York Community High School


Thanks to all those who helped distribute uniforms in 2014!  Please contact Myles Toomey or Kristi French if you would be interested in helping this year.

Click here for information on student attire for concerts.



Uniforms Committee

Co-Chairs: Myles ToomeyKristi French
Chair Responsibilities

  • Organize/sort the black formal orchestra/band uniforms, by size, in the Uniform Room at the beginning of the school year.
  • Organize Uniform Distribution Date with the Music Director for a day (2-7pm) after the Collage Concert.  Ensure that Directors inform students of the Uniform Distribution Date.  Have York Music Boosters President put the distribution date on the York Music Boosters webpage.
  • Organize volunteers to staff the Uniform Distribution and Uniform Collection Dates.  
  • Keep track of uniform assignments, by student.  
  • Bring to Music Director's attention any jackets/pant sizes that require replacement or additions (Gentleman's Quarters, Elmhurst).
  • Organize Uniform Collection dates after Spring Concerts with the Music Director.
  • Music Director handles the pick-up of uniforms by the cleaning company.
  • Marching Band and Choir handle the distribution/collection of their uniforms internally.