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Dr.Kirsten Mahoney
Science Department Chair

Science Department

Science Department Fall 2016

Science Department Fall 2016

The mission of the York Science Department is to inspire minds to inquire, think critically, and make informed decisions allowing students to have a positive impact on society. 


Scholarships and STEM Opportunities


COD Explore Engineering Night

  • Friday, November 10th 6-9:30 p.m.
  • Presented by the Engineering Club at College of DuPage








8th Grade Students and Parents

Welcome to York! Next year you will be enrolled in one of our Biology classes. Please click on the 8th Grade Night Presentation if you were not able to attend. 







Here are some resources that highlight the differences in our levels of biology. 

KI Biology                                           

  Homeostasis Calendar & Objectives            

  DNA Screencast 


  Evolution Calendar & Objectives

  Feedback Loops Screencast

Biology Honors 

  Energy, Life, & Biosphere Objectives and Calendar 

  DNA Replication Screencast 

Click on the button above to access the Science Course Offerings Website.

Medical Career Application Information

Medical Career Application Form or click here to make a copy.

Application deadline: January 26, 2018

Completed and turned into the counselor


Please Note, Medical Careers requires proper immuninzations and access to transportation.



  • Students are required to have a Flu Shot and TB test in order to attend rotations semester at the Hospital and other off-site locations.
  • Students must show verification of a Flu shot and TB test before they are cleared to go on rotations. 



  • Students must have access to transportation. The school district does not provide transportation to off-site locations.
  • Students wishing to receive priority consideration for a parking spot due to enrollment in this program must submit their parking application by the deadline for the general lottery. 

NGSS: A New Vision for Science Education

Illinois has adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  District 205 Science Teachers are developing and implementing instructional strategies that prepare students to be scientifically-informed citizens. 

Information on NGSS can be found at www.nextgenscience.org/. How will science education look different? Please take a look at this student/parent sheet on implications for science education. 

Science Teachers

Allen, Vanessa
Science Teacher vallen@elmhurst205.org
Anderson, Ryan
Science Teacher, randerson@elmhurst205.org
Behen, Jolee
Special Education English Teacher jbehen@elmhurst205.org
Blaus, Bob
Science Teacher/ECO Club bblaus@elmhurst205.org
Brown, Adam
Science Teacher abrown@elmhurst205.org
Cermak, Lindsey
Science Teacher lcermak@elmhurst205.org
Drach, Jeffrey
Science Teacher/ Science Olympiad Club jdrach@elmhurst205.org
Ewald, Megan
Science Teacher mewald@elmhurst205.org
Felix, Dustin
Science Teacher dfelix@elmhurst205.org
Ferhati, Ellizabeth
Science Teacher eferhati@elmhurst205.org
Golebiowski, Mark
Science Teacher mgolebiowski@elmhurst205.org
Kaniyaly, Veena
Science/ELL Science Teacher vkaniyaly@elmhurst205.org
Mahoney, Kirsten
Science Department Chair kmahoney@elmhurst205.org
Moss, Amy
Science Teacher amoss@elmhurst205.org
Orlow, Teresa
Science Teacher- torlow@elmhurst205.org
Parr, Dana
Science Teacher dparr@elmhurst205.org
Paschke, Jeremy
Science Teacher jpaschke@elmhurst205.org
Ramm, Brian
Science Teacher
Rayan, Ronny
Chemistry Teacher
Rowe, Pat
Special Education Science Teacher prowe@elmhurst205.org
Szymonik, Stephanie
Science Teacher/ELL Science sszymonik@elmhurst205.org
Wolski, Nancy
Science Teacher nwolski@elmhurst205.org
Yun, Lauren
Science Teacher lyun@elmhurst205.org
Zentner, Cynthia
Science Teacher czentner@elmhurst205.org