York Community High School

Incoming Freshmen Parent Notification

YHS Placement for Incoming Class of 2022

York High School Placement for Incoming Class of 2022

December 5th or 6th, 2017


English Placement Test


The English placement test for York High School asks students to write a persuasive essay in response to a prompt (sample below), using the provided data to support their argument. Students will be assessed on their ability to write an organized, focused argument that incorporates relevant evidence in support of their claim. Their essays will be scored collaboratively by a team of eighth and ninth grade teachers from the district.


Sample prompt:

Each year, the principal at Duke Middle School reviews school policies. This year, technology policies are being reviewed – specifically the school ban on iPods. Some parents and teachers support the ban on student use of iPods at school. They argue that iPods distract students from their learning, isolate them from each other, and even encourage cheating. On the other hand, some students, parents, and teachers argue that iPods help some students focus, allow students to express their individuality through music, and can be a great learning tool.

The principal is holding a meeting to decide whether or not District #502 should allow middle school students to use their iPods during the school day. After researching the information on the following pages* and using what you know about technology in schools, write a letter to the principal with your own recommendation. Should students at Duke Middle School be allowed to use iPods during the school day?


* for the actual prompt several pieces of information would be provided: interviews, news articles, graphs, etc.


Mathematics Placement Tests


Three tests are offered to match the 8th grade course the student is taking: Pre-Algebra, Algebra or Geometry. A calculator (either scientific or graphing) is allowed on each test but is not required.


Pre-Algebra Test -

This test is not an achievement test and does not cover standard classroom topics, such as fractions and equations. Instead, it looks at students’ ability to see patterns and express them with symbols, as well as their ability to learn material from reading and from graphs. These are important skills in learning algebra.


Algebra Test -

Part of this test is done with a calculator and part without. Students show their work when solving problems related to the following topics:

  • Evaluate numerical expressions with the order of operations
  • Apply formulas
  • Work with ratios and percents
  • Apply the Distributive Property
  • Simplify algebraic expressions
  • Solve linear equations in one variable algebraically
  • Solve real-world problems by writing and solving an equation
  • Understand properties of lines: equations, slope, x and y-intercepts
  • Graph linear functions
  • Write an equation of a line given its graph, points on the line, or information about slopes and intercepts.


Geometry Test -

The material on the test may vary depending on the textbook being used in the student’s Geometry class. Please contact Dr. Susan Brown at sbrown@elmhurst205.org for more information.

Parochial and Private Schools - Course Selection Testing Information

Course Selection Testing Information

Parochial and Private Schools

December 2017


Incoming freshmen who attend parochial or private schools are asked to take placement tests in English and Math.  These tests will be given at York on the two dates below.  Both tests can be taken on the same evening, or students may choose to take the tests on separate evenings.


  Tuesday, Dec. 5th

Math                 5:30 – 6:15 PM      York Study Hall Room A290

English              6:30 – 8:15 PM      York Forum Room A294


  Wednesday, Dec. 6th

English              5:30 – 7:15 PM      York Forum Room A294

Math                 7:30 – 8:15 PM      York Study Hall Room A290


On the evening of the test, students should enter the building through the Academic Entrance (Door # 1) and follow signs to the testing rooms on the 2nd floor.


Registering for the test: To register for the tests, please fill in this online registration form or contact Division Secretary Amy Fuller at 630-617-2493.  For the math test, please sign up for the test that matches the student’s current 8th grade course (Pre-Algebra or Algebra). 


For more details about the English and Math tests, go to Test Skills and Content Winter 2016, and if you have any additional questions, please contact one of the following:


     Mr. Kevin Poduska, English Department Chair, at kpoduska@elmhurst205.org or 630-617-2453

     Dr. Susan Brown, Math Department Chair, at sbrown@elmhurst205.org or 630-617-2450

Course Selection Rubrics for the Class of 2022

Course Selection Rubrics for the Class of 2022


As we begin to move into our course selection process, we wanted to publish our course recommendation rubrics, so families can have as much information as they can before choosing courses at York High School in January 2018.


First, you’ll note that there is a middle school evaluation as a component in the course selection process on each rubric. We believe that the educators in our middle schools play a crucial role in helping us to understand our students beyond the quantifiables because we all know that how students learn, communicate, and react to challenges can be just as important as scores on a test.


