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Summer Hours for Residency Verification

Elmhurst School District 205 ​is conducting ​an ​annual verification of residency for all incoming freshman students at​tending​ York High School AND families who have leases that expire prior to the start of school. This is to help ensure that only students who legally reside within the District’s boundaries receive educational services funded by District tax dollars.

Residency Verification:
Residency documentation must be presented in person for every student. 

Proofs of Residency (A total of three proofs of residency are required as outlined below)

One of the following for the residence at which the student(s) reside(s):​

  • A current real estate bill showing parent/guardian as the owner (May 2018)
  • A current original signed lease showing the parent/guardian as the tenant 
  • A current mortgage statement showing the parent/guardian as the owner


Two of the following showing the address for the residence at which the student(s) reside:

Preferred Documents:

  • A current gas bill
  • A current electric bill
  • A current water/sewer bill
  • A current cable bill 

Acceptable Documents: 

  • A current driver’s license (or State ID card)
  • A current home or apartment insurance certificate
  • A current Department of Immigration Letter

Please note the following: 

  • Original documents must be presented in person. Copies or mailed documents will not be accepted. We will copy your documents on the spot and return the originals to you. 
  • Partial documentation will not be accepted. All documents must be presented in order to be processed.

Parents MUST bring verification to York High School (355 St. Charles Road) between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. on one of the following dates: 

  • Tuesday, June 26
  • Wednesday, July 11
  • Thursday, July 19

Failure to provide proof of residency will result in the student’s schedule being pulled and course selections removed. The registration process cannot be completed and you will not receive an Info Snap code until you prove residency. If you have any questions about residency verification, please contact ​your school directly. 

Posted by: Kate Allt, District Admin, Elmhurst Community Unit School District 205 Published:6/13/18
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