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Mathematics Department


Rebecca Keller
Math/Science Division Chair


Susan Brown
Math Department Coordinator


Jennifer Arnold
Department Secretary


Math Office Phone
630-617-2400 x5265

Resources for Incoming Algebra Placement Retest

The re-take test will be offered Monday July 14 from 4:00-5:00 and Tuesday July 15 from 7:00-8:00.  Please email or call Rebecca Keller to register for the test:  rkeller@elmhurst205.org or (630)617-2456.  Click here for a list of objectives, practice problems and solutions.

Calculator Registration

Please click on the following link to register your calculator. 

York Calculator Registration

Please note, registration information will remain confidential, and only be used to return lost or stolen calculators.

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Resources for Math ACT Prep

Math Lab Facts

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Mathematics Department

Aggen, Dave
Math Teacher daggen@elmhurst205.org
Bhimji, Alisha
Math Teacher abhimji@elmhurst205.org
Bode, Jennifer
Math Teacher jbode@elmhurst205.org
Briggs, Serena
Mathematics Teacher sbriggs@elmhurst205.org
Brown, Susan
Math Department Coordinator sbrown@elmhurst205.org
Davelis, Craig
Math Teacher cdavelis@elmhurst205.org
Dorneker, Megan
Math Teacher mdorneker@elmhurst205.org
Forsythe, John
Math Teacher jforsythe@elmhurst205.org
Hall, Daniel
Math Teacher dhall@elmhurst205.org
Higginbotham, Dina
Special Education Math Teacher dhigginbotham@elmhurst205.org
Howard, Ashley
Special Education Teacher ahoward@elmhurst205.org
Johnson, Matthew
Math Teacher mjohnson@elmhurst205.org
Keller, Rebecca
Math & Science Division Chair rkeller@elmhurst205.org
Lahey, Linda
Math Teacher llahey@elmhurst205.org
Lahti, Linda
Math Teacher llahti@elmhurst205.org
Lamb, Nolan
Math Teacher nlamb@elmhurst205.org
Laurich, Mark
Math Teacher mlaurich@elmhurst205.org
Leadaman, Sabrina
Math Teacher sleadaman@elmhurst205.org
Mordini, Nancy
Math Teacher nmordini@elmhurst205.org
Nagel, Jeffery
Math Lab Assistant jnagel@elmhurst205.org
Oloris, Mary
Special Education Math Teacher moloris@elmhurst205.org
Ott, Elizabeth
Math Teacher eott@elmhurst205.org
Schoenberg, Max
Math Teacher mschoenberg@elmhurst205.org
Stien, Alicia
Math Teacher astien@elmhurst205.org
Stipe, Leslie
Math Teacher lstipe@elmhurst205.org
Weed, Rebecca
Math Teacher rweed@elmhurst205.org