Amy Fuller
Core Academic Departments Secretary



Allen, Vanessa

Science Teacher                                  

Anderson, Ryan

Science Teacher

Birns, Claire

Science Teacher                                  

Brown, Adam

Science Teacher                                  

Drach, Jeffrey

Science Teacher/ Science Olympiad Club

Ewald, Megan 

Instructional Coach/ Science Teacher

Golebiowski, Mark

Science Teacher

Kaniyaly, Veena

Science/ELL Science Teacher

Kowal, Katherine
Science Teacher

Mahoney, Kirsten
Science Teacher

Moawad, Deena
Science Teacher

Moss, Amy

Science Teacher                                  

Paschke, Jeremy

Science Teacher

Piwowarczyk, Daniel
Science Teacher                                      

Rayan, Ronny

Science Teacher                                  

Rimmele, Brianne
Science Teacher
Rowe, Pat

Special Education Science Teacher

Stoia, Kelly                                            Special Education Science Teacher

Szymonik, Stephanie

Science Teacher/ELL Science

Vega, Tina
Science Teacher
Wolski, Nancy

Science Teacher                                  

Yun, Lauren

Science Teacher                                  

Zaccone, Jolee
Special Education Science Teacher
Zentner, Cynthia

Science Teacher


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Image of York Science Teachers on the North ATrium balcony with masks on.
Science Department Mission Statement
The mission of the York Science Department is to inspire minds to inquire, think critically, and make informed decisions allowing students to have a positive impact on society.  


Science Courses

Opportunities and Scholarships 

NGSS: A New Vision for Science Education 

Illinois has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  District 205 Science Teachers are developing and implementing instructional strategies that prepare students to be scientifically-informed citizens. 

Information on NGSS can be found at How will science education look different? Please take a look at this student/parent sheet on implications for science education. 


Rising Freshman Information

Find out more about York's Science sequencing and our freshman-year science courses by watching the video below.