Testing Center


The Testing Center is located in the
Learning Commons North,  Room C236

Testing Center Hours

Monday 6:40AM-4:30PM
Tuesday 6:40AM-4:30PM
Wednesday 7:30AM-4:30PM
Thursday 6:40AM-4:30PM




  • PHOTO ID is required. NO ID = NO TEST. 
  • Due to capacity limits for Covid, we request an ADVANCE APPOINTMENT (see form to the left), which should be filled out 24 hrs in advance to allow us to get the test from your teacher. 
  • Students testing remotely will be required to have their CAMERA turned on, and must show their full face at all times.
  • NO ELECTRONICS. Electronic devices are never allowed in the Testing Center. Turn off cell phones; place phones, iwatches and/or airpods in the pouch provided at each desk. Please know that the use of electronics during testing may void your test.
  • Please BE ON TIME. Tests will not be administered if there is not enough time to complete the assessment. Unless the teacher has given special instructions, once you begin an assessment, it must be completed in one sitting. We cannot write a pass to excuse you from an academic class.
  • CLEAR the DESK. You may have the test and writing implements only, unless your teacher authorizes additional items (ie a calculator,  etc) NO FOOD is allowed; covered drinks are acceptable. BACKPACKS, bags etc must be zipped closed.