Physical Education/Health/Driver Ed

Department Chair

Lauren DeAngelis
Department Chair

Mary Wagner
Department Secretary


Bellecomo-Young, Nicole

Assistant Athletic Director / Physical Education, Health and Driver Education

Bibel, Mark

Physical Education Teacher

Constable, John

Physical Education Teacher

DeAngelis, Lauren

Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education Department Chair

Dobric, Stevan

Student Support Teacher

Eisen, Meredith

Physical Education

Fijor, Stephen

Physical Education, Health

Fitzgerald, Michael

PE Teacher/Head Football Coach

Gallivan, Elizabeth

Special Education Physical Education Teacher

Giuliani, D. Mark

Physical Education Teacher

Jensen, Michelle

Physical Education Performing Arts Teacher

Kalal, David

Physical Education/Head Baseball Coach

Kasper, Donald

Physical Education Teacher

Martinelli, MaryKate

Physical Education Teacher

Metcalf, Nicholas

Health/Driver Education/Special Education

Monken, Matthew

Physical Education

Pinta, Anna

Dance/PE Teacher

Roy, Markus

Physical Education Teacher

Samp, Jenna

Physical Education/Health Teacher

Schroeder, Megan

Physical Education/Health Teacher



York Physical Education, Health, and Driver Education Department
Home of the Dukes


2021 Summer School Driver Education

LINK to 2021 Summer School Driver Education Registrations 

REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED IN PERSON STARTING Wednesday, February 3rd at DOOR 3 at 7:15 am.  After February 3rd registrations will be taken in the Athletic Office.  Both the application and check must be turned in to hold a summer spot; only 24 spots available.  Applications will be taken in order of when they are dropped off.


York High School PE/Health/Driver Education Mission Statement

The mission of York High School’s PE/Health/Driver Education department is to proactively develop physically fit individuals, strengthen minds, and promote positive attitudes towards life-long fitness while shaping individuals to become positive, impactful members of society.

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

~John F. Kennedy



Reason 1: Regular Physical Activity Helps Prevent Disease
Reason 2: Regular Physical Activity Promotes Lifetime Wellness
Reason 3: Quality Physical Education Can Help Fight Obesity
Reason 4: Quality Physical Education Can Help Promote Lifelong Physical Fitness
Reason 5: Quality Physical Education Provides Unique Opportunities for Activity
Reason 6: Quality Physical Education Teaches Self-Management and Motor Skills
Reason 7: Physical Activity and Physical Education Promote Learning
Reason 8: Regular Physical Activity Participation Makes Economic Sense
Reason 9: Physical Education Is Widely Endorsed
Reason 10: Quality Physical Education Helps to Educate the Total Child


Social Learning Targets: ISBE Standards 21, 24

  • I actively engage in Physical Education class or
  • I participate at a high level of activity during Physical Education class
  • I am accepting and respectful of diversity within the class.

Fitness Learning Targets: ISBE Standards 19, 20, 23

  • I can achieve my healthy zone for health related fitness components.
  • I can achieve and maintain my THR zone for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • I am able to identify the differences between health and skill related fitness components.

 Lifestyle/Life-Long Learning Targets: ISBE Standards 21, 22, 24

  • I can model teamwork, through sportsmanship and fair play, to reinforce interpersonal skills to be implemented in daily life.
  • I understand the importance of lifelong health & physical fitness and the benefits of participation in a variety of activities competitively, recreationally, and within the community.

 Movement/Motor Skills Learning Targets: ISBE Standards 19, 23 

  • I can demonstrate several motor skills and movements patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities. 
  • I can demonstrate knowledge of all basic rules, safety, & etiquette during physical activities.