YMB Board Members


TREASURER: Sara Jensen
--- GREENS SALE: Nancy Flanagan
--- MATTRESS SALE: Jenn Toffler
USHERS: Joanna Gusich
NEWSLETTER: Vicky Ludkowski
WEBSITE: Kris Hanley

Officer Responsibilities

  • Run monthly meetings - develop an agenda and keep things on task at the meetings.
  • Make sure that tasks done by the other Board members are handled in a timely manner and help out at events whenever needed.
  • Give a speech at the Collage Concert.
  • Coordinate York Music Boosters representation, as needed, at York events (8th Grade Activity Night, York Book Sale days, etc.) or with other York organizations/committees.
  • Keep things running smoothly and troubleshoot any problems which may arise during the school year.
  • Take and distribute the monthly York Music Boosters meeting minutes.
  • Maintain historical York Music Boosters records.
  • Maintain bylaws.
  • Responsible for all financial transactions (write all checks and deposit all funds) for York Music Boosters.
  • Keep Excel records up-to-date.
  • Prepare bi-monthly Cash Flow report and present York Music Boosters board meetings.
  • Prepare annual Budget and update as necessary.
  • Prepare annual Financial Transaction report for our tax preparer. Coordinate with tax preparer for our tax filing on 2-15.
  • Track participation in annual band, choir and orchestra trips. This includes picking up checks from York High School, preparing list of all participants, depositing checks in our bank, writing checks to all vendors, transferring funds between general and escrow accounts as necessary, coordinating with Escrow treasurer, communicating with trip organizers on a regular basis.
  • Prepare for and participate in annual audit.
  • Send checks to all scholarship recipients with appropriate congratulatory letter.
Escrow Treasurer:
  • Maintain the Student Account balance records.
  • Make students aware of their balances prior to trip payments (via York Music Boosters website).
  • Co-ordinate with Treasurer and Greens Sale to provide additions (Greens Sale) or subtractions (Trips) to Student Account balances.
  • Roll forward Student Account balances and inform Treasurer of forfeited account balances to transfer into the General York Music Boosters fund.
  • Organize the distribution of the Patron/Volunteer Forms in the summer York mailing, if applicable.  Ensure that the Patron/Volunteer information is on the District 205 Web Store registration well before the end of the school year.
  • Collect Patron/Volunteer Forms (physically, or from District 205 Web Store registration). Coordinate with York office.
  • Deposit all Patron money with the York Music Boosters Treasurer.
  • Maintain current Patron listing and statistics through the school year. Ensure that the Concert Tickets Officer has a current Patron listing before each concert.
  • Organize printing and sorting of Patron items.
  • Organize volunteers for the distribution of Patron items at the Collage Concert. Organize the logistics (set-up) with York staff.  Remaining Patron items to be held for distribution at the first Orchestra/Band Concerts of the year.
  • Assemble a master listing of parent volunteers based on the Patron/Volunteer Forms submitted either physically or through the District 205 Web Store registration. Distribute the detailed volunteer information (spreadsheet) to York Music Boosters officers as early as possible. Each officer will organize volunteers for their own needs (uniforms, tickets, patron passes, hospitality, greens, etc.) using the assembled master volunteer list.
  • Organize/sort the black formal orchestra/band uniforms, by size, in the Uniform Room at the beginning of the school year.
  • Organize Uniform Distribution Date with the Music Director for sometime after the Collage Concert. Ensure that Directors inform students of the Uniform Distribution Date.  Have York Music Boosters President put the distribution date on the York Music Boosters webpage.
  • Organize volunteers to staff the Uniform Distribution and Uniform Collection Dates.  
  • Keep track of uniform assignments, by student.
  • Bring to Music Director's attention any jackets/pant sizes that require replacement or additions (Gentleman's Quarters, Elmhurst).
  • Organize Uniform Collection dates after Spring Concerts with the Music Director.
  • Music Director handles the pick-up of uniforms by the cleaning company.
  • Marching Band and Choir handle the distribution/collection of their uniforms internally.
Overall organization responsibility of beverages, snacks, paper goods, and volunteers for four concert receptions during the school year:
  • Collage Concert (entire music and dance departments)
    • Lemonade made by YMPA volunteers
    • Baked goods donated by parents
    • Volunteers help with set-up and service.
  • May - Three separate receptions for Chorus, Symphony Orchestra, and Symphonic Band concerts recognizing graduating seniors
    • Lemonade made by YMPA volunteers
    • Cakes ordered from the York Cafeteria
    • Volunteers help with set-up and service
Greens Sale:
  • Maintain on-line order sheets and some paper copies and distribute them to students.
  • Collect orders and tabulate in the Excel Greens Sale spreadsheets.
  • Coordinate all order and vendor payments with the Treasurer.
  • Manage vendor order delivery and student order pickup day.  Organize volunteers for delivery and pick-up day assistance.
  • Organize volunteers to distribute programs at all Performing Arts Department performances (Orchestra, Band, Jazz Band, Choir and Dance) as well as all specially sponsored Performing Arts Department events.
  • Organize the logistics (set up table).
  • Maintain and update the York Music Boosters webpage on the York website.
  • Highlight special events, department awards, scholarship winners, etc.