Final Exam Schedule - Last of of School
Kelly Corry

Now that prom is upon us, finals week and the end of the year are just on the horizon. At last night's board meeting, the Board officially amended the calendar for the last day of school.  Below is the schedule for the end of the year final exams--Tuesday, May 28th-Thursday, May 30th. We hope that all of our students continue to have a great semester as the end of the year quickly approaches.

Freshman/Sophomore/Junior Final Exams



May 28th


May 29th


May 30th

7:40-9:10 (90 Mins)

Period 8

Period 2

Period 1

9:20-10:50  (90 Mins)

Period 7

Period 3

Period 5

11:00-11:50 (50 Mins)



Make Up

12:00-1:30  (90 Mins)

Period 6

Period 4

Make Up

  • Students will have a Final Culminating Activity in every class assessed for up to 20% of their semester grade.
  • The Final Culminating Activity may look different in each course: traditional Final Exam, Final Project, Final Performance, or other Final Culminating Activity as defined by the course team (ex. AP exam).
  • All traditional Final Exams will be given during the Final Exam schedule above.
  • Performance-based or project-based Final Culminating Activities may be due the day prior to the final exam schedule.  In this case, students in the class do NOT need to report to that class on Final Exam days.
  • During the Final Exam days, students should NOT report to PE, Study Hall, Guided Study (SpEd), Algebra Support, Study Tables, or Resource classes.
  • The Testing Center will be open during each final exam period for exams that have been rescheduled by a counselor and all extended time tests, and all make-up exams will be given after 1:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday and after 11:00 on Thursday.
  • Students must take exams during the exam period in which they are scheduled. No exams will be administered­ early; however, students who have three exams scheduled for one day may arrange to change one by contacting their counselor. Students should NOT ask their teacher to change an exam period.
  • All students are free to leave campus during times they do not have an exam.  Study areas (Learning Commons and Math Lab) will be open if students have an open period and do not want to leave the building. Students must only be in attendance when they have an exam.
  • There will be a 10-minute passing period between consecutive exams.
  • Breakfast will be available from 7:00-9:00 on all three exam days.  Lunch service will be available from 11:00 - 11:50 on Tuesday and Wednesday; there will be no lunch service on Thursday, May 30th .
  • During finals, students in the TLS program and students who attend the Transition Center will meet for an instruction day from 7:40 to 1:30 on Tuesday and Wednesday and from 7:40 to 11:00 on Thursday.