York Community High School

Biology Re-Take policy

General Biology students may re-test both skill and content assessments WITHIN ONE WEEK from getting the assessment back in class.  To qualify for a re-take, you must first write out a detailed explanation of what was wrong on the assessment and why. They must then bring these corrections with them to their re-take appointment. The re-take must be completed within 1 week of the assessment being returned Re-takes are NOT available for projects or final exams.

Chrome Book Policy

1. Bring your chrome book (charged!), charger, and ear buds to class.

2. Only use your chrome book when told to by the teacher.

3. Use your chrome book in a responsible and thoughtful manner (see student handbook).

4. Failure to follow these policies  could result in anything from a lower "student responsibility grade", to a dean referral. 

APES Sem 2 Final Exam

There will be a final exam in December.  In place of the 2nd semester final, APES students will take the AP test at the beginning of May.  If students choose not to take the AP exam, they will be required to take an "AP type" final exam which will be worth 20% of their final grade.

Dustin Felix

Welcome to Biology and AP Environmental Science

Welcome to Biology in room 356!

Mr. Felix teaches Biology and AP Environmental Science in Room 356.   He is  available for help by 7 am on Mondays or Fridays in room 356 or the science office across the hall (Rm 549).  He is also available M,W,F after school by appointment (just make sure you show up!).

Google Classroom

I will be using Google Classroom.google.com in addition to this web page to share assignments with you.

You must put in YOUR CLASS CODE to be added to the email list.

Lab Write Up Basic Outline

Instructions for your Lab Write Up 



Link to the Biology Site


A Quick Summary of Grading

Sem. I Grade: Cumulative

Academic Responsibility  15%

Skill Assessments - 40%

Content Assessments - 35%

Final Exam - 10%

Sem. 2 Grade Cumulative

Academic Responsibility  15%

Skill Assessments - 40%

Content Assessments - 35%

Final Exam - 10%


CER review link


UNIT 1: Evolution

Bio Evolution Notes (PPTX)

UNIT 1 Project and Review Doc




Causes of Mutations Notes



Mitosis, the Cell Cycle and Cancer



Systems and Homeostasis


APES Sem 2

Ch 14 Notes: Earth Resources and Geology

Ch 15 Notes: Air Weather and Climate

      Internet Doppler Weather Prediction Exercise

Ch 16 Notes: Air Pollution

Ch 17 Notes: Water as a Resource

Ch 18 Notes: Water Pollution

Ch 19 Notes: Conventional Energy

Ch 20 Notes: Sustainable Energy

Ch 21 Notes: Solid, Toxic and Hazardous Waste

Ch 22 Notes: Urbanization and Sustainable Cities

Ch 23 Notes

Ch 24 Notes

Ch 25 Notes


Text: Resource: a good review 


Text: Complete Vocabulary List


Complete Review Videos by Paul Anderson; Bozeman Science.

APES Sem 1