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York Drama Presents Its First Ever Large-Scale Fall Musical

York Drama is performing  Twelfth Night, straight from New York City Public Works, as the fall musical!  

Featuring a combination of 23 lively pop, jazz, rock, funk, blues and showtunes, composer Shaina Taub's "euphoric musicalization of Shakespeare's brilliant comedy is a miracle on many levels," according to the Public's artistic director, Oskar Eustis. "The music is infectious, joyful, and deep; the condensing of the multiple plot strands of the play into a musical is astonishingly successful; the emotional power of the storytelling is fully unleashed with a lightness of touch that delights and amazes."

The New York Times says, "The show's concluding, celebratory song asks us to 'see through they eyes of another, hear through the ears of somebody else.' That's when you realize that while it may be exasperated love that has propelled the plot of Twelfth Night, it's empathy that makes this production feel like such a blessing.  Seeing through the eyes of another is what theater -- and all art-- allows and demands."

“Shaina Taub is one of the most sought after composers on Broadway. Twelfth Night is proof of her genius, and we jumped at the chance to share this musical with our students and our community."  -- Rebecca Marianetti and John Forsythe  

Show dates are Thursday, October 24 through Sunday, October 27. Tickets for this show are $10, go on sale Thursday, October 10, at 6:00pm and are available at ticketpeak.com/yorkdrama.