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All about Art Club!

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York Art Club is a club that incorporates all different types of art into fun group activities! We do activities using drawing, painting, crafting, and much more. Art Club loves to get involved in school activities such as the homecoming hallway decoration contest or any other activity that we can show school spirit and art in! Art Club is for all students, no matter your artistic ability. For in person meetings, we meet in the Learning Commons. As of right now, we're hosting Art Club digitally with meetings and projects being all online and all communication about what's going on in Art Club is sent through email. Remote or in-person, most Art Club information will be sent out through email. We also post on our Instagram account (@yorkartclub) important information as well as student artwork / what we create!   

Here is the contact info:

President and Founder: Kayla Tutunji

Vice President: Saniya Mohiuddin

Sponsor: Mrs. Drumm 

Questions or interested in joining? Email Kayla!