Next, you’ll find that each course uses the PSAT 8/9 to help determine which course would be a good fit for each student. Not only does this help us with course recommendations for incoming students, it is the first step to help us make sure that our students continue to show academic progress from the PSAT 8/9 through the SAT during their junior year.


Finally, some of our courses have a placement test. We use classroom tests that are embedded in their D205 English, Math, and World Language courses to reduce student stress over the course selection process and to reduce classroom interruptions in their 8th grade classes. Students who currently attend private schools will be asked to take the English and Math placement tests in early December and World Language placement tests will take place in Spring 2018.


Below are the updated course selection rubrics, and they are organized by department--English, Math, Science, and World Languages:


English Courses                                        Science Courses                                            

English Rubric                                            Science Rubric                       


Math Courses                                          World Language Courses                       

8th Grade PreAlgebra Rubric                       French Rubric

8th Grade Algebra Rubric                            Spanish Rubric

8th Grade Geometry CP Rubric


We hope that this information helps to clarify the course recommendation process, and we look forward to meeting the Class of 2022 at our 8th Grade Academic & Activity Night on Tuesday, January 30th.


Go Dukes!

Course Selection for the Class of 2022

It’s hard to believe that just over 4 weeks into the 2017-18 school year, we are looking forward to the course selection process for our current 8th grade class--the Class of 2022.  As you may be aware, our district is no longer using the EXPLORE--a standardized test that both helped monitor students’ growth from the EXPLORE in 8th grade through the ACT during their junior year and assisted in the course selection process; instead, we have moved to the PSAT 8/9, which will allow us to monitor students’ growth from PSAT 8/9 in 8th grade through the SAT their junior year and to help in this year’s course selection process.

  • Current 8th grade students in District 205 will take the PSAT 8/9 on Wednesday, October 4th, at their respective middle schools.
  • Current Elmhurst residents who attend 8th grade in local private schools have the opportunity to take the PSAT 8/9 on Saturday, October 14th, at York High School.  For private school students who cannot attend on the 14th, a makeup date has been scheduled for the following Saturday, October 21st.
    • If your private school student attends Immaculate Conception, Immanuel Lutheran, or Visitation, you will be receiving a mailing from us, asking for you to confirm the information we have for your student and to indicate which test date your student will attend.

Since we needed to make a change with the standardized test, it was a great opportunity to make other adjustments to our course selection process, and we hope they will reduce student stress over the course selection process and will reduce classroom interruptions in their 8th grade classes.  These course selection rubrics--English, Math, Science, and World Languages--will be published in the next few weeks.


We cannot wait to meet the Class of 2022 at our 8th Grade Academic & Activity Night on Tuesday, January 30th.  This is a great night that allows you to hear more information about the course selection process at York, and it allows our future Dukes to see all of the amazing clubs, sports, and activities that await them in the halls and on the fields at York High School.


Go Dukes!

Grade 8 Parochial School Shadow Dates

Below are the dates in which eighth grade parochial students, who are residents of District 205, may shadow a current York student for the entire school day. We will allow up to 30 students per date on a first come, first served basis. Students will be assigned to shadow a York Ambassador. Ambassadors are trained to host students and acquaint them with many aspects of York High School. To request that your child can attend one of the dates, please click the link to sign up.











Freshmen Immunization Information

As we welcome your child to York High School in the fall, we want to take this opportunity to explain the health requirements for incoming freshman students.

Illinois State law requires that all incoming freshmen have an updated physical examination and proof of receiving all required immunizations on file.  The physical examination must be on either the state-approved certificate of health form, the approved form provided by some physicians’ offices; or on the form found on the district website, www.elmhurst205.org.  Please note that the IHSA Sports Physical form is not acceptable for entry into 9th grade.

In order for your child to be in compliance with the physical examination and immunization requirements, the following MUST be completed as directed:

  • All immunizations must be documented on the front or first page of the form.  The immunization chart must be filled in with correct dates and signed and dated by a physician, RN, or Medical Assistant.
  • The child’s Health History questions (yes/no questions at the top of the second page) must be completed, signed, and dated by the parent/guardian. 
  • The Physical Examination is to be completed, signed, and dated by the physician.  Please make sure that the physician has checked the boxes at the bottom of this page indicating whether or not your child can participate in physical education and interscholastic sports.

