College & Career Resource Center


The College Career Resource Center (CCRC) is available to our students to assist them in preparing for life after high school. Choosing a career path can be a difficult decision. When students have some idea of the type of career they are interested in, it helps determine a college major or what type of specialty, trade school or training option would be required to accomplish their career goals.

The subjects listed in the right hand menu under CCRC will help students work through the process of deciding on a career and/or a college. It provides the tools necessary to travel through the post-high school planning process.

Our primary research tools are as follows:


(Each student & parent has a personal login - see your counselor)


(Personal login required - see your counselor)


The CCRC is open on school days as follows:
7:15am to 3:30pm M-F
To set up individual appointments, contact the CCRC Assistant.


Mary Armstrong


Amy Thompson


Mrs. Thompson is available for individual appointments with seniors only during the first semester and students in any grade level during second semester of the school year. Each student has an assigned counselor who can answer many post-high school planning questions as well. Parents and students have access to their assigned counselor all year.

To set up an appointment, from early August to early June, please call Mrs. Mary Armstrong at 630-617-2460 or email at

Thank you!


York High School's Counseling Department works to help students and their families prepare for life after high school. In that light, here is a list of this year's programming offered via the College & Career Resource Center.


Date/Time/Location Name of Program Target Audience Brief Description
Info sent via email to parents/guardians on 8/7.
Same info sent to seniors on 8/7 and resent on 8/18.
Pre-recorded videos.
Senior Summer Sessions
Seniors applying to four-year colleges/universities and their parent(s)/guardian(s)
An essential component of the application process is being organized and being able to request and track transcripts & letters of rec. Naviance is THE tool to use. These video tutorials will get you on track. Watch them!
Sunday, 8/30:
Naviance Transcript Requests 

October, 14th & 15th

FAFSA Completion Workshops Seniors and their Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

These workshops are set aside for families to work on completing and submitting their FAFSA. Staff will be available to assist if questions arise. RSVP required HERE.

November 16, 7pm


College Information Night: Junior Parents

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of Juniors

RSVP HERE (English)

RSVP HERE (Spanish)

Pressing topics for junior students and parents will be presented: Testing, Career Search, College Search, Course Selection, & more.

Early November, TBD

Junior Post-High School Planning Meetings Juniors Juniors are expected to attend a session. More information to come.

Sunday, 11/15:


Recommended FAFSA Filing Deadline    

Monday, Dec 7 @7pm




College of DuPage Information Night

Seniors planning to attend COD


Learn about applying, scholarships, financial aid, placement testing, advising & more!


Date, Time, Location

Name of Program Target Audience Brief Description

January, TBD

Using Online Tools for Post-High School Planning Juniors

Juniors will attend group sessions in the CCRC to learn the "ins and outs" of using online college planning tools. Juniors not enrolled in PE should plan to attend during their study hall or lunch on one of the scheduled days. This information will be emailed to juniors and parents/guardians.

January/February, TBD


College Planning Night: Paying for College

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) and their student(s) in Grades 9, 10, 11.


Information to assist in understanding the Financial Aid process, vocabulary, and resources to pay for college.

February, TBD

Life After York Q&A: Parent-to-Parent Advice on College and Other Paths to Success Parents of sophomores and juniors York's Academic Boosters, in conjunction with the York Counseling Department will provide round table discussions featuring a wide range of topics for parents to choose from. The set-up is "speed-dating style" so parents can select to go to the tables featuring the topics they are most interested in learning more about and to ask questions.

Wednesdays in March

Alumni Visit Days Any York Student Any student at York is invited to speak with recent York grads about the college they attend, the transition to college, what to expect, and to ask about all the other questions or concerns they have regarding life after high school. 

March/April, TBD

College of DuPage Field Trip Seniors who have applied/been admitted to COD Senior who plan to attend COD after graduation and who have applied for admission will be invited to attend this field trip. Participants will learn the process to register for classes, apply for financial aid and scholarships, and much, much more!

Friday, April 30th


Duke Decision Day Seniors Seniors are invited to wear their college and/or military shirts to school and to place a marker on our giant map to share their post-high school decision.


Tips for setting up your Common App Account:

1. You can go ahead and set up your account before senior year.

2. We recommend you use a personal email address, not your school one.

3. Common App shuts down toward the end of July and re-opens August 1st. When you create an account or log in after August 1st, make sure to indicate that you are a high school student, “planning to enroll in college in the next 12 months”. If you set up your account before August 1st, do NOT select this as this is an indication of being a high school senior.

Common App Matching: Below is a video to explain these steps:

Or, follow these steps in your Common App account. Once these steps are completed, you will be able to "match" your Naviance account to your Common App account.

1. Log into your Common App Account.

2. Click on the "Common App" tab (one of the four navigational tabs)

3. On the left, will be a list of pages you have to complete. Click on "Education".

4. Complete the first portion of this section. This is the only section of the "Common App" tab you have to complete to enable Naviance matching.

5. If you already have added colleges to your "My Colleges" tab, click on the red bar for one of the schools. Then, click on "Recommenders and FERPA". Complete this section. If you have not completed the "Education" section on the "Common App" tab, you will not be able to complete this section. If you do not have any colleges listed in your "My Colleges" tab, you will need to add them by clicking on the "College Search" tab, search for your schools and add them to your list of colleges. 

6.Once those two sections are completed, you should log into your Naviance account, click on "Colleges I'm Applying To", enter your common app username (email address), and click on "match". The matching should be complete. If it does not work, you need to go back and re-check the steps above to ensure that the necessary sections are complete.