruta 83 por la tienda Whole Foods para su conveniencia.

Boletos para la Ceremonia de Graduación

Cada estudiante que se va a graduar recibirá 6 boletos. Por favor tome nota que nadie será admitido en la ceremonia sin boleto. Los boletos serán distribuidos después del ensayo de graduación, mismo que se llevará a cabo el 18 de mayo. Habrá también asientos disponibles para personas con discapacidades. Tome nota que puede pedir hasta dos asientos para discapacitados, y los mismos contarán como parte de los 6 boletos para cada estudiante que se graduará. Por favor llene la forma anexa para pedir algún asiento para discapacitados: form.

Toga y Birrete (Capa y Sombrero)

La distribución de la Toga y el Birrete será en el Gimnasio sur el viernes 18 de mayo entre las 8:00 y las 11:30 de la mañana. Todos los adeudos de los Seniors deberán de haber sido saldados en orden de recibir su Toga y su Birrete. Si aún tiene algún balance u obligación financiera, usted ya fue notificado recientemente en una carta por el Asistente a la Dirección en Cuestiones financieras, el Sr. McGuire.

Ensayo General Mandatorio

El ensayo general es mandatorio y será el viernes 18 de mayo a las 12:45 p.m. Los estudiantes deben de haber participado en este ensayo en orden de poder participar en la Ceremonia de Graduación misma.

Es importante notar que la participación en la Ceremonia de Graduación es voluntaria. Si el estudiante no desea participar en dicha ceremonia, entonces el padre de familia deberá de notificar a la Escuela York por escrito. Si este es el caso, por favor mande una carta a la Sra. Kelly Corry a la Oficina de la Dirección Escolar a más tardar el 17 de mayo a las 3:00 PM.

Información de Becados para el Programa de Graduación

Como parte del programa de graduación, queremos reconocer en la Ceremonia a todos aquellos estudiantes que obtuvieron alguna beca por parte de algún Colegio o Universidad o alguna otra agencia. Para asegurarnos que reconocemos a todos los galardonados, por favor provéanos de la información de dichas becas que les fue otorgadas en el formato de Galardones y Becas: form a más tardar el martes 7 de mayo. Ya tenemos la información sobre las becas presentadas en la Preparatoria York durante la noche de Galardones y Premios. Por lo tanto, si ya la proporcionó antes, no tendrá que proporcionarla de nuevo.

Si tiene alguna pregunta acerca de la Ceremonia de Graduación, por favor mándenos un correo electrónico o llame por teléfono al número 630-617-2400.


Sra. Erin DeLuga
Directora Escolar

Drew McGuire
Asistente a la Dirección Escolar


At Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, the Board heard from three teachers and an instructional coach about how the infusion of technology via the District’s Mobile Learning Implementation has dramatically changed student engagement in their classrooms. They also provided teacher feedback samples on the topics of creativity, student-to-device ratios and device types.

A video created by the Communications Office demonstrated these new and exciting modes of learning and teaching. Assistant Superintendent of Innovation & Growth Dr. Mark Cohen noted that “these skills fit our concept of being future ready and future focused, allowing for collaboration in the digital space beyond the walls of the classroom.”




Nine York Community High School seniors named among the 16,000 National Merit Semifinalists identified by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) this fall were recently confirmed as NMSC Finalists. They are: Hannah Cronin, Matthew Dardick, Linnea Dierksheide, Courtney Jope, Carina Kanzler, Luke Rozmus, Anshul Shah, Katherine Tomaska and Christopher Ziebert. These students were honored by proclamation of the Elmhurst District 205 Board of Education at its April 10 meeting.

“We are so incredibly proud of these students for their tenacious dedication to academia. They are being recognized for going above and beyond in an extraordinarily challenging selection process. I am thrilled for the students and the opportunities this will provide them moving forward,” said York High School Principal Erin DeLuga.

All NMSC Finalists will be considered for National Merit Scholarships offered in 2018. The selection of some 7,500 Merit Scholarship winners from the group of more than 15,000 Finalists is now in progress. Scholarship winners will be announced by NMSC in four groups from April through July.

Thus far, three York Finalists (Linnea, Carina and Katherine) have been named as recipients of $2,500 National Merit Scholarships. And two York Finalists have been selected as corporate sponsored scholarship winners: Anshul by Alliance Data Systems and Ashley by CDK Global, LLC.



The tradition continues with this year’s seventh Top Pizza Taste of Elmhurst event on Thursday, April 26, from 5:30-8:00 PM in the York High Campbell (Green & White) Gym. Local area restaurants and pizzerias will showcase their traditional and specialty variety pizza pies. The $10 entrance fee allows attendees to taste the variety of vendor offerings and vote for their favorites in a variety of categories. Past winners participating this year include Bacci, DiLeo, Fratello, Gulliver, Lou Malnati, Mama Maria and Roberto's. Newcomers include Aurelio's and Rosati's.

