York Community High School

Español 3h ACP

Academic Intregrity Statement

Academic Integrity Statement 

The Department of World Languages is committed to encouraging a student’s original thought and independent expression in a foreign language.  All work submitted by a student, both written and oral, should be the student’s own work and his alone.

Consequently, the department prohibits the use of Foreign-language translators (electronic and online) as a way to bypass the student’s work of expressing his/her own knowledge of the language.  Additionally, the department prohibits the direct copying (plagiarism) of published material in a foreign language on a given topic. Finally, while the department acknowledges that students do seek the help of tutors or native-speaking friends for additional instruction and clarification, it is expected that student work reflect student-input rather than that done by the tutor or native-speaker which does not reflect the student’s level.   

 Any student who violates this policy will receive a “0” on their assignment.

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Schedule 2016-2017

Period 1- A229-Spanish 3h ACP

Period 2- Collaboration

Period 3- A229-AP Spanish

Period 4- A229-AP Spanish

Period 5- A229-Spanish 3h ACP

Period 6-lunch

Period 7- A225-Spanish 3h ACP

Period 8- Plan