Tonja Killingham

(630) 617-2415

Mrs. Killingham aligns with the following counselors:

Kara Dollaske
Diane Oliveros
Mark Talbot

Tres Heimann

(630) 617-2498

Mr. Heimann aligns with the following counselors:

Andrew Fuller
Bill Gardner
Lisa Julian
 (Class of 2024 & Class of 2025)
Ryan Walz

aligns with the following counselors:

Julie Feldkamp-Pradhan
Lisa Julian
(Class of 2022 & 2023)
Ashley Tucker

The Deans develop and implement appropriate policies in order to ensure proper student conduct, safety, and health. They monitor all attendance and discipline initiatives and communicate regularly with other members of Student Services to resolve conflicts in order to ensure adequate academic progress. They supervise student activities, participate on school committees, and evaluate teachers as assigned by the Principal.