Express Checkout/Pre-Pack Book Sales

Express Checkout/Pre-Pack option will speed up the book sale process.  

Books and fees will be paid for on the day the books are picked up.  
Parents:  It is our intent to provide greater online opportunities for students and families, both in terms of the York registration process and for online textbook options. It is our hope that the Express Checkout/Pre-Pack option will streamline the textbook purchase and York registration processes.


During Booksales and throughout the school year, all fees, Chromebooks and book purchases (digital and print) will be paid at the bookstore.  Any checks will need to be made payable to Beck’s Bookstore and not York High School.  The bookstore will also accept cash and Credit Cards.  

We will continue to offer PrePack booksales this year with Beck’s, our new Bookstore Management Company.  Beck’s “Search by ID” function will allow families to access a student-specific list of textbook titles and required course fees. Families interested in the pre pack option can visit

Textbooks, Chromebooks, fees and yearbooks can all be purchased in one transaction per student with cash, check, or credit card (MasterCard, Discover or Visa). Families with multiple students, will have to bring multiple checks.