Life After York Q&A: Parent to Parent Advice on College and Other Paths to Success


Resource List

Our College Resource List includes parents who have been through the college application process with their own students in areas like athletics, music, military, nursing, and more. These programs often require additional action or consideration during the application process.



If you have questions about this event or would like to volunteer, please contact Jenn Toffler.


The PTSA Academic Boosters committee has hosted this event since 2014.

It was formerly called College Q&A: Parent to Parent Advice.

Mark your calendar

for the 7th annual

"Life After York Q&A"!


FEBRUARY 24, 2020 (Monday)


York Commons



It’s often helpful to talk with someone who’s “been there - done that.” That’s the idea behind this seventh annual event brought to you by PTSA Academic Boosters and York's College & Career Resource Center (CCRC).

Attendees will enjoy an evening of rotating roundtable discussions led by fellow York parents who will share their experience and knowledge about the college application process as well as other post high school plans.



The event is designed for parents of sophomores and juniors who are interested in learning practical tips for how to support their children in thinking about what they will do after graduating from York. Although not geared toward parents of freshmen and seniors, all are welcome.

This event is not intended for students.

There's no pre-registration for this event.



The evening kicks off with brief opening remarks from the committee chairs and then transitions directly into rotating roundtable discussions lasting about 18 minutes each. There will be five rotations total that night. Attendees will select which tables they would like to join on the evening of the event. No pre-registration is necessary. 

Attendees will select five tables. Table topics for 2020 are listed below. Please note, the list is subject to change.

All topics will be available for every rotation that night, though you will only have a chance to visit five tables. Both parents can come and attend the same or different tables.

There is no set order for which table to visit first, second, etc. Customize your evening based on topics that interest you.

Attendees do not need to stay for the entire evening. For example, if you are only interested in three of the ten topics, feel free to leave the event when you’ve visited those three tables.

Please contact Jenn Toffler if you would like to know more details about any of the topics that will be covered at the Life After York event or if you have any other questions.



Event co-chairs Gina Orzak and Jenn Toffler are very grateful to the many volunteers and ready alternates who helped make the 2019 event a success: 

Elizabeth Dierksheide Amy Engstrom Clugg Natalie Perry
Carol Frank Jessica Gatti Susan Rohde
Barb Glabus Leah Gleason Andriani Siavelis
KB & Bob Grasse Victoria Gundrum Myles Toomey
Julie Hanebuth Debbi Khayat Carrie Stone
Holly Kost David Lynam Jennifer Trenta
Laura Maniola Mary Ann Manning Virginia Wilson
Lynn Marlott Lisa O’Halloran Pat & Neil Vandenberg
Jennifer Rosenberg Erin Radcliff



A special thank you goes to Amy Thompson of York’s College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) for partnering with Academic Boosters for the event.