AP Exams


May 2nd-6th  May 9-13th

Contact your AP Coordinators with questions or concerns

Mark Talbot mtalbot@elmhurst205.org

Ryan Walz rwalz@elmhurst205.org

Please use the information below to ensure that you or your student enrolls in the appropriate class section and confirms their exam registration by the deadline.  For full year and 1st semester courses, students must indicate their intention to take the AP Exam by November 5th, 2021 to ensure that they don’t incur a $40 late registration fee.  If your student is taking a 2nd semester AP course, they will register for that exam during 2nd semester.

If the student’s Exam Status says “Undecided”:

If your student registered for an AP exam but no longer wants to take it:

If you or your student have any difficulties accessing the AP Classroom Website, please reach out to the AP Coordinators.  For class-specific join codes, please have your student reach out to their teacher to get the correct join code for their class section.

Payment for full year and 1st semester AP exams will be posted to Pushcoin in Late November. Payment is due by April 15th, 2022.


Mark Talbot & Ryan Walz

AP Coordinators

Mark Talbot - MTalbot@Elmhurst205.org

Ryan Walz - RWalz@Elmhurst205.org

TESTING MAY 2nd- 6th May 9-13th 2022

Students registered for AP Exams must arrive based on the times listed on this schedule (not the times advertised by College Board) and report directly to their testing room.

Students will be excused (Field Trip) from their classes periods 1-6 for morning exams and periods 5-8 for afternoon exams. This allows time for lunch. All students are expected to attend their class periods that meet outside of their morning or afternoon testing windows. 

Please note that some of the afternoon exams run later than the school day. Be aware of transportation needs and any after school activities that may be missed. 

Students with  approved College Board accommodations must report to the Flex Lab (outside of the Learning Commons) for each AP exam. AP Coordinators will contact students approved of accommodations a few weeks prior to exams.

Make sure to bring your ID, pencils (non-mechanical), blue/black ink pens and a bag to store your cell phone and/or fitness tracker devices (i.e. Apple Watch) at the side of the testing room. Staff will ask students to show that their cell phone is turned off when entering the room.

Questions about the 2022 AP Exam Administration can be directed to the York AP Coordinators listed below.

Mark Talbot mtalbot@elmhurst205

Ryan Walz  rwalz@elmhurst205.org