Officers and Committee Chairs


President: Nicole Braun
President-elect: Beth Concannon
VP Membership Co-Chairs: Kate Foley and Diane Rosenthal
VP Ways and Means: OPEN Position
Treasurer: Teri Ford
Recording Secretary: Laura Carollo


Committee Chairs

Academic Boosters: Erin Radcliff
Bylaws: Natalie Perry
Challenge Day: OPEN Position
Fine Arts Week: OPEN Position
Freshman Day: Kristin Boxall
Legislative: OPEN Position
Life After York: Gina Ozark
National Honor Society: Laura Maniola
Newsletter: Pansy Papa
Open House Teacher Buffet: Christy Collins and Val Curry
Post Prom Coordinator: OPEN Position
Scholarship: Mary Caffrey
Senior Picnic: Jen Rosenberg, Margaret Rask and Fran Zochalski
Summer Rec Open House: Paula Ciccarone
Teacher Appreciation: Tammy Conrardy, Maureen Jopes and Maria Jones
Teacher Conference Dinner: Tammy Conrardy, Maureen Jopes and Maria Jones
Webmaster: Casey Braun