This is a great community fundraising event that allows families and friends to enjoy dinner and taste pizzas that are both familiar and new. For those families trying to juggle the Celebration of Learning night, it’s a great way to grab dinner before or after. Please note that the time has been extended to 8 PM so that you can continue the celebration.

Proceeds benefit District 205 Foundation programs that enhance education for our  EC-12 schools. For more information and to purchase entrance fee ahead so you do not need to wait in line, click HERE.




For the second time in the last three years, York’s Euro Challenge Team took first place in the Midwest Region competition, beating out eight other teams representing Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota. Participating students must be in either 9th or 10th grade.


The first-place York team is comprised of seven sophomores: Samantha Cruz, Emily Dow, Brian Kelley, Matt Kentra, Emmet McGovern, Ally Splitstone and Matt Splitstone. The team was presented with the challenge of choosing a country in the European Union, a problem the country has, and a solution to the problem. They chose to tackle Italy's high unemployment rate using monetary policy. The students were required to give a 15-minute presentation and participate in a 10-minute Q & A follow-up.


The final round takes place on April 26 at the New York Federal Reserve in New York City. There are 12 regions across the country; a total of 24 teams from across the country will be competing. The York team is coached by Tamra Carl.




The Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 Summer Music Program offers an exciting opportunity for all current 4th - 8th grade band and orchestra students and all current 6th - 8th grade choir students to continue practicing in an ensemble during the summer. Consistent, regular practice during the summer helps students to retain and reinforce concepts and skills that they have learned during the school year and helps them continue to learn and grow as young musicians.

  • Summer Band and Orchestra for current elementary students will run June 4 through June 29 at Sandburg Middle School. Rehearsals will be held Monday through Friday mornings. Each rehearsal is one hour. The final performances will be on Friday morning, June 29 at Sandburg Middle School.
  • Summer Band, Orchestra, and Choir for current middle school students will run June 4 – July 6 at York High School from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Band and Orchestra rehearsals will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Choir rehearsals will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. There will be no rehearsals on July 3rd and 4th. The final performance will be on Friday, July 6 at York High School.
  • The registration fee for all levels is $92.00. The fee includes a Summer Music Program T shirt.
  • Middle School Summer Band and Orchestra students may also participate in Jazz Band at no additional cost.
  • Middle school students who register for summer band or orchestra may also enroll in choir at no additional cost.

The Dist. 205 Summer Music Program welcomes students who will be on vacation for some rehearsals and/or participate in other summer activities. Students who can only attend part of the summer program are still strongly encouraged to register and attend as often as they can! Students who practice during the summer are much more likely to experience continued success in band, orchestra, and choir. We strongly encourage your child to participate as much as they are able!

Please see the attached summer music program description for more detailed course information, rehearsal times, and registration options. If you have questions, please contact Brian Berg (bberg@elmhurst205.org) or your child's band or orchestra director.

Registration for the Dist. 205 Summer Music Program will open on Monday, March 19, 2018. You may register for the summer music program by using the Webstore at this link. The deadline for registration is Friday, May 4, 2018.


What is a PLC? In District 205, PLCs play an important role in promoting student growth and building the capacity of our teachers. But what is a PLC and what is its function?

PLC stands for Professional Learning Community. PLCs are designed to ensure high levels of teacher collaboration focused on student learning. They can take many forms. Examples include ensuring that teachers of the same grade level or subject area, as well as instructional coaches, special education teachers and support staff, have time to analyze assessment data, share best practices for success, and plan for future learning.

PLC groups meeting during student late arrival days, institute days and also during the school day at various times throughout the week.

Watch the video below, and let our teachers show you how PLCs are utilized in D205 schools. 




Important Dates

April 25 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
April 26 Jazz Ensemble Concert 7:30 pm
April 28 Junior/Senior Prom
May 1 Duke Decision Day
  Academic/Athletic Awards Night 7:00 pm
May 2 Student Late Arrival 9:25 am
  Symphonic Bank Concert 7:30 pm
May 3 Cadet/Concert Band Concert
May 7 - 18 AP Testing
May 7 Percussion Concert 7:30 pm
May 10 Spring Art Show
  Choral Concert 7:30 pm
May 15 Cadet/Concert Orchestra Concert 7:30 pm
May 15 and 16 Senior Final Exams
May 17 Symphony Orchestra Concert 7:30 pm
May 18 Senior Checkout/Graduation Practice/BBQ
May 20 Graduation 1:00 pm
  Second Semester Finals TBD

For Athletic Events, Click Here

Enrollment: 2,755



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