Final Exams

Last school year taught us a variety of lessons about the nature of assessments and how to best measure learning. By eliminating Final Exams last year, we were able to focus our efforts at the end of the semester in making sure that students had the opportunity to demonstrate their mastery of the skills. In lieu of traditional Final Exams, we will be offering Relearning & Redevelopment days on December 21st & 22nd. We will have an alternate schedule that allows extended class periods to provide time to work with teachers at the end of the semester. Students with a grade of A going into the end of the semester will be excused from their class. Students with a grade of B or C will have the option of going to class (in coordination with the teacher). Any student earning a grade of D or F will be required to attend.

Certain courses, such as ACP, dual credit and certification courses may require a final exam. Exceptions will be made for those courses that still require a final based exam on these special circumstances. Note that teachers may assign a project that culminates the experience that students have had throughout the semester. When these exceptions are made, we will no longer use a separate category for finals but rather weigh it similar to summative assessments given throughout the semester. 

Many high schools have moved into a similar model which mirrors what many universities have done. Our focus remains on student learning and time spent to administer traditional final exams should be used to reinforce, reteach and remediate any skills or topics that are essential for future success in high school courses.