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Prom Ticket Information

Seniors and Juniors -
On the morning of April 3, Prom tickets will go on sale for seniors only. Juniors will be able to purchase tickets starting Friday morning, April 6. The bookstore will be open by 7:15am and will be open until 3:30pm each day.

Please note, no students will receive tardy passes to class because you are waiting in line to purchase tickets. If you have a 1st period class, you are required to be in that class at 7:40am.

A few reminders:

1.) You need to fill out the google form before you purchase tickets to receive your confirmation number.

2.) You will need to have your prom ticket application form printed and signed by your parents.  If you are bringing a NON-York Guest, you will need the bottom half completed as well. You must also have a guest form filled out from your Dean.

3.) If you are buying your ticket and your date's ticket, you must have your ticket application form and your date's application form when you purchase your tickets.

4.) Bus assignments are made at the time of purchase. If you are wanting to sit with friends, you must buy your tickets at the same time. NO BUS CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER PURCHASING TICKETS. Students are not allowed to swap or trade tickets either.

If you are missing any paperwork, you will not be able to purchase tickets until you have all completed it.

Posted by: Suzanne Hughes Published:4/2/18
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