All of our performances are, in part, an experience in the visual and dramatic arts, as well as in sound. In order to appropriately present our performance as an ensemble, musicians must follow the standards below.

Uniforms are on loan for free to student musicians through the school year. Replacement fees apply to students who don't return uniforms at the end of the year. 


Please contact Denise Steinbrecher if you have any questions about formal band and orchestra uniforms.

THANK YOU to our AMAZING volunteers!!! 

Thank you to the many volunteers needed to help distribute tuxedos and skirts to our band and orchestra students. Every year this is a BIG undertaking as we outfitted 330 students! We could not have done this without you!! 

Ann Dow, Carol Frank, Leah Gleason, Wendy Hainey, Stacy Hildy, Katie Hoffman, Sarah Lestina, Michelle LoConte, Maria, Moreno, Lisa Morey, Deborah Peot, Patricia Reginelli, Angela Rosak, Denise Steinbrecher, Jennifer Toffler, Jennifer Trenta, Beth Valdez, Keelie Witzel, Jeff Zochalski