Food and Restaurant Management

2016 - 2017 CLASSES
Full  Year Classes

  • Period 5 - Mrs. Albert - Room A129/A126
  • Period 6 - Mrs. Albert - Room A129/A126

Note: Students may be enrolled for more then 1 period of Food Restaurant Management


Email Albert, Wendy Albert, Wendy (630) 617-2408 Career Tech Ed Division Chair, La Brigade Restaurant

Students enrolled in food and restaurant management rotate through jobs as they learn the various aspects of working in and running a commercial restaurant facility. For more information on functions and services please visit the restaurant website:

La Brigade Restaurant

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#0850  Food and Restaurant Management I
Grades 10-12 (1 OR 2 periods each day)
2.0—4.0 credits in one year
Dual Credit with College of DuPage
(CULIN 1120 — Sanitation—1 Credit Hour)
Note: Students must pass their sanitation exam with a 75% or higher to receive their manager certification)

Prerequisite: Chef’s Corner, Nutrition, Chemistry of Food, or Department Chairperson Approval

Students interested in hospitality related careers will learn about operating and running a commercial restaurant. In this class students rotate through the various functions needed to operate the La Brigade student restaurant including learning front of the house and back of the house job assignments. Students will be responsible for quantity food preparation for a variety of public and private events. They will apply culinary knowledge such as knife skills, cooking methods, and baking and pastry skills as they cook, plate and serve gourmet meals in this fast paced, real world work environment. Students apply Illinois Department of Public Health sanitation practices as they learn to use commercial restaurant equipment. Students will obtain a Food Handler or Foodservice Sanitation Manager Certification. All individuals working in IL in a commercial restaurant who handle food must have one of these certifications. Students will also have the opportunity to plan for and manage one or more events in the restaurant. Note: It is recommended that students take Gourmet Foods and Baking and Pastry prior to, or concurrently with Food and Restaurant Management in order to gain a full understanding of the wide range of culinary skills necessary for restaurant production.

#0851 Food and Restaurant Management II

Grades 11-12 (1 to 2 periods each day)
2.0—4.0 credits in one year
Prerequisite: Food and Restaurant Management I

Students who have completed Food and Restaurant Management I may return as advanced students for additional work experience in the La Brigade student restaurant. Students will assist the instructor in helping beginning level restaurant management students become oriented to La Brigade practices and learn how to operate commercial equipment. Students will act as leaders in the course helping beginning level students strengthen mise en place and cooking skills. Students will have the opportunity to plan and manage multiple La Brigade functions and begin to develop a professional culinary career portfolio. Additional experiences working and managing La Brigade will help students strengthen culinary and leadership skills.