Lacrosse (Boys)


Don Canfield

Tom Coyne

Tayler McGuiness


Junior Varsity:
Steve Fijor- 

Chris Kirkpatrick

Freshman/ Sophomore:
Ryan Dollard

Gerry Freaney


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Josh Elmore '10 - Judson University

Mike Brunke '10 - Western Michigan University

Pat Sheehan '12 - University of Kansas

Lorenzo Munoz '12 - Marquette University

Tommy Madden '12- Marquette University

Austin Kliebhan '13 - University of Iowa

Alex Montesantos '13 - Marquette University

Liam Gaughan '14 - Indiana University

James Rogers '14 - University of Dayton

Matt Arnieri '14 - Purdue University

Grayson Zubradt 15' - Hood College

Lee Whorwell 15' - Augustana College

Sam Rivera 15' - Depauw University

Tommy Angelos 16' -Augustana College

Cam Debrotka 16' -Wittenberg University

Bryant Moritz 16'- Creighton University

Ian Moles 16' -Monmouth College

Quinn Gaughan 16' -Carnegie Mellon University

Grant Zielke 16' -University of Nebraska

Jack Buckley 16' -Siena College

Bryant Moritz 16'- Creighton 

Sam Rasnic 16'- University of Illinois

Matteo Grujic 16'- Marquette University

Tom Sieracki 16'- Marquette University

Nick Thomas 17'- Monmouth College

Matt Colagrossi 17'- Monmouth College

Pierceson Mapes 17'- Augustana University

Steve Robertson 17'- Augustana University

Jack Redick 17'- College of Wooster

Gavin Vandenberg 17'- Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cory Jaeger 17'- Michigan State University

Bob Robertson 17'- Depaul University

Mark Schneeloch 18'- Wittenberg University

Joe Chornij 18'- University of Illinois

Sam Toreja 18' - University of Illinois

Joey Cornell 19'- Johnson and Wales University

Sam Walsh 19'- Merrimack College


Congratulations to the 2019 seniors!

2020 Spring break plans

Freshman: Off Friday March 20-Thursday March 26th

JV: Off Friday March 20- Thursday March 26th. Play @ Neaqua Valley Saturday March 28th. 

Varsity: Practice Friday March 20th, WSC Tournament Final Saturday March 21 @ LT. OFF Sunday March 22- Thursday March 26th. Will practice Thursday March 26th in the evening. Play @ Neaqua Valley Saturday March 28th.

2020 Tryout information

Tryouts for the 2020 Varsity and JV teams will be held on Monday March 2 in the York Field House and Tuesday/Wednesday the 3 & 4 at berens park. Tentative time is 8-9:45 pm Monday, and 4-6pm Tues/Wed.

The freshman team is no cut, but players may tryout for JV or Varsity if permitted- speak with Coach Canfield if interested. 

Players must tryout with their own equipment for JV and Varsity. This includes a stick, gloves, shoulder pads, arm pads, helmet, and mouthguard. Speak with Coach Canfield if this is an issue. 

2019-2020 Off-Season Lifting Begins Monday 10/28

All levels are welcome to join us in the brand new fitness center at York Monday/Wednesday/Fridays from 3:15-4:15 to begin a Spring Sport training program that will get athlete's mentally and physically in shape for the Spring season. This training program is also meant to build functional strength and joint stability to prevent injuries.

Coach Fijor will be there at the Fitness center M/W/F to supervise the workouts, upperclassmen will lead the workouts according to the workout plan provided by Coach Dickie and Coach Fijor. The program is broken down into 4 phases and the Preparation phase begins Monday 10/28. Please email Coach Fijor or Coach Canfield if you have any questions. 

  Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Preparation 28-Oct   30-Oct   1-Nov
  4-Nov   6-Nov   8-Nov
  11-Nov   13-Nov   15-Nov
10RM 18-Nov   20-Nov   22-Nov
Recovery 25-Nov   27-Nov   29-Nov
Hypertrophy 2-Dec   4-Dec   6-Dec
  9-Dec   11-Dec   13-Dec
  16-Dec   18-Dec   20-Dec
Recovery Off From 12/22-1/5
  6-Jan   8-Jan   10-Jan
Strength 13-Jan   15-Jan   17-Jan
  20-Jan   22-Jan   24-Jan
Power 27-Jan   29-Jan   31-Jan
  3-Feb   5-Feb   7-Feb
  10-Feb   12-Feb   14-Feb
Final Recovery 17-Feb   19-Feb   21-Feb


2019 Defenseman Sam Walsh named US Lacrosse All American

Senior captain Sam Walsh was honored as the first All-State and US-Lacrosse All- American player. Sam will study and play lacrosse at Division I Merrimack College in Massachusetts.




2015, 2016, 2017


2012 (B division. runner up)


2016 (A division)


2015 (A division)



All American   2nd Team All Conference year
Sam Walsh 2019 John Grubbs- Attack 2009
All State   John Grubbs- Attack 2010
Sam Walsh 2019 Andrew Lockhart- Defense 2010

Academic All American

year Austin Kliebhan- Attack 2012
Kenny Sidoryk 2016 Pat Sheehan- Midfield 2012
Gavin Vandenberg 2017 James Rogers- Defense 2013
1st Team All-Conference year James Roger- D 2014
Evan Mack- Defense 2011 Sam Kuhn- D 2014
Evan Mack- Defense 2012 Matt Arnieri- G 2014
Austin Kliebhan- Attack 2013 Cam Debrotka- D 2015
Brian O'Malley- Midfield 2013 Jack Buckley- A 2015
Liam Gaughan- D 2014 Frank Turk- LSM 2015
Grayson Zubradt- A 2014 Sam Rasnic- D 2016
George Frolik- M 2014 Grant Zielke- A 2016
Sam Kuhn- D 2015 Jack Redick- M 2017
Lee Whorwell- A 2015 Mark Schneeloch- D 2017
Grayson Zubradt- A 2015 David Leonard- A 2018
George Frolik- M 2015 Joe Chornij- M 2018
Tommy Angelos- G 2016 Sam Toreja- FO 2018
Cam Debrotka- D 2016 Mitch Holmes- M 2019
Matteo Gruijic- LSM 2016 Wil Owens- M/D 2019
Quinn Gaughan- M 2016 All Conference Honorable Mention year
Jack Buckely- A 2016 Josh Elmore- Attack 2009
David Leonard- A 2017 Jake Kruetzer- Defense 2009
Gavin Vandenberg- A 2017 Connor McDonnell- Midfield 2011
Pierceson Mapes- D 2017 Tony Kuhn- Goalie 2012
Artie Renier- G 2018 Joe Hlavacek- Defense 2012
Sam Walsh- D 2018 Jack Lesniewski- Attack 2013
Joey Cornell- G 2019 Matt Arnieri- Goalie 2013
Sam Walsh- D 2019 Sam Rivera- M 2015
Harrison Proud- A 2019 Tommy Angelos- G 2015
Sportsmanship Award year Kenny Sidoryk- M 2016
Connor Kopp 2012 Artie Renier- G 2017
Christian Ahern 2013 Nick Thomas- LSM 2017
Luke Babbe 2013 Steve Robertson- A 2017
Sam Rivera 2014 Cory Jaeger- FO 2017
Sam Rivera 2015 Sam Becton- M 2018
Ian Moles 2016 Mark Schneeloch- D 2018
Louis Gianneschi 2017 Matt Aniekiej- D 2019
Matt Anderson/Sonny Alfini 2018 Aidan Gaughan- M 2019
Brendan Feeney 2019 Joe Guerino- FO 2019
MVP year Ryder Maston- A 2019
Connor McDonnell 2011 Most Improved year
Brian O'Malley 2012 Frank Turk 2015
Brian O'Malley 2013 Gavin Vandenberg 2016
Liam Gaughan 2014 Jack Redick 2017
George Frolik 2015 Sam Becton 2018
Bryant Moritz 2016 Wil Owens  2019
Cory Jaeger 2017 Hard Hat year
David Leonard 2018 Artie Renier 2018
Joey Cornell 2019 Sam Walsh  2019