Amateur Musicians

Gemkow, Christopher

Music Teacher


Come express your musicality in a weekly community of ever-changing participants. Since 1995, The Amateur Musicians Club has met each week to provide a forum for musical performance, learning and collaboration at YCHS. You do not need to be a skilled musician to join us.  The Amateur  Musicians are about people who love music learning and practicing together. 

Sometimes, we provide musical content for school events (as do at Earth Day or Holiday events); at other times, we play in the community, at charity events or talent showcases. We often each other prepare audition pieces. But we always engage in the spontaneous, democratic interplay of improvisational collaboration. Each member of the Amateur Musicians Club brings whatever musical skill level s/he may have and is appreciated for it.  

Meetings are in the music department held in Rm. A-155  after school on Thursdays. See Mr. Gemkow if you have questions. 

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8th Grade Night

Video for 8th Grade Night, Please Click Here