Matriculation Reports

We receive frequent requests about where our students go after graduation. Below are compiled reports based on student's self-reports per the request for the final transcript. 

Also included is a compilation of data over years to compare trends of self-reported plans.

Finally, a report generated by the Counseling Department PLC regarding post-grad reporting is included as well. 

  • It's important to note that York has limited means to track where students actually attend college. We use the National Student Clearinghouse database, which is fairly comprehensive but, does miss about 5-10% of college attendance information due to institutions that do not participate or graduates who opt to not have their information shared.
  • Tracking other successes (military enlistment, trade schools, apprenticeships, and career path )have no formal tracking system or process.

CLASS OF 2023: What Are Their Plans?

This report is based upon the final transcript requests of the Class of 2023. 

Plans are listed alphabetically and by popularity from highest number to lowest Click HERE

Summary Matriculation Report Over Multiple Years: Click HERE