Ausnehmer, Meghan


Bendelow, Andrew

English Teacher abendelow@elmhurst205.org

Bylina, Cecilia

English Teacher cbylina@elmhurst205.org

Carrillo, Benjamin

English Teacher bcarrillo@elmhurst205.org

Chambers, Brendan

English Teacher bchambers@elmhurst205.org

Collins, Matthew

Special Education English Teacher mcollins@elmhurst205.org

DeLoriea, Kelly

English Teacher kdeloriea@elmhurst205.org

Dowling, Kathryn


Drumm, Brian

English Teacher - Assistant Athletic Director bdrumm@elmhurst205.org

Fitzgerald, Kristina

English Teacher kfitzgerald@elmhurst205.org

Fleming, Beth

English Teacher efleming@elmhurst205.org

Fleming, Sheila

English Teacher sfleming@elmhurst205.org

Foran, Elizabeth

Social Studies Teacher and Literacy Coach eforan@elmhurst205.org

Frank, Taylor

English Teacher

Johnson, Gabriel


Kennedy-Brooks, Brianne

English Teacher and Key Club Sponsor bkennedy-brooks@elmhurst205.org

Lampa, Kim

English Teacher / York-hi Adviser klampa@elmhurst205.org

Lancaster, Melissa


Lepore, Anne

Special Education English Teacher alepore@elmhurst205.org

McKinney, Rebecca

English Teacher rmckinney@elmhurst205.org

Noble, Jessica

English Teacher jnoble@elmhurst205.org

Noonan, Sally

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O'Connor, Erin

English Teacher erinoconnor@elmhurst205.org

Parrini, Isadora

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Pfau, Laura

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Riley, Rachel

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Shackleton, Jennifer

English Teacher jshackleton@elmhurst205.org

Sharko, Benjamin

English Teacher bsharko@elmhurst205.org

Stoia, Kelly

Special Education English Teacher kstoia@elmhurst205.org

Vazquez, Gabriela


Wall, Elizabeth

English Teacher ewall@elmhurst205.org

Wood, Lillian

Special Education English Teacher lwood@elmhurst205.org


Anton Chekhov is credited with saying, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”  Although more than a century old, this sentiment echoes the inquiry-based philosophy that is the foundation of all English coursework at York Community High School.  This philosophy promotes engagement in individual and group inquiry and builds knowledge through reading, writing, discussion, and debate.  Our inquiry-based approach challenges students with engaging questions, and students communicate their evolving understanding of the inquiry through increasingly sophisticated written and oral arguments. 

These inquiry questions provide the lens through which students develop literacy skills such as argumentation or analysis of an author’s bias or intent.  The ultimate goal for student learning is the development of clearly established skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening, skills that will become crucial as they pursue post-secondary education and careers.  It is our intention to offer college preparatory courses that challenge and inspire.  Ultimately, a student’s four years as a Duke offer the opportunity to discover “the moon” through inquiry and inspire enlightenment through “broken glass.”