Dukes Helping Dukes

Dukes Helping Dukes is a program to support families who require additional assistance with costs associated with athletics and field trips. For seniors only, financial assistance can be provided for yearbooks, prom, and AP testing. Applications can be accessed by clicking the appropriate link to the right. For additional resources or questions concerning the application process, please contact your student’s social worker. The chart below includes contact information and counselor alignment for all York social workers. 

Social Worker
Aligns with the following counselors:
Nelly Aviña (Bilingual Spanish) 
(630) 617-2404 
Diane Oliveros (Bilingual Spanish)
Deirdre Devlin
(630) 617-2477
Andrew Fuller
Lisa Julian (Class of 2020, 2021)
Ryan Walz
Teri Finley
(630) 617-2470
Julie Feldkamp-Pradhan    
Ashley Tucker
Trisha Weber (Class of 2021, 2022)
Kelly McGarry
(630) 617-2413
Students with courses in the ACCESS program
Bonnie Salvo
(630) 617-2421
Kara Dollaske 
Karla Goldman 
Trisha Weber (Class of 2019, 2020)
Kristi Stone
(630) 617-2428
Bill Gardner
Lisa Julian (Class of 2019, 2022)
Students with courses in the Life Skills program