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Thanks to generous community support through fundraising and membership sales, YMB is delighted to offer music camp scholarships and grants to our talented York musicians.

Summer Music Camp Scholarships

York Music Boosters is pleased to offer scholarship assistance to musicians currently enrolled in York High School’s music programs.  Students in 9th  – 11th grade, currently enrolled in band, orchestra or chorus are eligible for scholarship assistance.

PURPOSE:  To encourage music students to strengthen and enhance their skills by attending a summer music camp. 

AWARD AMOUNT:  The amount of the individual scholarships will be determined after all applications have been received and reviewed. We will notify approved applicants of the minimum Award amount in May, but since the final Award amount is based on actual attendance, we will communicate the final award amount in September.

ELIGIBILITY:  Includes but not limited to:

  • Local, long distance and private teacher camps.
  • International tours if a camp component or curriculum involved.
  • Drum Corps provided a camp or major rehearsal component.

INELIGIBILITY:  Includes but not limited to:

  • Private Lessons
  • Groups that meet year round, ie. Youth orchestra
  • Travel expenses


  • Students who accept a music scholarship are required to enroll in band, orchestra or chorus for the full academic year.
  • Proof of payment from the summer music program will be required prior to scholarship disbursement.  Deadline for proof of payment will be noted in the Award letter.  Failure to provide proof of payment to York Music Boosters by the deadline will result in forfeiture of the scholarship.

APPLICATION:  Applications must be completed in full and returned to the student’s music director on or before the posted deadline.  Any questions, contact Leah Gleason, YMB Scholarship Committee Chair.



Grants to Student Musicians

York Music Boosters is pleased to offer grants to musicians currently enrolled in a York High School music program. These grants are intended to provide financial support for music students who wish to pursue additional enrichment opportunities above and beyond the set curriculum. 

THE GRANT:  The amount awarded will be determined by the nature of the application, the total number of applicants and the current year grant budget. Please note that most individual grant awards do not exceed $100 – and can either cover a partial or full reimbursement of costs.

ELIGIBILITY:  Any student(s) currently enrolled in a York High School music class may request a grant for purposes outlined below. Students may apply for individual grants, or as an ensemble or group.

Note that these are guidelines and examples and are not intended to be a complete list. Each grant will be reviewed for appropriateness by the York Music Directors and the YMB organization.


  • Music for ensembles or solo performances
  • Master classes or other non-private-lesson educational class
  • Recording opportunities
  • Concerts
  • Short-term coverage for new/alternate instrument instruction


  • Private Lessons
  • Instrument or instrument-accessory purchases
  • Uniforms or other ensemble attire

Note – Summer camp programs are not eligible for grant dollars.  Students wishing to enroll in a music summer camp should apply under the YMB Summer Music Camp Scholarship program.  

APPLICATION:  Applications must be completed in full and returned to the student’s music director. Applications will be accepted throughout the school year and will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis until the budget has been exhausted. Status of grant applications will be provided within approximately two weeks of submission. Due to the nature of the program, please note that actual payment of the grant can only be made when proof of qualifying purchase/receipt of payment is provided.


Please contact Leah Gleason, YMB Scholarship Committee Chair, if you have any questions.