Social Studies

Albert, Timothy

Social Studies Teacher/Japanese Culture, Animation Club

Birchler, Elizabeth

Social Studies & CTE Teacher

Carl, Tamra

AP Micro, AP Macroeconomics, and American Government

Carlson, Matthew 

Special Education Social Studies

Carlson, Michele

Social Studies /RAYS/ Future Diplomats of America

DeSanti, Lisa
Social Studies / Special Education
DiNovo, Michael

Social Studies Teacher/ Department Chair

DiTomasso, Lindsey

American Studies, AP Govt & Politics, Women's Studies-EMPOWER

Dowdy, Kenneth

AP U.S. Government and Politics, American Government & Constitutional Law    

Drumm, Brian

English & Social Studies Teacher

Dunn, Michael
Social Studies Teacher
Gearing, Adam

Social Studies Teacher

Green, Joshua

Social Studies Teacher

Halupka, Krzysztof

Special Education Social Studies Teacher

Holba, Brendan

Social Studies Teacher

Immel, Jonathan

Learning Commons Dept Chair Government Teacher    

Kern, Charlie

Social Studies Teacher

Konopka, Pawel Social Studies & EL teacher

Mixon, Brandon               Social Studies & Special Education Teacher             

Moran, Matt

Social Studies Teacher

Mueller, Amy

Social Studies Teacher    

Ohls, Kevin
Special Education Social Studies Teacher
Olson, Laura

Social Studies Teacher

Riskus, Justin

Social Studies Teacher

Schendel, Debra 

Special Education Social Studies Teacher

Trent, Kathryn

Social Studies Teacher

Turnbull, Katie

AP Psychology/Social Studies Teacher

The Vision of the YCHS Social Studies department is that all students become informed citizens empowered to lead lives of their own choosing, while respecting the rights of others and promoting the common good.

The Mission of the YCHS Social Studies department is to design and deliver learning experiences that promote skills of investigation, reasoned communication, and informed action; that explore multiple perspectives through intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary lenses; that empower individuals to navigate the complexities of the social world.





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