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Students: We are interested in your input on possible upcoming science courses.  Please take a moment to fill out our Science Course Offering Survey!


Mark Golebiowski
Science Department Coordinator
630-617-2400  x7195


Rebecca Keller 
Mathematics/Science Division Chair



The mission of the York Science Department is to inspire minds to inquire, think critically, make informed decisions, and impact the world through service and discovery.

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Science Teachers

Allen, Vanessa
Science Teacher vallen@elmhurst205.org
Blaus, Bob
Science Teacher/ECO Club bblaus@elmhurst205.org
Brennan, Meaghan
Science Teacher/Pokemon Club mbrennan@elmhurst205.org
Brown, Adam
Science Teacher abrown@elmhurst205.org
Drach, Jeffrey
Science Teacher/ Science Olympiad Club jdrach@elmhurst205.org
Ewald, Megan
Science Teacher mewald@elmhurst205.org
Felix, Dustin
Science Teacher dfelix@elmhurst205.org
Golebiowski, Mark
Science Department Coordinator mgolebiowski@elmhurst205.org
Heaton, Jill
Science Teacher jheaton@elmhurst205.org
Kaniyaly, Veena
Science Teacher vkaniyaly@elmhurst205.org
Mahoney, Kirsten
Science Teacher kmahoney@elmhurst205.org
Moss, Amy
Science Teacher amoss@elmhurst205.org
O'Connor, Karen
Biology Teacher karenoconnor@elmhurst205.org
Parr, Dana
Science Teacher dparr@elmhurst205.org
Paschke, Jeremy
Science Teacher jpaschke@elmhurst205.org
Romeo, Anthony
Science Teacher aromeo@elmhurst205.org
Szymonik, Stephanie
Science Teacher sszymonik@elmhurst205.org
VanHoeck, Kathy
Science Teacher kvanhoeck@elmhurst205.org
Wolski, Nancy
Science Teacher nwolski@elmhurst205.org
Yun, Lauren
Science Teacher lyun@elmhurst205.org
Zentner, Cynthia
Science Teacher czentner@elmhurst205.org