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Mrs. Marianetti  & Mr. Forsythe

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Welcome Incoming Freshmen!

Please watch our video here.

Congratulations to the Cast of The Laramie Project

Laramie Project

First Rehearsal (virtual) Friday at 3! Please come to the auditorium steps at 2:00 on Friday to get your scripts. Please join Laramie Project Google Classroom with this link!  Classcode:  wtlyn2o


Tectonic Theatre Company (This company of actors will handle all narration – to be assigned)

Ashley H – Andy Paris, Bill McKinney, Phillip Dubois, Baptist Minister

Charlie K– Greg Perotti, Matt Galloway, Sargeant Hing

Cece L– Dennis Shepherd, Judge, Zackie Salmon

Rosie K – Aarron Krieffels, Leigh Fodakowski

Kathryn K– Catherine Conolley, Jonas Slonaker

Jake D – Moises Kaufman, Priest, Father Roger Schmit

Jackie C– Marge, Amanda Gronich

Olivia- Barbara Pitts. Rulon Stacey, Stephen Mead Johnson

Owen E – Doc, Stephen Belber, Reverend Phelps, Harry

Caitlin M– Rebecca Hilliker, Reggie Fluty

Ben P– Jedadiah Schulz

Jillian C – Alison Mears

Aidan C – Gil Engen, Russel Henderson, Shadow

Annalise B – Zubaida Ula, Anonymous

Paige G–  Trish Steger, Sherri Aanenson

Katie M – John Peacock, Mormon Home Teacher, Waitress

Christian D– Jeffrey Lockwood, Juror

Gio S – Doug Laws, Juror

Owen D – Newsperson (pp 49, 53, 54, 62)

Grace S – Shannon, Dr. Cantway, Cal Reucha

Emerson G– Jenn, Kristen Price

Juliana S– Minister’s wife, Cal Reucha, Foreperson

Regan W– Rob Debree, Conrad Miller

Heidi W– Sherry Johnson, Matt Mickelson

Isabella P– April Silva, juror

Lucas B– Email Writer

Luke H – Aaron McKinney

Delia M – Romaine Patterson

Oliver R – Bailiff, Lucy Thompson, Newscaster 5

Noley H– Reporter pg 23, Tiffany Edwards, Reporter 2 (ALL as Tiffany Edwards)

Dawson D – Kerry Drake, Newsperson 3

Declan F – Newsperson 4

Will F – Governor Geringer, Phil Labrie

Reanna R – Eileen Engen


This is a project Mrs. M and I have dreamed of for years.

Can’t wait to realize this beautiful portrayal of hope with all of you.

Let’s get to it.

Mr. Forsythe  and Mr. Marianetti





Congratulations to the cast and crew of Almost, Maine!



OUTREACH (Charity: other schools, both in district and outside, nursing homes etc. ):

Kathryn King, Jake Downey, Jackie Cimino, Tessa Olson, Heidi Ward

SCHOOL (Productions: actors, musicians, crew, YTV, Posters, working with other clubs in unity, year in review )

Kylie Levine, Olivia Rosenberg, Caitlin Maguire, Leo Macariola, Juliana Suarez, Owen Espinosa

COMMUNITY (Bringing Lift With Love into Elmhurst, starting with notecard project this Thursday):

CeCe Lampa, Meagan Maiers, Charlie Kungl, Jillian Caforio, Ashley Harmon, Lucy Valeski

Committee chairpersons are in bold.

Empathy Requires Action

Join York Drama in support of Broadway for All: http://www.broadwayforall.org/          

Support the Love Button Global Movement:  https://www.lovebutton.org/


York Drama will continue its commitment and strive toward a more expansive sense of empathy.  Ignorance and violence are not acceptable in any form.  The question “Who am I besides how I look to you?” is more relevant today than ever.  In addition to working with our own students, we will be extending the “Who am I?” project of this last year out to the community at large as well as communities beyond Elmhurst in order to collaborate and educate our students and ourselves on the issues of inequality, prejudice, hate, and ignorance.

See with the eyes of another.  Hear with the ears of another.  Feel with the heart of another.

York Drama

Celebrate York Drama's 19-20  Season of Empathy  

Part One:  TIME       Part Two: LOVE     Part Three:  MEMORIES