Invitation to Teach

Throughout Invite to Teach, students will develop the behaviors and competencies needed to become a successful educator. Students meet with their high school teacher for class once a week. During this time, they will learn about the role of education in America, pedagogy and best practices for instruction. The rest of the week is spent working in an elementary or middle school within the district. As teacher interns, students work with individual students, small groups or help facilitate class activities. Students will practice lesson planning, conduct lessons, learn about differentiated instruction and prepare a professional educator portfolio which includes career and education accomplishments.

Course Application: Students must complete the Invitation to Teach application: INVITE TO TEACH APPLICATION LINK or click here to make a copy of the application that you can edit. Please refer to the linked application for deadline and submission information.

Students interested in Invitation to Teach should submit the above application and materials via email to Mrs. Crist in FCS. Applications are due by 12/11/23 Interviews are being scheduled as applications are received. Don't forget to talk to your counselor in your course selection meeting about your interest in the Invite to Teach class!


Students must have access to transportation. The school district does not provide transportation to off site student teaching schools.

Students wishing to receive priority consideration for a parking spot due to enrollment in this program must submit their parking application by the deadline for the general lottery. Spots will be assigned at the start of the school year once course enrollment has been verified.


Invitation to Teach #0864

Grades: 11-12

3.0 Credits: Year Note: This class is blocked for 2 periods

Prerequisite: Students must complete the application process: letter of recommendation, interview, and have a strong academic (above a 3.5 GPA) and good attendance record.

Prerequisites Per COD

  • ACT Comp 20 or higher

  • SAT 950 or higher

  • SAT Reading/Writing- subscore of 480 or higher

  • 2.6 / 4.0 5th semester or higher GPA

  • GSP (may take guided self placement test if any of the above are not met)

Prerequisites Per York 

  • No more than 25 absences (unless medically excused or other extenuating circumstances)

  • Must have a 3.5 GPA or higher

  • Must submit letter of recommendation and include references

This course fulfills the Practical Arts graduation requirement and is Dual Credit with College of DuPage. Students earn 6 semester hours total; Semester 1 = Education 1100—3 Semester Hours, Semester 2 = Education 1101 — 3 Semester Hours.