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Senior Programs

Senior Parent Saturday

On Saturday, August 24th, we hosted a parent program with breakouts as listed below. Information from some sessions can be found on our website. Other handouts can be obtained in the CCRC.

  • Financial Aid/College Cost OR Senior Application Process/Planning (handouts in CCRC)
  • CCRC Open House
  • Senior Application Process/Planning (Information covered is linked in the 12 Steps to College Section, below)
  • IEP's and 504's in College (See Students with Special Needs page, to right)
  • Athletic Recruitment (See Prospective College Athletes page, to right)
  • 11:40am: Alternatives to Traditional Four-Year College as the First Step (See Post-High School Alternatives page, to right)

College Application Process

There are many steps in the process of applying to college. The documents listed here should help. All of these were used during meetings with seniors and their parents this fall.

Drop-In Wednesdays: 

Nearly every Wednesday during the lunch periods, beginning August 28th, the CCRC will host, "Drop-In Wednesdays," for seniors to drop by with any questions regarding applications, test scores, transcripts, letters of recommendation, or anything else dealing with applying to college or any planning for life after high school. Students are welcome to drop in at other times but Wednesday lunch periods will be specifically set aside so the CCRC Counselor is available to answer these questions. Hope to see you there!

Lunch & Learn Seminars:

Once a month, during first semester, the "Drop-In Wednesdays" will feature a presentation/discussion designed to cover important topics that often create lots of questions and concerns (Some take most of the period, others are partial period).

Topics below:
8/21: Using Naviance (Full period - for those applying to four-year colleges who missed the Senior Summer Session offered previously.)
9/4: Sending your test scores to colleges. (First half of the period. Drop-In second half.)
10/9: All about the money: FAFSA, FSA ID's, CSS Profile, and Intro to Scholarships (Full period - make sure you know your social security number if you want to set up your FSA ID.)
11/6: Lost? Let's Talk! (Perfect for seniors who are getting a late start on this stuff or need a refresher of the info covered in August - Full period.)  
12/4: Searching for Scholarships (First half of the period.)

Senior Summer Sessions: Using Naviance

Seniors who attended this program, will spend the better part of an hour using Naviance to build their list of colleges and then learning how to request and track transcripts and letters of recommendation. Any senior unable to attend one of these sessions should carefully review the power point shown below and plan to attend a summary session during their lunch on Wednesday, August 21st.

Presentation is accessible by CLICKING the link, to the right:  Senior Summer Sessions PowerPoint

Twelve Steps to College

We will review this information with seniors who attend the Senior Guidance Sessions and parents who attend Senior Parent Saturday. These will be posted for your reference.

View the Prezi and review the handout to understand the process.

College of DuPage Information Night

On Monday, December 9th, York hosted an evening for seniors and their parents to explain the process to apply and attend the College of DuPage. 

Here is the Handout: CLICK HERE

Here is information from COD via PowerPoint: CLICK HERE


Junior Programs

Junior Parent Night for College Planning
This program was held on Monday, November 11th. For those who missed it, or who might like to review the information covered, you can access the Slide Show Presentation, below.

An e-mail was sent on Tuesday, November 12th to the primary parent/guardian e-mail account (pulled from powerschool) with a unique registration code (if no parent has previously registered) or username (if a parent already registered) to access your student's Naviance account. Junior students were sent their registration code (if not registered) or username (if registered) in order to utilize Naviance Student. Parents and students each have their own access codes. Students are the primary users with the most access to create college lists and more. Parents have lower levels of access to aid in the transition of students leading the way in their post-high school plans.

If you have any questions, please contact us in the CCRC or contact your child's counselor.

  • The Junior Parent Night Google Doc Slide Show can be viewed here: In English
  • The Junior Parent Night Google Doc Slide Show can be viewed here: In Spanish
  • The left side of this form may be helpful as students research schools (right side is for the application process): Juniors Organizing for the College Application Process

Junior Planning Meetings
Meetings with all juniors were held on October 28th and 29th. Both the Junior Planner and the powerpoint used during the presentations will be listed below. Reviewing these materials is not equivalent to attending the sessions but should provide students with essential information.

Junior Planner Handout:

Click HERE to access the Junior Planner Google Doc. The students have access to this in their 

Junior Presentation: 
CLICK HERE for Prezi

Juniors: The Essay

In addition to the work juniors do with their English teachers to better understand how to write a high quality admission essay, we hope the following links/resources will be helpful to you! Hyperlinks are posted along with the complete URL so you can copy/paste if the hyperlink doesn't work. 

More Tips on the Essay: Website here:

Tips from the National Association for College Admission Counseling: Website here: 

Helpful Links for Juniors

Special Populations

York is a diverse school community and, as such, we endeavor to provide programming for a wide range of students and families. In February, we hosted two specialized programs for two of our unique populations:

  • Families who have a student/students who will be the first in their family to attend a college in the United States.
  • Families who have a student/students who will need support services in colleges due to their IEP or 504 plan in high school.

Below are the presentations utilized for both programs. We hope you find this helpful.

Choosing the Right College

Every year, during second semester, York hosts a College Planning Night meant to provide information for freshman and sophomore families as they begin planning for, "Life After York".

In odd-numbered years, the focus of the program is on selecting a college: 2-year vs. 4-year, Private vs. Public. How do students decide what is right for them?

In even-numbered years, the focus of the program is on paying for college: Conquering the Cost of College. How do families pay for college? How do families know what they can truly afford? How does financial aid work?

We hope that all York families will have the opportunity to attend these programs each year to help in the process of researching post-high school options.

Below are the documents presented and reviewed for this year's program. Though it is difficult to convey all the information shared in the program, we hope our families find these materials helpful.

February 2017: College Planning Night - Finding the Fit (English)

February 2017: College Planning Night - Finding the Fit (Spanish)

College Cost

On Monday, February 12th, York hosted this program to explain what the FAFSA is, what information is needed to complete it, and what it determines. We then addressed how colleges use the FAFSA data to help create a financial aid package for admitted students. Finally, we concluded with information about ways to begin planning now. The Power Point presentations, below, were reviewed. We hope this helps families!