All of our performances are, in part, an experience in the visual and dramatic arts, as well as in sound. In order to appropriately present our performance as an ensemble, musicians must follow the standards below.

Uniforms are on loan for free to student musicians through the school year. Replacement fees apply to students who don't return uniforms at the end of the year. 

Formal Skirt Standards

Skirt dress standards:

  • Floor-length full black skirt (provided by the school)
  • Solid black blouse, long-sleeved with a modest (high) neckline. No bare midriff should ever show, sitting, standing or walking
  • Appropriate solid black dress shoes (no flip flops, sandals, tennis shoes)
  • Families need to provide the black shirt/blouse and dress shoes. As always, please contact your band/orchestra director if you have any financial concerns about these purchases.

Formal Tuxedo Standards

Tuxedo dress standards:

  • Tuxedo coat and tuxedo pants (provided by the school)
  • Black long-sleeved dress shirt with collar and black buttons (We are no longer wearing white shirts and bow ties.)
  • Solid black socks, long enough to cover ankles
  • Solid black dress shoes (no tennis shoes or casual shoes)
  • Optional: black bow tie or black long tie (not required, not provided by school)
  • Families need to provide the black shirt, socks and dress shoes. As always, please contact your band/orchestra director if you have any financial concerns about these purchases.


How do I know that my uniform will fit?
On the pickup days, there will be plenty of parent volunteers available to help ensure you get a good fit. Our inventory includes a lot of different size options. Occasionally, students will need to hem their tux pants or skirts. 
If I'm wearing a tuxedo, do I have to wear the tuxedo pants?
Yes. The tux pants are different from regular dress pants in that they have a satin stripe down the side of each leg. Having everyone dressed in the proper uniform improves the visual aesthetic for the audience.
When do I need to start wearing my formal uniform?
Uniforms are worn starting with the first band and orchestra concerts, usually in November. Formal uniforms are not required for the Collage Concert in September or for the Orchestra Chamber Ensembles in October.
What if I miss the pickup date?
Please don't miss the uniform pickup date! We have many volunteers coming on the scheduled dates to ensure that you get the best possible fit and look great for the performance season ahead. If you're sick and miss the pickup, contact Denise Steinbrecher
What if my uniform needs repairs?
In order to keep costs low, we ask that students handle minor repairs themselves. This includes hemming skirts or pants, sewing buttons, etc. If your uniform requires major repair, please contact Denise Steinbrecher.
What do I wear to the Collage Concert?
The Collage Concert happens in mid-September, before formal uniforms are distributed. Performance attire for the Collage Concert is:
  • Dress shirt and tie, dress pants, dress shoes, dress socks
  • Dress or skirt and blouse, dress shoes, dress slacks
  • No jeans, no tennis shoes
*Be certain you can sit and play with correct posture and position in your chosen clothing!

I need help with a marching band uniform. Who do I contact for that?
Contact Mr Pavlik or Mr Ernst if you have questions about marching band uniforms.

End of Year Uniform Returns

Uniforms are returned after the last concert of the year, usually sometime in May.

Students need to:

  • Bring a change of clothes to the last concert.
  • Directly after the concert (same evening!), change out of the uniform and report to the assigned room (band or orchestra).
  • Check in with a volunteer to confirm the return, then simply drop the uniform into the return pile.
    • Tuxedo-wearers return jackets and pants (no bow ties, no dress shirts). Be sure to check all pockets. Be sure that the pants being returned are tuxedo pants which have a satin ribbon that runs down the side of each pant leg.
    • Skirt-wearers return skirts only (no tops).

Students must check in with a volunteer when when returning the uniform. This is the only way we know that the uniform isn't missing. Failure to check in with a volunteer during the return process could result in replacement fees, listed below.

If a student misses the final concert:

- Label all late returns with student’s name.

- Return uniform to Mr. Riddle, Mr. Pavlik or Mr. Ostwald by May 24.

Anyone failing to return a uniform by May 24 will be charged a replacement fee:

- $85 for tuxedo jackets

- $45 for tuxedo pants

- $20 for skirts


We need parent volunteers to help with returns after each concert. Please check back later in the year for an online signup or contact Denise Steinbrecher if you can help.

What if I lose my uniform?

The Performing Arts Department loans uniforms to students for use during the year, then dry cleans them over the summer ... all free to students. Because the uniforms are shared from year to year, it's very important to keep track of the one loaned to you.

If your uniform goes missing, be sure to check everywhere for it. In the past, students have found their uniform pieces under the bed, in the back of the closet (or another family member's closet), or even at a friend's house!

You are responsible for holding on to your uniform through the end of the last concert. If you lose it, replacement costs will be charged to you:

- $85 for tuxedo jacket

- $45 for tuxedo pants

- $20 for full-length skirt


Please contact Denise Steinbrecher if you have any questions about formal band and orchestra uniforms.

THANK YOU to our AMAZING volunteers!!! 

Thank you to the many volunteers needed to help distribute tuxedos and skirts to our band and orchestra students. Every year this is a BIG undertaking as we outfitted 330 students! We could not have done this without you!! 

Ann Dow, Carol Frank, Leah Gleason, Wendy Hainey, Stacy Hildy, Katie Hoffman, Sarah Lestina, Michelle LoConte, Maria, Moreno, Lisa Morey, Deborah Peot, Patricia Reginelli, Angela Rosak, Denise Steinbrecher, Jennifer Toffler, Jennifer Trenta, Beth Valdez, Keelie Witzel, Jeff Zochalski