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Athletic Camp Registration 


  • Registration Requests: 
    • To make a registration request, CLICK HERE. (Please note: the link will become active on Monday 2/1 at 8:00am).
    • FRESHMAN SUMMER ACADEMY: To express interest, please complete and submit THIS FORM.
    • For walk-in registration requests, please print and complete this form. (Please note: walk-in registration requests are subject to the same enrollment process as online requests, and have the same potential for requiring a lottery.)
  • Enrollment Process & Timeline:  In the past, York Summer School registration was processed in a first come/first serve model with a wait list resulting in stress for families, and missed summer learning opportunities. This year a lottery system will be added to provide flexibility for families in requesting courses, with the intention of diminishing stress for families and increasing access for students in the course registration process. Significant dates in the process are listed below. (For a complete description of the Enrollment Process, please click here.)
    • Step 1: Open Enrollment of Registration Requests- Monday 2/1/21 to Friday 2/5/21.
      • Open Enrollment begins at 8 am on 2/1 and closes at 3:00 on 2/5.
      •  During the week of Open Enrollment, families provide registration requests with confirmation of seat availability shared after all requests received.
    • Step 2: Communication to Families-  Monday 2/8 - Friday 2/12.
      • For courses with seats available, confirmation messages will be sent to all families that have secured an available seat.
      • For courses with more requests than available seats, a message will be sent to all families communicating that the requests are beyond seat capacity and that a lottery determining seats and a waiting list will be held on 2/16.
    • Step 3: Lottery and confirmation of enrollment requests - Tuesday 2/16 - Friday 2/19.
      • A lottery system will be utilized for all courses with requests exceeding available seat capacity.
      • A message will be sent to families communicating the result of the lottery - confirming that their student has secured a seat or their student’s spot on the waitlist.
    • Step 4: Registration Reopens & Continues- Monday 2/22 at 8 am to May.
      • Students can enroll in courses that have seats open, and students can add themselves to the waitlist if that is desired.
  • Summer School 2021 Schedule: 
    • Summer Session I: June 14th - 17th, 21st - 24th, 28th - July 1st. EMERGENCY DAY - July 2nd
    • Summer Session II: July 6th - 9th, July 12th - 15th, July 19th - 22nd. EMERGENCY DAY - July 23rd. 
    • The school week is Monday to Thursday (with the exception of start of Session II, which is Tuesday to Friday), and the day is portioned in the following manner: 
      • Period 1: 7:40 - 10:10.
      • Period 2: 10:20 - 12:50.
  • Summer School 2021 Course Offerings: Use this link to review course offerings.
  • Summer School General Information & Policies: Due to the condensed nature of summer school, regular and prompt attendance is essential. Students are expected to be present and on time. Although we realize that emergencies or unexpected events happen, we cannot grant any exceptions to the attendance rules for any reason. If a student exceeds the maximum allowed absences/tardies, the student will be dropped from the class with no credit or refund given. Below you will find the attendance policies. (For a complete description of all policies, please click here.)
    • In a full-year course that meets five hours per day (combined period 1 and 2) for six weeks, a student is allowed a total of two absences for the six week session.
    • In a semester course that meets two hours and thirty minutes a day, a student is allowed a total of two absences per six week session.
    • In a semester course that meets for five hours per day (combined periods 1 and 2) for three weeks, a student is allowed a total of one absence per three week session.
  • Driver Education Information Letter: Use this link to review Driver Education Information
  • Summer School and COVID: All instruction for York Summer School Programming is currently planned to be delivered by in-person teaching.