Sara Heiberger
Math Division Chairman

Kevin Smith
Math Department Coordinator

Amy Fuller
Core Academic Departments Secretary

Math Office Phone
630-617-2400 x5265

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Bandolik, Brock
Math Teacher
Bhimji, Alisha

Math Teacher

Bison, Courtney
Math Teacher
Bold, Matthew

Special Education Math Teacher

Briggs, Serena

Mathematics Teacher

Chmielinski, Jeffrey

Math Teacher

Duffy, William
Math Teacher
Guercio, Stefanie
Math Teacher
Hall, Daniel

Math Teacher

Heiberger, Sara
Math Division Chair
Helton, Thomas
Special Education Math Teacher
Higginbotham, Dina

Special Education Math Teacher

Johnson, Grace
Math / Special Education Teacher
Johnson, Matthew

Math Teacher

Keller, Rebecca

Math Teacher

Lamb, Nolan

Math Teacher

Laurich, Mark

Math Teacher

Leadaman, Sabrina

Math Teacher

Lilly, Sara
Math Teacher

Morser, Tracy
Math Teacher

Nolan, Jennifer

Math Teacher

Ott, Elizabeth

Math Teacher

Owens, Stacia

Math Teacher

Sak, Elizabeth
Math Teacher
Schendel, Debra

Special Education Teacher

Smith, Kevin
Math Department Coordinator

Math Teacher

Sundberg, Reed

Math Teacher

Weed, Rebecca

Math Teacher

Westerberg, Erik

Math Department Chair - Teacher

Whalen, Walker
Math Teacher


YorK Math Course Pathways

Please Click here for Departmental Information on Semester 2 Assessment & Relearning Days 

Please click Here for Information about our Summer Math ResourceS

The 2021-2022 school year has now begun! It is our goal that all student receive an engaging and appropriately challenging experience in math this year at York. 

If students encounter hurdles that require support, please have them engage in the following:

1. Connect with their teacher in-class by sharing challenges

2. Request to set up a meeting with teacher outside of class during their available periods (see course syllabus for more details)

3. Visit the newly renovated Math Lab from 7:00 am - 4:15 pm and during all periods of the day where a certified math teacher will be available to answer questions. Check out this video, made by senior student Ella Lawton, to learn more about the Math Lab! 

4. Visit Study Tables in the Learning Commons during periods 4, 5, and 6 

5. Sign up for a Peer Tutor 

6. Access more student support resources here



Click below for suggestions about succeeding in math at York.
Helping Your Student Be Successful with High School Mathematics

Calculator Information for 21-22: 

All regular level courses expect students to have some sort of scientific calculator, but preferably a graphing calculator (some version of a TI-84). 

All honors level courses expect students to have a TI graphing calculator (preferably a version of a TI-84).

AP Calculus BC uses the TI-Nspire CAS which needs to be purchased.

Please reach out to Erik Westerberg, Math Department Chair, at if there are ever financial hurdles to overcome when it comes to purchasing a calculator. 

Please click on the following link to register your calculator. 
York Calculator Registration

Note: Registration information will remain confidential, and only be used to return lost or stolen calculators.

York Math Vision and Mission Statement

Mathematics Department Philosophy

What It Means to Think Mathematically