Support Staff

Employee Department Phone
Adams, Joel Mail Room Assistant  
Armstrong, Mary Secretary - College and Career Center (CCRC) 630-617-2460
Ayyad, Manal Educational Assistant  
Baker, Bridget Campus Supervisor  
Berger, Meghan Educational Assistant  
  Instructional Assistant - Test Make up Center 630-617-2237
Brown, Kristy Learning Commons Assistant (630) 617-2230
Calabrese, Patsy Registrar


Carrera, Veda EL Instructional Assistant  
Carroll, Eileen Food Service Secretary (630) 617-2467
Collins, Marquitte Educational Assistant  
Cowan, Amy Nurse (630) 617-2154
Cullen, Mark Campus Supervisor  
Cullen-Meyer, Karen Educational Assistant  
Cuneo, S Jeanne Data Systems Coordinator (630) 617-2484
Delaney, Abbey Instructional Assistant  
DiCanio, Joseph Campus Supervisor  
DiCanio, Tony Transition Educational Assistant  
Doberstein, Carol Preschool Program Helper  
Downey, Martha Secretary Health Services (630) 617-2438
Dubiel, Joanna Food Service Secretary (630) 617-2349
Espinoza, Dave Buiding & Grounds Supervisor (630) 617-2400 ex. 5198
Fernandes, Doreen Multi Needs Para  
Fierce, Catherine Educational Assistant  
Fischer-Moreth, Christine Admin Assistant - Athletics, PE & Health (630) 617-2403
Flores, Nydia Administrative Assistant to Principal (630) 617-2402
Freaney, Gerard Educational Assistant  
Fuller, Amy Admin Assistant Core Departments (630) 617-2493
Gelfond, Janis Educational Assistant  
Glavinskas, Katie Attendance Office (630) 617-2444
(automated line)
Graves, April Educational Assistant  
Grieve, Geoff Campus Supervisor  
Hageli, Denice Educational Assistant  
Hall-Gortowski, Jerri Educational Assistant  
Herbert, Tawnee Campus Supervisor  
  Office Services - Copy Center (630) 617-2433
  Substitute Coordinator/EL Secretary (630) 617-2400
Holmes, Christine Health Office  
Howard, Elizabeth Educational Assistant  
Hughes, Suzi Secretary to Assistant Principals (630) 617-2487
Jensen, Megan Pool Office/Aquatic Director  
Johnson, Roberta Nurse (630) 617-2435
Johnson, Rochanna Secretary - Financial (630) 617-2410
Johnson, Wendy Educational Assistant  
Legg, Suzanne Educational Assistant  
Lenardi, Frank Educational Assistant  
Liebeno, Paul Instructional Assistant  
Loftus, Bethany Intern (YSS)  
Loza-Navarro, Erendira Parent Liaison - ELL (630) 617-2451
Luis, Mayrene ELL Instructional Assistant  
MacKenzie, Bruce Mail Room Assistant  
Mapes, Pierceson Educational Assistant  
Mazurek, Karrie Special Education
Admin Assistant
(630) 617-2492
McDaniel, Ericka Campus Supervisor  
McDermott, Michelle

Electives Secretary

(630) 617-2416 

McGee, Kendahl Educational Assistant  
McGee, Lori Instructional Assistant  
Moore, Kathleen Secretary York Student Services (YSS) (630) 617-2434
Mueller, Jolanta Campus Supervisor  
Mueller, Stella Educational Assistant  
Nassopoulos, Anastasia Nurse (630) 617-2332
Nuez, Jonah Campus Supervisor  
Park, David Copy Room (630) 617- 2433
Rogers, Rebecca Educational Assistant  
Rospert, Elizabeth Educational Assistant  
Sanchez, Mary Kay Assistant to the Administration (630) 617-2458
Schimel, Tom Educational Assistant  
Scully, Colleen Campus Supervisor  
Serio, Jim Book Store (630) 617-2441
Shields, Elizabeth Transition RN  
Spencer, Cheryl Director of Food Service (630) 617-2436
Stezowski, Alex Instructional Assistant  
Stone, Consuelo Transition Educational Assistant  
Tuzak, Renee Transition Educational Assistant  
Tuzak, Tom Educational Assistant  
Weiser, Dave Educational Assistant  
Widener, Geraldine Educational Assistant  
Williams, Carrie Educational Assistant  
Wolf, Cheryl Instructional Assistant