College Planning & Tracking

Planning Tools

Planning the journey to college can feel overwhelming, but an organizational tool can helpful to get you oriented.  You can get started by looking over this MULTI-TAB PLANNING SPREADSHEET - download it and use it as-is, or modify it to suit your planning needs. 

If your student is interested in applying for college one day, it's a good idea to start keeping track of their activities (you think you'll remember everything, but you probably won't!).  Click here for a BASIC ACTIVITY TEMPLATE to help you capture the details.

OR, download this COMMON APPLICATION ACTIVITY WORKSHEET with a built-in character counter (the Common App limits the length of activity titles and descriptions).

These tools were created using Excel 2010.

Click here to view Signet Education's well-prepared and thoughtful guide to preparing your Common App activity list.

Try This...

Google "name of college common data set", track down section C7 Basis for Selection - here you'll learn whether this college considers an interview during the application process, or demonstrated interest in the college ("level of applicant's interest").   You'll also see how they prioritize different parts of your application over others... or not at all!

Available at the Elmhurst Public Library or Amazon - look for the most current edition:

Also of use can be the College Board Book of Majors - your student can learn more about what is involved in an interesting major, or discover new ones!


PTSA Academic Committee is host of the annual Life After York Q&A: Parent to Parent Advice on College and Other Paths to Success. 

Visit this event's page to learn about key elements on the road to college, including creating a college list, writing essays and filling out the Common App.  See also the college application prep calendar for year by year guidance. 


Naviance offers rich functionality beyond the ability to explore information about colleges--which is tremendously useful all on its own.  Naviance also helps you manage the college application process.  These features become more visible as you start to add colleges to your "lists".  

**In addition to providing guidance for the all parts of the road to college, York's College & Career Counseling Center (CCRC) teaches juniors and seniors how to use Naviance for the college process at York. Visit the supporting links included on the Junior Programs and Senior Programs pages, which you'll find on the left navigation bar of the CCRC site.** 

The COLLEGES tab in Naviance is one of 4 tabs (in addition to Careers, About Me, and My Planner):


  • College Search
    • SuperMatch College Search – search on 23 different self-ranked criteria
      • Add selected results to Colleges I’m Thinking About list
    • College Match
      • Colleges Looking for Students Like You
      • Colleges Other Students Like (based on colleges on your ‘thinking about’ and ‘applying to’ lists)
      • Colleges That Have Accepted Students Like You
  • College Compare / Compare Me
    • Compare student by GPA/test scores to accepted students
  • Scattergrams
    • Compare student by GPA/test scores to accepted York students by college1
  • Build a list: Colleges I’m Thinking About (Prospective Colleges List) 
  • Build a list: Colleges I’m Applying To (Applied Colleges List)
    • Common Application – link Naviance to Common App account
    • Prioritize and manage application deadlines by application type (e.g. early, regular)
    • Request/Manage Transcript Requests (in conjunction with required CCRC paper forms)
    • Request/Manage Teacher Recommendations (in conjunction with required CCRC paper forms)
      • Controls for min/max of Teacher Recommendations Allowed Per College
  • Search for Scholarships

1 Standardized test scores (ACT, SAT) are loaded into Naviance by York, which receives them directly from the testing service.  GPA is automatically linked from PowerSchool.

Need parent/guardian login credentials?  Contact your student's counselor.