Please note:  Incomplete examination forms and incomplete immunization records will be returned to you for completion.  Your child will not be compliant with Illinois State Law until the necessary documentation is on file.  The completed physical form must be on file in the York Health Services Office by the 1st day of school.  Students who do not have a completed 9th grade physical and immunization record on file by the first day of school, will be placed on a list for possible exclusion.  District 205 will exclude students from school according to state law, at the minimum date set forth by the Illinois State Board of Education.  Once the student is excluded, the student will not be allowed to attend school, or participate in or attend any school functions, including athletic or extra-curricular activities, until the required physical examination and immunization documentation is received in the Health Services Office.

Please submit completed physicals to the York High School Health Services Office.  They may be mailed, brought into the Health Services Office, or faxed only to (630)-782-6594. During summer break, health records can be turned in at the York Main Office.  Do not turn the form in to summer school staff, counselors, hall monitors or coaches.  Please keep a copy for your records.

Students who do not have access to a health care provider may contact the DuPage County All Kids Program at (630)-782-7400.

If you have any questions please call the Health Services Office at (630)-617-2438.

Pat Hatz, RN, MSN, IL/NCSN                                                   
Athanasia Nassopoulos, RN, BSN, PEL-SN
MaryAnn Patti, Secretary


Mientras damos la bienvenida a su hijo a la Escuela Secundaria York en este otoño, queremos aprovechar la oportunidad para explicar los requisitos de salud para los estudiantes que ingresan al noveno grado.

La legislación del estado de Illinois requiere que todos los estudiantes ingresantes de noveno grado tengan en su archivo un examen físico y una constancia de haber recibido todas las vacunas requeridas.  El examen físico debe ser un certificado aprobado por el estado del formulario de salud; el formulario aprobado provisto por los consultorios de algunos médicos; o el formulario que se encuentra en el sitio web del distrito,www.elmhurst205.org.  Tenga en cuenta que el formulario de examen físico para deportes de IHSA no es aceptable para el ingreso a 9.o grado.

De modo que su hijo cumpla los requisitos de vacunación y de examen físico, se DEBE completar lo siguiente según se indica:

  • Todas las vacunas deben estar documentadas en el frente o en la primera página del formulario.  La tabla de vacunas debe estar completada con las fechas correctas, y con la firma y la fecha del médico, Enfermero Registrado o Asistente Médico.
  • Las preguntas de historia clínica del estudiante (preguntas sí/no en la parte superior de la segunda página) deben estar completas, firmadas y con la fecha del padre/tutor. 
  • El examen físico debe estar completado, firmado y con fecha por parte del médico.  Asegúrese de que el médico haya completado las casillas en la parte inferior de esta página que indican si su hijo puede participar en educación física y deportes interescolares.

Tenga en cuenta: Los formularios de examen incompletos y los registros de vacunación incompletos serán devueltos para que sean completados.  Su hijo no reunirá los requisitos de la legislación del estado de Illinois hasta que la documentación necesaria esté en el legajo.  El formulario de examen físico debe estar en el legajo en las Oficinas de Servicios de Salud de York antes del primer día de clases.  Los estudiantes que no cuenten con un registro de vacunas y examen físico de 9.o grado en su legajo antes del primer día de clases serán registrados en una lista de posible exclusión.  El distrito 205 excluirá de la escuela a los estudiantes de acuerdo con la legislación estatal, en la fecha mínima establecida por la Junta de Educación del Estado de Illinois.  Una vez que el estudiante queda excluido, este no podrá asistir a la escuela, participar ni asistir a funciones escolares, las que incluyen actividades atléticas o extra curriculares, hasta que la Oficina de Servicios de Salud reciba el examen físico y la documentación de vacunas requeridos.

Envíe los exámenes físicos completos a la Oficina de Servicios de Salud de la Escuela Secundaria York.  Puede enviarlos por correo, llevarlos a la Oficina de Servicios de Salud o enviarlos por fax solamente al (630)-782-6594. Durante las vacaciones de verano, los registros de salud pueden entregarse en la Oficina Principal de York.  No entregue el formulario al personal de verano, asesores, supervisores o entrenadores de la escuela. Guarde una copia de sus registros.

Los estudiantes que no tengan acceso a un médico pueden comunicarse con el Programa All Kids del Condado de DuPage al (630)-782-7400.

Si tiene preguntas, llame a la Oficina de Servicios de Salud al (630)-617-2438.

Pat Hatz, Enfermera Registrada, MSN, IL/NCSN
Athanasia Nassopoulos, Enfermera Registrada, BSN, PEL-SN
MaryAnn Patti, Secretaria