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The World Language Department at York believes that practical language use is our most important goal. We design our courses based on the belief that all students will be able to communicate in the target language from the beginning of their studies. Students are guided to use the target language in real-world contexts through a variety of carefully selected classroom activities.


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Behnke, Kyra
World Language Chair [email protected]
Byrne, Nancy
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Chou, Yi Hua Marie
Chinese Teacher/Chinese Club [email protected]
DelPercio, Natalie
Italian Teacher [email protected]
Disterheft, Catherine
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
DuBois, Lindsay
World Language Teacher/International Club [email protected]
Figiel, Jennifer
Spanish Teacher / Spanish Club [email protected]
Grandolfo, Sandra
French Teacher [email protected]
Hamidi, Suzanne
French Teacher / French Club [email protected]
Harms, Kayla
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Leidolf, Beth
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Loberg, Kathryn
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Manfredini-Verrilli, Loredana
Italian Teacher [email protected]
Mishigian, Tamar
World Language Teacher [email protected]
Oliveros, Diane
ELL/Social Studies Teacher/Latina Dreamers and Yorkettes Club [email protected]
Quatrini, Sue
ELL/World Language Teacher [email protected]
Rubio, Lorenzo
ELL Teacher/Chicano Bowl/Hispanos Unidos [email protected]
Tobalin, MaryJo
Spanish Teacher [email protected]
Westerberg, Kelley
Spanish Teacher, Spanish Club co-sponsor