Student Council


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President: Erin Lindgren

Vice President: Maria Chornij

Recording Secretary: Maeve Maietta

Corresponding Secretary: Molly Heiss 

Communications Chair: Mira Shortt 

Artistic Director: Hannah Brody

Parliamentarian: Taylor Tresnak

Senior Class President: Luke Milani and Daniel Gerbasi 

Junior Class President: Ashley Simonis

Sophomore Class President: Ava Hansmann

Freshman Class President: Maddie Valeski


York Student Council (StuCo) is an organization that serves the students of York, as well as the clubs and organizations that exist here. The members of Student Council represent the students to the York administration and to the District 205 community. Student Council also helps to train students in leadership and service.

Meetings: Student Council members meet each day during the first half of 6th period lunch, except on Wednesdays.

Membership: Student Council is considered a class, and members receive a quarter of a credit  per semester (which does not count towards students' GPA).  Twelve members are admitted from each class (freshmen-senior).  The application process begins in February, applications are available through this website and/or York counselor.

Activities and Events: Student Council participates throughout the year in a wide variety of activities including Homecoming week, Homecoming dance, Turnabout dance, Prom, charity work (clothing/food/blood drives, Adopt-a-Family, recycling, etc.), Teacher Appreciation Week, Trivia Nights, and other schoolwide events.

Ideas/Suggestions: If you have an idea or suggestion for Student Council (or questions/concerns), please contact Dr. Barragan ( or Mr. Moran (