The 2022-2023 Band and Orchestra Concert Attire

The performance attire for Band and Orchestra for all concerts following the Collage Concert is as follows:

  • All-black dress pants or long (ankle length) black skirt. No jeans or denim skirts. (Legs should be covered to the ankles by black, while seated or standing.)
  • All-black dress shirt/blouse/top with long sleeves and modest (high) neckline.
  • All-black dress shoes (no flip-flops, sandals, or tennis/athletic shoes).
  • Socks, if worn, must be solid black.
  • Solid black long tie, or bow tie, is optional (solid black, no pattern).


Please contact Denise Steinbrecher if you have any questions about formal band and orchestra uniforms.

Thank you to all of the dedicated volunteers who helped to distribute band and orchestra uniforms this fall. Stacy Hildy, JeNyce Lopez, Renee Pas and Denise Steinbrecher fitted 41 students in formal skirts and tuxedos. Thank you for your support of York musicians!