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Business Math
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International Business
Business Management

Business Department

The goal of the Business Department is to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience that actively engages and challenges each student to be continuing learners about the economy, technology, business, and the responsibility of the individual as a consumer, a worker, and citizen. The course offerings provide an opportunity for students to acquire a solid foundation for higher education and the world of work.

Jim Borel
Department Chair
(630) 617-2451
Karen Hourihan
Department Secretary
(630) 617-2416
Today: 7/26/14

Your Business Ed. Teachers

Mr. Billerman Mr. Borel Mr. Sheridan
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Billerman, John
Business Teacher jbillerman@elmhurst205.org
Borel, Jim
Business Department Chair jborel@elmhurst205.org
Nye, Steve
Business Teacher / Assistant Athletic Director snye@elmhurst205.org
Sheridan, Brian
Business Teacher, Chess and Deca Club Sponsor bsheridan@elmhurst205.org