Vandalism at York

In recent days, neighboring and state-wide schools have identified an increase in vandalism in schools by students. These incidents are believed to be the result of the TikTok Bathroom Challenge, which promotes vandalism in school restrooms by students.

Unfortunately, we have experienced vandalism in our bathrooms at York High School. 

The purpose of this communication is to share information with parents and students regarding the procedures utilized by York High School in such incidents.

Any student(s) participating in inappropriate activities, such as vandalism, are subject to disciplinary measures for unlawful or improper conduct, including but not limited to payment for damages from students and their parents/guardians and referral to the Elmhurst Police Department. 

We will continue to monitor student usage of our bathrooms. In the event that these behaviors continue, we will reduce the number of bathrooms available to our students during the school day. 

Thank you for your collective efforts in speaking with your student about the importance of respecting school property and/or reporting vandalism as we work together to foster pride in our school.

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Dr. Shahe Bagdasarian