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CLICK HERE to download the 2020 AP exam guide for all students.

CLICK HERE to download the AP exam day checklist.

CLICK HERE if you are taking the music theory exam.

CLICK HERE  if you are taking a world language exam.

CLICK HERE if you are taking AP art exams.

Students: If you are not receiving AP emails, please login myap.collegeboard.org to update your email. If you are having trouble logging into MyAP, call 888 225-5427. E-tickets will be sent two days prior to each exam.


The College Board made the following announcements on April 3rd 2020:

  • AP Exams will take place online May 11-22 
  • AP Exams will be 45 minutes in length
  • Students can take the exams at home or in school (if school re-opens)
  • Students that have already been approved for accommodations by College Board will get accommodations. College Board will notify each student in regards to format, timing etc.
  • Make up exams will be available for each subject from June 1-5

CLICK HERE to get details on exam dates, times and other important information about your exams due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

CLICK HERE to get more information in regards to exam features, exam timing, before the exam and after. 

CLICK HERE  for general information about exam security.

CLICK HERE  for tips to success on open book/open note exams.

CLICK HERE if you are 100% certain you no longer want to take an  exam. Login to Total Registration and then click the exam cancelation request link. College Board will no longer charge for the cancellation.

If you have further questions, please contact your AP Teachers or you may reach out to our AP Coordinators Ryan Walz & Lisa Julian.

Good luck and be safe!

Thank You,

Ryan Walz  rwalz@elmhurst205.org

Lisa Julian ljulian@elmhurst205.org