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Students wishing to apply for induction into the National Technical Honor Society should submit the completed application, transcript and fee by 2/28/20.

Applications can be turned in to their Business, FCS, or Industrial Technology Teacher, or to Mrs. Albert in A122. 

2019-2020 NTHS Application

Students must meet minimum GPA requirements, and requirements for number and type of courses. Please see application for details. 

Students will be notified of acceptance in March. An induction breakfast/ceremony will take place on April 16th at 7am.

National NTHS Website

Career and Technical Education Division

Business Department
Office: A239

The goal of the Business Department is to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience that actively engages and challenges each student to be continuing learners about the economy, technology, business, and the responsibility of the individual as a consumer, a worker, and citizen. The course offerings provide an opportunity for students to acquire a solid foundation for higher education and the world of work.


Mr. Barnum
Mrs. Bartholomew
Mrs. Birchler
Mr. Billerman
Mr. Borel
Mrs. Diebold
Mr. Haderlein


INCubator Volunteers Needed!

The York High School Business INCubator program is excited to launch the second year of this unique entrepreneurship course! 
We are currently seeking volunteers to serve as mentors and/or coaches to the York INCubator students. We have a particular need for additional mentors this year due to our growing program! Mentors are matched with one student team for the year as they work through the process of designing and launching their own real world business. They help facilitate learning by asking questions, helping students seek answers to their business questions, and facilitating team dynamics. 
The mentor time commitment is approximately one hour each week in a virtual or in-person setting at a time that fits your schedule. We also have additional opportunities for coaching that allow our volunteers to bring their unique business expertise to a lesson or unit taught during the year. 
If interested in serving as a volunteer in any capacity, please complete the York Business INCubator Volunteer Form available at incvolunteer - by Friday September 25th. 
It has been amazing to watch the inventiveness and ingenuity of our students as they work through the challenge of developing a viable business and put it into action. We would love to have you be a part of the Business INCubator class! If you have questions about INCubator volunteering please feel free to contact Mr. Haderlein or Mrs. Albert. 

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Career and Technical Education
Division Chair

Wendy Albert
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Business INCubator Teacher
Steve Haderlein
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York TSI Teacher
Kristen Bartholomew
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Department Secretary
Mary Kay Sanchez
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