Helpful Resources

Through professional development and networking, we become aware of a wide range of resources that don't always fit neatly into one of the other pages on the CCRC website. So, we are providing those links here, with a brief description of how each resource might prove helpful.

Notes from College Rep Visits, Campus Visit, and Special College Programs:

Use this spreadsheet to see the latest updates on the unique characteristics, programs, and scholarship info for colleges:

Tuition Fit 

This is a link to a new resource that relies on crowd-sourcing. Students may join for free if they agree to share their financial aid award letters (personal information is redacted - but check out their privacy statement). Members create a profile and colleges can also "find" members based on their profile and try to offer better financial aid packages to lure the student to consider their school.

Consider Small Colleges

This resource was developed by a recently retired college admission professional. Since so many York students attend large colleges, we wonder if students are overlooking places that might actually be a better fit and provide a personal educational experience. This site will help you explore this idea!

College Diversity Programs

This is a link to College Greenlight's compiled list of programs that colleges offer to students from underrepresented populations. These programs include fly-ins, travel reimbursement programs, and summer enrichment opportunities. 

Georgetown University Center for Education and the Workforce's Return on Investment Report:

College for Everyone? 

This link is for a video talking about the "new economy" and how to make good decisions about post-high school education and training.