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Career Internship

Career Internship I (#0854)

Grades 10-12 (minimum age 16) / Full year Course - 4.0 credits
Fulfills Consumer Education Requirement for Graduation

Students will gain experience in a career field of their choice and “learn while they earn”.  This class includes one class period of in-school instruction where students will explore concepts and develop transferable skills to succeed in many career fields.  Students will complete self assessments and discuss personal skills that aide in professional success. This course also includes an exploration of a variety of careers, resume development, job hunting and interviewing, workplace health and safety, education requirements, developing teamwork and leadership capabilities, networking, balancing work and personal life, budgeting, banking and managing credit, economics and taxes, insurance and future financial planning. Throughout the class students will develop a professional portfolio which will includes all career and education accomplishments. 

Course Description: Through the approved off-site internship experience, students practice and apply skills  in order to develop specific career competencies. Students receive course credit for the work done at their internship site. Students will submit paystubs documenting an average of 15 hours worked per week.  Prior to the start of the year, internship students must meet with their instructor to ensure that an approved internship setting has been secured.  Students and employers will sign an internship agreement and students must maintain employment and adhere to specific internship rules throughout the year in order to maintain course enrollment. The internship coordinator, student, and internship site employer work closely together to ensure a beneficial work-based experience. Projects and additional job shadowing experiences will help students explore the full range of positions associated with their career of choice. This course emphasizes first hand job training and development of workplace skills deemed critical by employers.

Career Internship II (#0855)

Grades 11-12 - Full Year Course - 4.0 credits
Prerequisite: Career Internship I

Course Description: Students who have successfully completed Career Internship I can continue to expand their knowledge of their chosen career field through class and on site job experiences. Students will prepare career portfolios and, through a variety of projects, explore additional career competencies such as career investigation, interpersonal communication, interviewing, leadership and entrepreneurship. Participation in extracurricular competitions is recommended.   

Consumer Education

The following courses within the division of Technology and Applied Arts will fulfill your Consumer Education graduation requirement

  • Career Internship I*
  • Introduction to Business
  • Personal Finance Honors
  • Introduction to Family and Consumer Science
  • Auto Consumer Ownership

*Year Long Course

College Level Courses (Dual Credit)

Dual credit courses provide high school students in grades 9 through 12 with the opportunity to enroll in selected courses for which they will receive both college and high school credit. To be assured that a college course will transfer to a particular college or university, please go to the web site of the specific college or university, or to

Classes are taught at the high school during the regular school day by high school teachers who are also approved as adjunct faculty at College of DuPage or Indiana University. Students pursing dual credit should remember that these courses become part of your permanent collegiate level academic record. The grade earned for a dual credit class will appear on the college transcript.

College Of DuPage

Students in College of DuPage dual credit courses are dually enrolled at York and COD and have full access to College of DuPage resources. Dual credit is open to all Junior and Senior students. Sophomore and Freshman students may be able to earn dual credit if they obtain the appropriate written recommendation and approval from the course instructor. At the time of this publication there is currently no fee associated with obtaining the college credits offered through the dual credit program. Students can earn these college credits for free while still in high school. 

2D Game Design Honors
CIS 1211 (3 Semester Hours) (New in 2017-2018)

Business Management Honors (more info) 
Management 1100 (3 semester Hours)

Invitation to Teach (more info)
Semester 1 = Education 1100 (3 Semester Hours)
Semester 2 = Education 1101 (3 Semester Hours)

Food and Restaurant Management (more info)
*Culinary 1120 - Sanitation - (1 Semester Hour)
(New in 2016-2017, Students must pass ServSafe exam with a 75% or higher and earn FSSMC certification)

Principles of Physics Technology (more info)
Electronics 1110 (2 Semester Hours)

Architectural Drafting/CAD Honors (more info)
COD Architecture 1211 (3 Semester Hours)

Technical Drafting/CAD (year) (more info) 
Manufacturing 1101 (2 Semester Hours)

Pending Approval from COD

Computer Concepts
OFTI 1200 (3 Semester Hours)

Indiana University (Advance College Project)

#0740 Personal Finance 101 Honors

Grades 11-12 / 1 Semester High Weighted - 1.0 HS credit
Dual Credit with Indiana University (Business F260—3 Credit Hours)
Fulfills the Consumer Education graduation requirement

This course is an introduction to the concepts of personal finance. You will explore a complete framework for understanding the process of accumulating and protecting personal wealth, emphasizing the analysis of risk/return relationships as well as learning to understand investment alternatives and how strategies develop as life situations mature. Students enrolled in this course can earn 3 semester hours of college credit from Indiana University through the Advance College Project (ACP) at a low cost while still in high school. This is an Honors level course with an accelerated pace. This course fulfills the consumer education requirement for graduation. Students must apply for acceptance into this dual credit course through Indiana University. Applications will be available through your York High School counselor when registering for classes and are due to IU no later than April 1st. At the time of application, York counselors will work through the process with interested students.

General Information:

  • Students must have a 2.7 GPA or higher in order to be eligible for this course.
  • The 2015-16 tuition cost is $50.00 per credit hour payable directly to IU in the fall of 2015. This cost is subject to change from year to year based on IU tuition fees. Tuition is waived for students on free or reduced lunch.
  • ACP students are subject to IU’s policies regarding attendance, late work and academic dishonesty.