Little Dukes PreSchool Program



11/23/20: At this time, all of our spots have been filled for our 2021 remote program.  Hope to see you in person next year! Please email Laurie Crist at if you have any questions!

The Little Dukes preschool offers a rich and stimulating learning environment where children can develop positive relationships with others. The curriculum focuses around play-based learning. It is through play where children learn about their world. Children are encouraged to use their imagination in costructive and engaging ways through provided play experiences.The program strives to achieve an optimal balance betwen children's self-initiated learning and adult-guided learning

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Thinking of becoming a teacher? This course will prepare to you lesson plan, identify age appropriate activities, and sharpen your teacher skills while working with our preschoolers.  

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Play Today
By Lila P. Flagg
You say you love your children and are concerned they learn today. 
So am I, that's why I'm providing a variety of play.  You're asking me the value of blocks and other such play;
your children are solving problems.  They will use that skill every day.
You're asking me the value of having your children play. Your daughter's creating a tower; she may be a builder some day. You're saying you don't want your son to play in the 'sissy' way. He's learning to cuddle a doll, he may be a father some day.
You're worried your children aren't learning and later they'll have to pay. They're learning a pattern for learning for they'll be learners always.

For questions regarding Little Dukes Preschool please contact Laurie Crist at 


**As of 11/23/20 all of our spots have been filled for the remote preschool session beginning February 2021-May 20201.  Hope to see you next year! **


The decision has been made to move to a remote experience for our Little Dukes Preschool program for the 2021 school year.  We will be taking 15 preschool students for this session and be working with the York block schedule to provide 3 sessions a day, on both Mondays and Thursdays, for the preschoolers, with built in breaks.  Pending parent schedule needs, the preschoolers may be split into three groups and assigned to one session rather than logging on for all three sessions on Monday and Thursday.  Spots are filled on a first come, first served basis, and the program runs from the February until May (2021). While there is no cost for this remote session, we still ask that you complete a registration with some information which will help us track participants as well as get to know your child's individual needs.  

*Please email if you are interested in enrolling your child in the Little Dukes Remote Preschool in 2021*

**This experience may look quite a bit different that we would all like, but we are hopeful that we can still give the kids some great opportunities to learn, grow, socialize, and make healthy relationships and connections!**

Children must be between the age of 3 and 5.

Tentative Preschool Dates - 2021

1st day of preschool: Monday, February 1st

Preschool closing program: TENTATIVE Thursday, May 6th 

Parent meeting: Tuesday, January 26th from 10-11AM (Via Zoom)

A Unique Learning Opportunity

Little Dukes preschool is a laboratory school for our high school Child Development class. The preschool classroom is located within York High School (when not in a remote year!). The preschool teachers are high school students who have completed the first semester Child Development course. In this class students learn about the development of children from birth through age 5 and how to promote the physical, social, and emotional development of young children. Many of the high school students are interested in early childhood careers. Under the supervision of the high school teacher, our high school students work closely with the preschool students by conducting lessons, art projects, storytelling, supervising learning centers, and coordinating games and activities to develop large motor skills. The high school students also complete observations and prepare a case study of an individual preschooler.  In the remote environment, this case study/portfolio will be digital and modified to allow for necessary changes to our structure.