AP Exams

Dear Advanced Placement Students and Families:

Welcome to AP Testing 2020-2021! This introductory letter provides general information about the dates/times of AP exams, as well as how to confirm and pay for AP exams this year. 

  1. MyAP: AP students should log into their student College Board Account and check their MyAP Classroom to make sure they are registered for each AP exam they plan to take in May. This is the system that the College Board requires York to use in order to place our test order. The deadline to order for full year/semester 1 courses was November 13, 2020; however, we can still add to our test order until March 10th with a $40 late fee per exam. The deadline for semester 2 ordering is March 10th. After March 10th, the College Board does not allow additional test ordering. 

**Students should have completed MyAP registration in their AP courses.** 

  1. Payment: Payment for each AP exam will confirm the exams a student plans to take in May.

    • NEW FOR THIS YEAR, York will use PushCoin to pay for AP exams. Students will need to purchase all tests individually in PushCoin. The fee for each AP exam is $98.00, and the deadline for payment is April 7th. 

    • Exams will be cancelled if full payment is not received by 11:59pm on April 7th.  

    • Late Fee: If you are in a full year/1st semester course and did not register for MyAP by November 13th, you can still register by March 10th. CollegeBoard charges a late fee of $40.00 for any registrations November 14th - March 10th.

    • Full refunds available until May 2nd. No refunds will be given after testing begins.

    • Fee Reductions: Students who are eligible for free or reduced lunch will pay $40.00 per exam in PushCoin. Any student that needs help paying for their AP exam(s), yet does not qualify for free or reduced lunch, may apply for assistance through the Dukes Helping Dukes (DHD) program. DHD applications are available with our social workers or can be found here. All DHD applications need to be received by April 7th. Please note: regardless of any assistance provided, all students must pay $40 per exam through PushCoin. Late fees will also apply if a student registers after November 13th for a full year/semester 1 course. 


  2. Exam Dates: the College Board came up with several options for schools. York decided to test students using Paper/Pencil, which is Administration 1 during the first 2 weeks of May.  


  1. Any student, remote or in person, is able to test Paper/Pencil in person if comfortable. If a student is ill, quarantined, or cannot test during Administration 1, they will then need to test with a digital exam at home during Administration 2 or 3.  Please fill out this Google Form to indicate your choice to test digitally. ** Language/Music Theory Exams are only offered in person with paper/pencil.

Questions or concerns please contact our AP Coordinators

Ryan Walz rwalz@elmhurst205.org

Lisa Julian ljulian@elmhurst205.org