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SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry representatives, working together to ensure America has a skilled work force. It helps each student excel.

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2014 State SkillsUSA Competition Champions!

Technical Drafting CAD: 

Jake Pulver   2nd place

Power Equipment Technology: 

Tom Fischer  2nd place

Screen Printing Technology: 

Emma Baubly  2nd place

Angelika Rosada  3rd place

Collision Repair Technology: 

Josh Gabrielson  3rd place

Principles of Technology: 

Leah Young  2nd place

Post Secondary:

Collision Repair Technology: 

Chase Peterson  1st place

Graphic Communications: 

Trevor Gulley  2nd place


Scenes from State SkillsUSA Competition 2014 Below!

IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1765.JPG IMG_1767.JPG IMG_1766.JPG IMG_1769.JPG IMG_1773.JPG IMG_1779.JPG IMG_1778.JPG IMG_1774.JPG IMG_7515.JPG IMG_7516.JPG IMG_7517.JPG IMG_7518.JPG IMG_7519.JPG IMG_7520.JPG IMG_7521.JPG IMG_7523.JPG IMG_7524.JPG IMG_7533.JPG IMG_7535.JPG IMG_7537.JPG IMG_7543.JPG IMG_7547.JPG IMG_7550.JPG IMG_7554.JPG IMG_7539.JPG

2014 State SkillsUSA Competition Qualifiers!

April 3-5, 2014

State SkillsUSA Competition Results:

Adobe Photoshop:

Danny Mendralla

Automotive Collision Repair:

Josh Gabrielsen

Automotive Collision and Repair (Post Secondary):

Chase Peterson


Breanna Failla and Marc Thieme

Graphic Communications (Post Secondary):

Marshall Harpestad and Trevor Gulley

Principles of Technology:

Dan Byrne, Carys Hund, Joel Jexie, Dave Svehla, and Leah Young

Power Equipment Technology:

Steven Knopf,  Tom Fischer, and Josh Harley

Screen Printing Technology:

Angelika Rosada, Margret Gale, and Emma Baubly

Technical Drafting CAD:

Alec Hein, Stephanie Cui, Kevin Dever, Jake Pulver, Charlie Kett, Ben Norgle, and Alex Tase




Upcoming Meeting / Event schedule

SkillsUSA Meetings: 

TBA.Tuesday  7 am. Room A170

State SkillsUSA Competition Qualification Test, February, 2014

State SkillsUSA Conference and Competition, Springfield, IL April 3-5, 2014


National SkillsUSA Competition, June 2013 Slideshow!

Congratulations to Alec Hein and Chase Peterson for their fine performance at the National SkillsUSA Competition, in Kansas City, June 2013!

DSC_0027.jpg DSC_0001.jpg DSC_0015.jpg DSC_0038.jpg DSC_0062.jpg DSC_0054.jpg DSC_0050 (2).jpg DSC_0052.jpg DSC_0056.jpg DSC_0069.jpg DSC_0008.jpg
Ross, Ken
Industrial Tech. Dept. Leader: SkillsUSA Advisor kross@elmhurst205.org

Competition Areas

Automotive Service Tech

Autobody Collision and Repair

Auto Refinishing

Power Equipment Technology


Full Service Auto

Graphic Communications




Screen Printing Technology

Principles of Technology