Life After York Q&A: Parent to Parent Advice on College and Other Paths to Success


Resource List

The Life After York - Parent Resource List includes York parents who have been through post high school planning with their own children and are willing to share their experiences in specialty areas like college athletics, performing arts auditions, two-year college, military, etc.



If you have questions about this event or would like to volunteer, please contact Jenn Toffler.



Link to CCRC College Planning & Tracking page


Talking Points

View the Talking Point slides for each topic from the 2021 event.



The PTSA Academic Committee has proudly hosted this event since 2014.

The PTSA Academic Committee was formerly known as Academic Boosters.

Photos from 2020

Life After York Q&A happened on February 22, 2021.

Please visit this page again in early 2022 for details about the next Life After York event.



Thank you to our all-star team of volunteers and ready alternates who stepped up in 2021 to help not only with running the sessions, but also with ironing out the tech pieces that were involved in shifting this event from in-person to virtual.


Heidi Baird Anne & Terry Hackett
Jodi Pinkerton Tina Ward
Carol Frank Julie Hanebuth
Erin Radcliff Anne Marie Splitstone
Leah Gleason Jane Evans
Virginia Wilson Holly Kost
Debbi Khayat Danielle Bauer
Toni Schaner Gina Orzak
Pat & Neil Vandenberg Susan Rohde
Barb Cozzi Mimi Black
Carrie Stone Amy Engstrom & Dave Clugg
Scott Glosner


Special Guests: Major Francis Koykar (Asst Professor of Military Science, UIC) and Retired Air Force Officer Joe Minor (UIC Military Recruiter)

A special thank you to Amy Thompson of York’s College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) for partnering with the Academic Committee for this event. And, a big shout out and thank you to the counselors who helped set up all of our Zoom links.


Cathy Bendicsen Julie Feldkamp-Pradhan
Karla Goldman Meredith Sheriff
Ryan Walz Tracy Tomasetti
Lisa Julian Ashley Tucker
Diane Oliveros-Prymicz Kara Dollaske
Bill Gardner

Amy Thompson




It’s often helpful to talk with someone who’s “been there - done that.” That’s the idea behind this annual event brought to you by the PTSA Academic Committee and York's College & Career Resource Center (CCRC).

Participants will enjoy an evening of small-group discussions led by fellow York parents who will share their experience and knowledge about the college application process as well as other post high school plans.



The event is designed for parents of sophomores and juniors who are interested in learning practical tips for how to support their children in thinking about what they will do after graduating from York. Although not geared toward parents of freshmen and seniors, all are welcome.

Not sure which topics might be most valuable for you? Check out these topic descriptions.

This event is not intended for students.



This event normally happens in-person, at York High School, in the Commons. 

In 2021, we moved the event to a virtual format, but still retained the key elements of having rotating small group discussions and lots of time for Q&A.

Following are the event details for the virtual format.

Registered participants will receive an email within 24 hours before the event kickoff. The email will include Zoom links for all of the discussion topics, similar to how Parent-Teacher conferences ran in the fall.

The event kicks off promptly at 7pm with the first of five rotations, each lasting 20 minutes with a five minute break in-between. Each rotation will start with a short presentation and then open up for Q&A and discussion. Ask questions either by unmuting a microphone or using the Zoom chat window. We recommend that you join the event using a laptop or desktop computer (instead of phone or tablet) with your video turned on, if possible. 

Discussion topics for 2021 are listed below. Please note, the list is subject to change.

  • Creating the List and College Visits
  • College Applications
  • College Essays
  • Scholarships and Money Basics
  • College Readiness and Initial Research
  • Alternatives to Four-Year College (Two-Year College, Post Graduate Year, etc.)
  • Highly Selective Colleges and Universities
  • IEPs and 504s After York
  • Military Service Academies/ROTC/National Guard

Visit this web page for topic descriptions.

All topics will be available for every rotation that night.

There is no set order for which discussion to join first, second, etc. Participants can "Zoom" into their preferred topics in whatever order they would like.

Download this "Plan Your Night" document to help organize the Zoom links and customize the evening based on topics that interest you.

You do not need to stay for the entire evening. For example, if you are only interested in three of the nine topics, feel free to leave the Zoom at your convenience.

Please contact Jenn Toffler if you would like more details about any of the topics that will be covered at the Life After York event or if you have any other questions.