Information from Programs

Senior PROGRAMSSenior Parent Saturday

On Saturday, August 19th, we hosted a parent program with breakouts as listed below. Information from some sessions can be found on our website. Other handouts can be obtained in the CCRC.

  • Financial Aid/Conquering College Cost: Access handouts by clicking HERE

(Special thanks to: Bradley University, St. Ambrose University, St. Xavier University, and the University of Tampa for your support, which allows Frank Palmasani to work with our families for free!)

  • Senior Application Process/Planning: The 12 Steps to College handout was emailed to senior parents in September. If you cannot locate it, please ask your senior to show them to you in their Class of 2023 CCRC Google Classroom or Schoology Classroom.
  • IEP's and 504's in College: Review Google Slides by clicking HERE Article that was shared can be accessed HERE.
  • Alternatives to Traditional Four-Year College: Review Google Slides by clicking HERE

SENIORS: College Application Process

There are many steps in the process of applying to college. The documents listed here should help. All of these were used during meetings with seniors and their parents this fall.

Drop-In Wednesdays: 

All Wednesdays this school year (minus holidays and Lunch & Learn days, are drop-ins for seniors (first semester and second semester) and juniors (second semester only). All drop in hours are during the lunch periods. This is an opportunity for seniors to ask some quick questions without needing to set up a full appointment. 

Lunch & Learn Seminars:

One Wednesday each month, we will host a Lunch & Learn, where specific information is presented on pre-determined topics, listed below. If Google Slides are used, they will be added to the senior's CCRC Google Classroom.

Topics below:

  • 9/6: Sending Test Scores to Colleges - (How to send scores from ACT/College Board, if needed) 30 minutes.
  • 10/11: All About the Money:(FAFSA, FSA ID, CSS Profile, and Intro to Scholarships) 30 Minutes w/ Q&A after.
  • 11/8: Just Getting Started? Let’s Talk! (Perfect for seniors who need a refresher) 40 minutes w/Q&A.
  • 12/6: Searching for Scholarships - (More tips on looking for scholarships) 30 minutes and Q & A after.


Senior Summer Sessions: Using Naviance

Seniors can access the slides and recordings for this in-depth explanation of using Naviance to be more organized and to request and track your transcripts and letters of recommendation. These are in the CCRC Google Classroom. 

Twelve Steps to College

A document with links to videos and supporting documents was emailed to senior parents in September. The document is also posted to the CCRC Google Classroom. Your senior can make a copy and share it with you if you cannot locate the electronic copy that was emailed.

College of DuPage Information Night

On Monday, December 4th, we hosted a virtual COD Info Night. The Handout, slides and recording from the program will be located below, just click on the name of the item you wish to view.

  • Steps to COD Handout
  • Steps to COD Slides