Getting Organized

The following document might be helpful to you and your family as you finalize your list of colleges.

Organizing the College Application Process

Recommendation Request Forms

After you have spoken with a teacher or counselor about writing a letter of recommendation on your behalf, find out what they need from you. Most will require that you complete a form. This form is meant for you to provide the teacher or your counselor with additional information to assist them in writing the best letter they can for you. The forms we have created are below. All counselors use the Counselor Form and many of the teachers use the Teacher Form. Some teachers have their own form or something else they want from you. The more effort you put into completing these forms, the better!

Colleges often have a form that they want the teacher our counselor to complete on your behalf. These are built into the Naviance (which has all common app forms) and Coalition systems. You do not need to find these forms unless a college specifically tells you that their exact form must be used. 

Forms You May Need (Google Docs):